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As a dedicated fan of the character of Severus Snape and his interactions with Harry Potter, I was active on the site between November 2014 and January 2017. After a break, I recently returned (May 2020) because writing and reading fanfiction seems to be a great way of escapism in these troubled days of the pandemic!

Stories and series are listed below. They are far from perfect, but I loved thinking up every one of them, and I’m most proud over the fact that they are all completed :-) Please read and enjoy! 

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Reviews by Henna Hypsch

At the Dursleys the summer after Sirius' death, Voldemort sends werewolves to attack Harry. Taken to Grimmauld Place by his rescuer, Severus Snape, Harry devises a disastrous plan to rescue Sirius from the veil, resulting in his being transfigured into a baby. Snape is the only one who can brew the potion to restore him, and is the only one to realize that Harry still retains his 16 year-old-mind. Over the summer and the first two potions which restore him to age eleven, Harry begins to feel that Snape is the only one who understands and can protect him. Is he right or has his deaging muddled his thinking? AU story for 6th year.

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: None
Tags: Adoption, Baby fic, Child fic, Deaging
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: None
Chapters: 26 - Completed: No - Updated: 14 Nov 2007 / 15 May 2006
Series: None - Challenges: None
Title: Chapter 6: Snape's Punishment 28 Feb 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    This story contains several delightful scenes with Harry as a baby, especially this chapter. My favourite child fic!

COMPLETE. Harry and Hermione go to a prestigious summer school, where Snape is a teacher. Unfortunately for Harry, Snape has spoken to the other staff and is on his way to turning the whole school against Harry.

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Bully Snape, Canon Snape, Cruel Snape, Kind Snape, Loving Snape, Mean Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Adoption, Hospitalization, Injured!Harry
Categories: Healer Snape, Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Teacher Snape > Professor Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Neglect, Physical Punishment Non-Spanking, Romance/Het, Violence
Chapters: 30 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 31 Jul 2020 / 20 Jan 2014
Series: None - Challenges: Another School, Other wizarding cultures
Title: Chapter 14: Alone 07 Feb 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    Thank you for updating this story - it was favourite of mine when I read it a while ago. I particularly enjoy the setting on the island and the root magic.

Harry Potter is located in London in the dead of night. How exactly did he end up there, and what has he been doing? Well, any kid with half a brain knows not to talk to strangers.

Takes Place: 1st summer before Hogwarts - Snape flavour: None
Tags: None
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Neglect, Suicide Themes
Chapters: 22 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 02 Mar 2015 / 03 Apr 2014
Series: To Trust - Challenges: None
Title: Chapter 22: Always There 02 Mar 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    Thank you! I liked your fic and the way you’ve written it tremendously. It’s the best story about gaining the trust of an abused child, that I’ve read. You are really good at showing, instead of explaining, Harry’s emotions and reactions. It makes the story at the same time credible and moving. Snape’s a really discerning and patient parental figure. He’s almost too good - you’d say that he must have spent a year or two in psychoanalysis since his days as a Death Eater to achieve that level of emotional maturity…
    I also liked the way you ended the story: quiet, yet intense and moving.

When he learns about the Dursleys, Dumbledore forces Snape to adopt Harry. Harry is frightened knowing that Snape and his father were rivals in school, but things are even worse than he had imagined. As Harry learns of the real connection between Snape and his father, the line between good and evil starts to blur. What will Harry do when he learns about how the death eaters started and he finds himself sympathizing with them? Will Snape overcome his horrendous past and give Harry love and support as his world view crumbles around him?

Takes Place: 2nd summer - Snape flavour: Desperate Snape
Tags: Adoption, Spying!Harry
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Alcohol Use, Character Bashing, Neglect, Profanity, Self-harm, Suicide Themes, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 14 - Completed: No - Updated: 21 Jan 2016 / 25 Nov 2014
Series: None - Challenges: None
Title: Chapter 13: Confession 10 Nov 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    I’m so very glad that you’ve got back to writing this story again - I have been waiting, impatiently, for it to be updated :-)
    Although Draco’s action was inadmissible and that I feel almost as outraged as Snape with him, you did provide an explanation - the jealousy, the impulse - that was plausible, and almost benign. More aggravating, though, was that he never told anyone afterwards, and that he even met the blind Harry without regretting what he had done and boasted about his actions - that speaks of a more serious form of cruelty and lack of conscience, I think, than if he had repented immediately.
    It was a really good chapter anyway. The description of the effects of the Visionara were hair-raising! Very imaginative and chilling at the same time.

    Author's Response: I think that Draco did repent for what he did immediately after the poisoning but he was too much of a coward to admit it. I pictured him hesitating outside Snape's door many times, his conscience demanding that he admit his guilt but his fear of Snape's anger would win every time. When he came to the manor, he found that Snape had grown to care for his nemesis, the boy who rejected his friendship. This inflamed his jealous nature and lead him to taunt Harry. I know that this isn't an excuse for Draco's behaviour but he's a very conflicted person. He has darker shades of grey in his character than either Snape or Harry. I'm incredibly glad that you're still interested in this story. Your reviews are always a delighful read. Not only are your words a great encouragement but your observations are very insightful and great for getting me thinking. I plan to start writing a bit more now that I'm back on track with my studies. As always, thanks so much for reviewing!

Title: Chapter 9: Unknown Curse 19 Apr 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    I’m glad that I found my way back to your story and had an opportunity to read it properly. I certainly like it - the characters are complex and I’m impressed by the way you tackle the issue of Snape’s past and the question whether a murderer can ever become a good/ decent person. Is Snape good or evil? What is Dumbledore? What was James?
    The ambiguity of Snape’s behaviour towards Harry is maddening, sometimes bordering on schizophrenic (poor Harry!), but some scenes are simply brilliant, breath-taking because of the tension between the two characters and how they struggle. Oh, how they struggle! Despite everything, you’ve managed to make me feel great sympathy for Snape and outrage, in this last chapter, in regard to the treatment Dumbledore subjects him to. I’m as wary as Severus Snape of ”the greater good” at this stage.
    It’s a clever story that doesn't simplify or sugarcoat things - I appreciate that! I’m impatient to read on and find out who cursed Harry and the truth about James Potter. Please don’t make Dumbledore ruin the frail bond that has formed between Harry and Snape!

    Author's Response: First of all, let me say thank you for that great review! My greatest pleasure as a writer is to know that someone appreciates my story. Yes, the characters all have reasons for behaving the way they do. Traumatic events in their past affect the way they interact with each other. This is the case with both Dumbledore and Snape. (By the way, their backstories are different to the ones in the books.) In the next chapter, Dumbledoreís reasons for behaving the way he does towards Severus will become clearer. He follows his own twisted logic. But James Potterís great secret will take a much longer time to come out of hiding. The bond between Harry and Snape will be stretched to the utmost limit as the story goes along but with each trial the bond becomes stronger than ever. Thank you for giving this story a chance!

Title: Chapter 10: Sleeping In the Cold 03 May 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    The frozen bodies are madness! It's really scary with a deranged Dumbledore. You explain very well the way he justifies his actions in his own mind, still believing himself to be "good", and the trauma behind the madness. I'm happy that H trusts his instincts and does not believe S guilty of poisoning and cursing him.

    Author's Response: Thanks! I was a little worried that D.'s backstory would bore the readers but it was essential for understanding the way he behaves, especially in the chapters to come. I'm really glad you liked it. It took me a few trials to get their conversation right. I've found that D's point of view is the hardest to write.

Title: Chapter 11: A Perilous Plan 01 Jun 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    I liked several things in this chapter: first, obviously, the cliffhanger - what will happen to Hermione? Very good ending. But I also enjoyed the description of Snape in Diagon alley and at Knockturn alley. I appreciate that you picture the camaraderie of the Death Eaters at the same time as their cruelty. It is not black or white - it is complicated, as Snape so often says in your story.
    My favourite part in this chapter, however, is the conversation and the closeness between Snape and Harry and particularly the tale about how Dumbledore got rid of Snape’s pets and how Snape retaliated by burning down Dumbledore’s stable, but saved the horses without letting Dumbledore know. That says so much about their relationship. Brilliant.
    I believe there are several stories in your story: there is the direct, action-ridden plot and there is the very interesting ”psychoanalytical” saga about fathers and sons (or parents and children). Dumbledore sees something of his lost son in Snape and wants a new chance to be a good father, determined not to repeat his earlier mistake when he ignored the signs of evilness in his son, therefore projecting the son’s evil character on Snape, overcompensating with sternness and thus treating Snape with cruelty.
    That is the challenge for all parents - to see your child as a unique individual and not a copy of yourself or of someone else that you have a history with. You need to avoid projecting your own feelings, wishes and dreads on your children and sort of just observe them, lovingly, unbiassed and with curiosity and let them develop their own traits. Guide them, of course, but not read things into them that are not there…
    Thanks for illustrating that in such an interesting way.

    Author's Response: Iím glad you liked the conversation between Harry and Snape. That scene was the hardest to write. I had originally written pages and pages of endless conversation and editing it so that the most important parts stood out was difficult. You really did understand the dynamic of Snape and Dumbledoreís relationship. Your comments sound exactly like my character analysis. Most readers believe that Dumbledore is simply a psychopath and I was worried that I hadnít managed to convey the complexity of their relationship, how his love for Snape and for Tyrus are tangled together. He does love Severus like a son but he is afraid. The image of his dead sons does not leave his mind, fear blinds him to the good within Severus. A major theme in this story is about the relationships between parents and children. The main one Iím exploring is, of course, that between Snape and Harry but there are others such as Snape and Dumbledore, Harry and James and, later on, the Malfoys. Iím very glad youíre enjoying the Ďpsychoanalyticalí side of the story. This is the first novel length story Iím writing and I hope that it will help me improve my writing style and technique. Because Iím always looking to improve, I see a lot of flaws in my work. Sometimes, after Iíve spent a lot of time staring at the chapters, not knowing how to edit (editing is always the hardest part), all I see are flaws. Reviews like yours help me see that Iím doing something right and it gives me the strength to continue writing. You understood what I was trying to convey through my words and that is simply fantastic! So, I just want to say thank you for your incredibly perceptive review.

Title: Chapter 12: Goroth's Doom 28 Jul 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    I’m so glad that you are back updating!
    I’m impressed by your ability to describe the surroundings in your setting in such a graphic way with a few, well-chosen words. I think that is what caught my attention in the very first chapter of this story - Harry’s arrival at Snape’s house and the description thereof as well as of the garden. It sucked me in. In this chapter I see the luxurious rooms of Malfoy manor before my eyes very vividly. Of course, many fanfics are enacted at Hogwarts, or at the other well-known locations from the books, but yours is not, mostly, and therefore the milieus need to be described in more detail and I think you’re doing a really good job at it.
    I wonder what the Malfoys want with Hermione?
    It’s clever to have Draco Malfoy as the one who poisoned Harry. I wonder if Snape, having discovered the poison in the manor, realises that Draco might indeed be the perpetrator, or if he is as blind to Draco’s faults as Dumbledore was to James Potter’s all those years ago? Interesting parallell…
    I also wonder when you will pick up the thread and tell us who is Eva and what role she played in Snape’s past?

    Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Hannah. You always do wonders to boost my rather low self confidence. I actually love creating original settings and that's one of the reasons why this story is not set at Hogwarts. Snape is not entirely blind to Draco's faults but he doesn't think him capable of so much violent. Draco was always one to talk but he does steer clear of actual violence. Besides, he thinks the room was protected with an age line. He'll know the truth soon enough. Yes, the story-line has stretched out a bit. Harry's blindness, although illustrating the Snape-Dumbledore and Snape-Harry relationships, is not the main plot line. In the next couple of chapters, I'm hoping to show what happened to Eva and why the Slytherins are so afraid of James Potter.

Title: Chapter 14: Dreamland 24 Jan 2016
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    Thank you for the update! The scene with Draco Malfoy waiting for his parents gave an interesting background on his person. I’m feeling sorry for him, and his jealousy of Harry is more understandable, yet still condonable.
    This thing with James coming back is downright scary… He seems like a blunt and rush man, and the foreboding you have managed to create is that there is definitely a dark side to him and that there is no good coming out of his returning to life! I am left with a feeling of apprehension.
    Favourite part in this chapter was when Snape got upset about Harry’s objections to the physical restraining of insane persons, how he insulted Harry, how quickly he regretted it and how quickly Harry forgave him. It shows that they have come a long way since the start of this story. (The subject itself is complex - physical restraints or drugs to calm a psychotic person? When does ”caring” cause more harm than good?)
    I’m already looking forward to the next chapter :-)

Harry defeated Voldemort, but was nearly destroyed himself when Voldemort's final curse turned him into an embryo. Snape only just managed to save Harry by taking him into his own body - and thus making himself pregnant. Somewhere in the sixth or seventh month, the unborn Harry "wakes up", and realizes who - and where - he is. What fetus!Harry doesn't properly remember is how Snape saved his life, instead resenting the fact that he's going to be stuck inside Snape for a few months. How does their strange 'father-son' relationship develop from there?

Takes Place: 7th Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape, Out of Character Snape
Tags: Baby fic, Deaged!Harry, Pregnancy
Categories: Parental Snape > Biological Father Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Out of Character, Profanity
Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 31 Dec 2014 / 31 Dec 2014
Series: XYZ Challenge - A Story for each Challenge - Challenges: Father and Son
Title: Chapter 1: Father and Son 16 Apr 2015
Reviewer: Henna Hypsch (Signed)
    Very amusing and refreshingly unconventional - thank you! Looking forward to reading your next story.

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