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Chapter 7 up!

I'm a junior in high school, so I've been reading Harry Potter since I was three feet tall.  Maybe 3.5.  I love reading and writing, and making jewelry, baking, camping, hiking, and hanging out with my geeky friends.  Yes, we quote Shakespeare.  Oh, and I'm a senior Girl Scout, in my 11th year.  My favorite shows, movies, and books are mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and I'm not going to even try listing them.  Actually, NCIS isn't sci-fi of fantasy, but that's my all-time favorite show.  As for fanfic, I like Sevitus and Severitus, obviously, though my favorite character is Hermione.  I don't really like her paired with Ron, but I do like HHr.  That's it about me I suppose...

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Changing relationships, changing appearances, new friendships. What if Snape was Harry's real father, but nobody knew it? What if Harry was more than he let people see? What if love really was the key to ending a war? Harry/Hermione. Ignores HBP and DH

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