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Summary: Harry finds himself transformed into a kitten. Snape has a fondness for cats.
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Summary: Snape has the animagus form of a cat. He helps Harry while in his animagus form.
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Summary: Harry is so unused to being treated kindly that he doesn’t even bother to question Snape’s dislike of him and insults/bullying from Slytherins and/or Malfoy. He can still be friends with Ron and Hermione, but he must secretly think that they A. wouldn’t really like him if they knew more about him, and/or B. that they will reject him for other friends later on. Snape should be the first to realize that Harry isn’t phased by his insults and begins to investigate things. He should have to reevaluate his opinions on Harry and at some point in the story apologize directly to Harry. I’d really like to see Hermione and Ron be supportive of Harry and Harry slowly realize that he does deserve friendship and kindness, though it’s entirely up to you how big of a role Harry’s friends play in the story. I do want Snape to have a big role and become a mentor/guardian/parent to Harry eventually.
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Summary: Harry and Snape are mortal enemies. They hate each other, and this will never change. They learn to have respect for each other though (if not grudging) when Harry is alone and dying because of something Voldemort or one of his death eaters has done, and Snape saves his life. Harry doesn't like to owe anyone anything though, and at some later date, he repays Snape by saving his life. At some point Snape must tell Harry, "You don't have to like me Potter. You were never meant to."
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Summary: Harry Potter or Severus Snape, or both characters are kidnapped by Tobias Snape, but why?
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Summary: One of two options:

1) Harry accidentally kills Snape (or thinks he has) and has to deal with the consequences.

2) Harry actually deliberately kills (or tries to kill) Snape. By 'kill', I don't mean in a duel, I mean actual murder. Can be pre-meditated or crime of passion, BUT it still has to be in character. Have fun working that one out ...

Can be any category, any other characters involved. No character bashing, no slash.

Bonus if Snape (if he survives) knows Harry did it, but covers for him.
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Summary: Harry and Hermione are kidnapped by Bellatrix and Snape and forced to be their twin children. Extra points for the use of potions.
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Summary: Seventh book when Snape put Godric Gryffindor's sword in the pond, it was really a trap. Snape's aim? To take Harry Potter back to Hogwarts, unwilling, unconscious, or any way he must.
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Summary: Voldemort finds out that Harry is one of his Horcruxes. Now Voldemort wants Harry more than ever, but to keep safe.

When did voldemort find out? Did Snape tell him? Does Voldemort want Harry dead, or will Voldemort want Harry to turn to his side? Will Snape keep Harry from Voldemort, or deliver him?
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Summary: Harry and Hermione are kidnapped by Snape, the Lestranges, the Malfoys, and.... Lily Evans.

Hermione must be a some type of (biological) relation of the middle two and Harry has to be a (relation) of Snape's. (I'd prefer brother with Lily as Snape's wife, but I'll take what I can get).

~ If the kids are old enough for relationships please no HP/GW or HG/RW

~ Kidnappers can be evil or good (Just opposite of Dumbledore's group)
~ Reason for kidnapping explained
~ If Dumbledore is the evil one, please include a good explanation of it.

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