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I haven't been an active writer for many years, now. Unfortunately, I left the HP fandom in 2007, and didn't discover the awesomeness of Snape+Harry, or Snily until 2011!

In a perfect world, every fanfic archive would be full of Snape+Harry, and Snily stories. Alas, I can only dream about it. And issue as many challenges as I can.

I cannot imagine Snape with anyone else but Lily, as a romantic interest. So I do not read stories where random OCs appear, or some canon character that we never saw interact with Snape is suddenly his best friend and lover (*cough, cough* Sinistra, mostly).

I also prefer stories where James Potter is Harry's biological father. There is a greater challenge for Snape to love Harry as a son, there. That is not to say, that I don't enjoy a good, true Severitus or true Sevitus story.

Stories where Lily is alive are my favorites!

However, I'm also very picky about pacing, writing styles, and coherence. I cannot read stories that do not explain how something has come to be, or where characters act way OOC without any explanation whatsoever.

So a story can have Snape+Harry, and Snily, and I might not read it. Which makes me very sad, it's hard enough to stumble upon such story, in the first place. :(

Back when I was an active writer, I made an effort to make sure my stories were understood. English is my second language, but that has not stopped me from making sure my spelling and grammar are correct. Especially since I don't like to work with beta readers, so any corrections fall on me, alone.

Anyway, you may find me on:

  • FFNet as ~lonwolfgood
  • Twitter as LonWolfgood
  • Tumblr as lon-wolfgood or lonwolfgood (these are secondary blogs, so I can't follow back!)
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