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Draco-senpai and Chibi-Potter became somewhat of a parody (for those who know Hetalia: Spain the Boss and Chibi Romano) and inside joke between my sister and I. I am always the older and more sensible Slytherin "Draco-senpai", where as my sister is the cutesy klutz Hufflepuff "Potter". Little Chibi-Potter loves to follow his Slytherin-senpai around Hogwarts like a baby duck. 
I honestly did not realize how much I liked Severus until I began reading Harry Potter fanfiction on ff.net. I soon began to search for "Severus" stories when stumbled over Potions and Snitches. It felt as if I found my niche. 

I plan to maybe upload a work or two… but we will see how that goes…. (~.^) 

For those of you who visiting my page in search of something to read... All my favorites are wonderful and unique stories that I believe everyone should read. My reviews are all honorable mentions. Each I have read through and left my "footprint" so to speak so that I find them on a later date. They are definitely still recommendations to look into.

I also can be found on FanFiction.net under the same username and on AO3 under “Draco_senpai”. [Report This]
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