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Summary: As it says in the title. Lily was able to protect her parents during the war (or they just weren't dead when she died). So they are available to take Harry on when Lily and James die. Either Dumbledore leaves Harry with them or Petunia gives them Harry after he's left on her doorstep - your choice. The Evans raise him in Cokeworth, having never moved away. Snape is still there during the holidays. Added complexity - if left with Petunia, maybe Dumbledore doesn't know they are alive.
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A master of his craft.  A boy who finds peace in nature.  A troublemaker who has the rules bent for him.   Potions is a dangerous subject but there are those who simply do not appreciate such a subtle art of magic.   The  arts of Potions and Herbology both deal with plants so what if they were taught as one subject?   Everyone knows Severus Snape hates that chubby Longbottom boy  and the Potter whelp and the animosity of Potter and Snake spanning decades.     Like father, like son after all.  After all, Longbottom can’t make a potion to save his life  regardless of what Pomona says and Potter didn’t  inherit anything  of Lily.     Circumstances occur that lead to this very thing happening.    

During Harry Potter’s  Hogwarts life,    sometime after first year, it is decided that Herbology and Potions are better off taught as one class  which nobody is happy about.   Not only that, to stem the issues of bullying, it is decided that students will be split up by house to foster an understanding of each other.   Oh there’s no way this can go wrong is there?  With Potter there always is.   

Things I would like to see:


  • Neville, Harry and Snape bonding, after all either  could have been  the prophecy child.   It could be over gardening or something else.  
  • Why are Herbology and Potions being combined into one class?  Is it something Dumbledore has been forced to do by the school governors?  What year does it take place? I’d prefer something after at least 1st year but no later than 7th year (which may mean a au or divergent from  canon in year 7 where Harry doesn’t go on the hunt).
  • Does healing or medicine play a role in this?   After all, herbs are necessary in potions which are needed for healers.    Maybe Neville wants to treat his parents through potions and bring them back?
  • With classes being mixed by house instead of just lions and badgers for Herbology  or lions and snakes in potions, how does a combined class with students of  all houses operate?   
  • If Harry is separated from his friends for the class, then how does this affect his relationship with his peers, let alone those outside of Ron and Hermione?  In fact, I’d prefer it this way but choice is to writer.  
  • Without Hermione to help him, if she is not in the new class, how does Harry do in class?    Is this combined class for one year or are there plans to continue it into next year?   
  • Does this affect Harry’s adventures in any way?   Perhaps Snape steps up, or more likely is forced, to mentor the spawn of his enemy and Longbottom by Dumbledore?   If so, what does Augusta have to say about this?   We know Neville grows up to be the next Herbology professor but what about Harry?  Does he get better?  Does he decide to become a potions master?  If so, how does this affect his relationship with Ron and Hermione?     I can see under Snape that Harry is forced to become more studious and devoted to his studies.  Clique I know.  
  • If occurring during or after 4th year, how does this affect Voldemort’s return, especially if a bond forms  between the boys and their hated professor?   Is Severus forced  to bring the boys to Voldemort for their execution? Do Deathers kidnap both boys and Voldemort  forces them to heal  his minions with Snape as their only saving grace?   Or are they kidnapped in the summer and Severus only finds out about it when summoned?   Is a bond perhaps formed  while the boys are kept trapped by a man who ruined both their lives?  If so, how can they escape? 

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Harry's diary is turned into a blank book that can talk back, just like Tom Riddle's.

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Summary: Harry's journal/diary is missing - somehow Snape gets it. What will he read? Will he give it back? How will it change his perception of Harry?
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Summary: For some reason, Snape makes Harry his heir. That should be the driving force/jumping-off point of the story, not a result of the action of the story. When does he do it? Why? Does Harry find out right away or down the road? What happens when he find out? Does he find out before or after Snape dies? Does finding out before change the whole story?

This could take place at any time. It can be an epilogue story that is a one-shot, or a story that starts in an earlier year where this action changes the whole arch of the HP story. Up to the author. I'm just curious to find out where the prompt leads people.

Note, this story must include an OC lawyer or equivalent - someone who notifies Harry.
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Summary: The Dursleys sell Harry off to the highest bidder.
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Summary: Harry Potter doesn't just have his mother's eyes, he also has his mother's smile, that is when he is unguarded enough to display it, that is. (The full-watt version, not the empty false smile so often seen.) That is something that the wizarding world has seemed to forget, looking to attribute all of his traits to his pureblood father. But Snape can't forget her smile, and that in combination with his eyes is a shot directly to his heart. He first sees the smile out of the corner of his eye and knows then that he'll be in serious trouble if it is ever pointed in his direction. So he resolves to make it so that the Boy-who-lived never has a reason to direct that smile his way. The only problem is that he can sometimes catch a glimpse here and there when he sees him in the great hall or around the grounds with his friends. It creates a great longing in him, he both wants to see that smile and be the cause of it while at the same time knowing that it could be his greatest weakness and therefore seeking to avoid it. He knows that he will give into anything with the combo of that smile and those eyes, after all, he was never able to refuse Lily anything when she pointed hers his way. His willpower is slowly eroding against his desire to see Harry happy, to bring out that full smile, especially as he observes Harry more and more and starts to realize that the full smile rarely appears. Something is keeping him from true happiness, there is something wrong, and Snape can't help that he wants to make it right, to make Harry happy enough to smile as his mother once did.

Relationship - mentor up through adoption, no slash.
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Summary: Voldemort is told Harry is his Horcrux. Obsessed with living forever, Voldemort is a health nut and expects Harry to become one too.
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Summary: Before students are accepted to Hogwarts they must be assessed by a teacher or Ministry Official for academic proficiency. Professor Snape is assigned Harry Potter.
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Summary: For whatever reason, Harry does not function like canon. He shadows people, doing what they do how they do it. And now he's chosen to copy Severus Snape. How does this affect the events of canon? Does Snape behave even more maliciously because he thinks Harry is mocking him like James used to? Does anybody realize Harry has a condition and needs help? Does Harry even really need help, or has his copying people truly become the "power the dark lord knows not"? All up to you! I just really want to see Harry stalking around and flouncing his cloak to look like a bat 😀 like Snape does lol
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