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I love reading and writing Harry Potter fan fiction, as well as original fiction. I especially like torutured hereos, hurt-comfort fics, and keeping Snape in character.

Feel free to read more of my stories at Ashwinder (Sychophent Hex), fanfiction.net, AdultFanFiction.net, etc, all under the name "chrmisha". 

2017 UPDATE: My latest NC-17 HP/SS fics are posted under this username at Archive of our Own.



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Series by chrmisha

Series Summary: Harry Potter has suffered too many loses and is a bit fragile after the war. Severus Snape steps in to save the boy from himself. What happens when Severus is kidnapped? What happens when Severus returns, a broken man, and Harry finally breaks himself? Can they save to each other? Or is it too late for them both?
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Series Summary: Lily's boys--her childhood friend Severus Snape and her son Harry Potter--are thrown together unexpectedly and, over time, develop a close friendship. What was initially supposed to be a story and a sequel is growing into a many-part Saga where Snape's role as Harry's protector and savior is in constant demand. Come with me to watch our boys suffer life's wounds and heal together. A testament to comradship and resilience. Not slash/romance.
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