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Severus, in an effort to bring Harry happiness, goes out celebrating carnival with him by accompanying him to and collecting sweets for him at a carnival procession.

I want it cause where I am, carnivals are the quintessential of what Sev is not - it's loud, it's colorful, and it's so overladen with sweets that your teeth rot away from just looking at them, and some music played is definitely too adult for the about 50% majority that are the kids hopping around where I celebrate. But Sev indulges Harry because he believes Harry will like it.

And I want little Harry in the cutest costume imaginable while Sev's usual clothing is costume-worthy 😂😂

The title is because in German, carnival-lovers are called jesters/fools.

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Summary: Write a story where Harry is the youngest of 9 kids. The order can be like these,
  1. Twins, Sextuplets, and Harry
  2. Triplets, Twins, Triplets, and Harry
  3. Septuplets, and twins (Harry being the youngest)
  4. Octuplets, and Harry.
Severus keeps a close eye on Harry cause he is neglected because of his older siblings.
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Summary: 5 times Snape was unsurprised by Harry's actions, and the one time he was completely surprised. Or vice versa - 5 times Snape was surprised by Harry's actions, and the one time he wasn't surprised at all.
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Summary: Instructions: -Pick 12 of your favorite Christmas songs -Either create a series of one-shots, or a series with plot; each chapter being based off of the song -This is NOT a song-fic! You may post the lyrics or your favorite line to the song in the Author's Note, but please do not put the full lyrics into the story. Bonus points if one of the characters can say a line from the song in context. -The reason I don't want to have the lyrics in the song, well, I feel it almost draws back your idea. I want the idea of the one-shot to feel like the song, whether it be a scene the song depicts (White Christmas), or the fun childishness of the song (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)! Bonus Points: -If Snape teaches a song (only reason lyrics should be in one-shots) to a class. -If Snape is kept in chracter. -If Harry is adopted or taken under guardianship over holidays by Snape. -If it is an uber creative idea. But really, follow your own guidelines! These are just what I would love to see (:
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Summary: 5 times Harry observed something about Snape, and the 1 time Snape did the observing. Can also be the opposite: 5 times Snape observed something about Harry, and the 1 time Harry did the observing.
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Summary: Flitwick has had enough when he is left with Temporary Headmaster's position in absence of both Albus and Minerva. His solution: Harry needs to list down 10 things that he likes or respects about Snape and Snape about Harry, preferably in a poem or rhyming format.
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Summary: For some reason, unbeknownst to anyone (at least to the readers!), Harry and the Dursleys are living in 1972! Harry starts Hogwarts in this time as a third year, but didn't attend Hogwarts during 1970 and 1971 (he was attending Hogwarts for his 1st and 2nd years in 1991 and 1992, like any normal wizard who was born in 1980 would do).

Here are some options you can choose from (but this is not an all conclusive list. Creativity should ensue):

- Harry knows that he's in the wrong time or he doesn't, Harry becomes friends with Snape or his James Potter's friends -- or both, I suppose --, explain a reason they're there, or leave it a mystery, or have Harry remember nothing aside from him living with the Dursley's his entire life.
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Summary: What if Snape didn't die during the war? How would Harry and Snape treat each other after knowing how much they both gave to bring down the common enemy?
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Summary: In an effort to make them get along, Dumbledore locks Snape and Harry in a classroom for 72 hours. What do these two talk and/or think about during these three days and three nights? Make some mention of Harry's nightmares and/or the Dursleys.
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