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I never have any clue what to say about myself in these big open boxes but here's a go...

I’m Christina Carrie or Christina, Christy, Christine and if I really like you Tina.

I'm 22.

I live in Eastern NY which is nothing like living in NYC even though it's terribly close.

I I'm college for psychology and I'll go on to do my masters in social work.

I'm a crazy Harry Potter fan (why else would I be here)

I love the color pink (I’m such a tart)

I like fast cars lol(which is why I have two like a retard)….even though I know nothing about them.

The Hamptons are overrated but I love them (even though I’ve essentially grew up in them
all my life)

NYC is expensive, over rated, and smells bad….but if you try to keep me from going there I’ll have to kill you.

Anything else you want to know add me or aim me at stinaxcarrie


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