Double Vision by Pandora
Summary: Harry and Hermione get caught up in a dangerous and bizarre scheme cooked up by Bellatrix and Snape. Can this nightmare possibly end well?
Categories: Parental Snape > Biological Father Snape Main Characters: .Snape and Harry (required), Bellatrix, Hermione, Voldemort, Wormtail
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Family, Hurt/Comfort
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Tags: Alternate Universe, Kidnapped
Takes Place: 3rd summer
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Story Notes:
This was a challenge by Jan, that I decided to write, to try to get me back into writing. It is not meant to be a great novel or anything, but was meant simply to break my writer's block. It also sounded like an intriguing challenge.

1. The Plan by Pandora

2. Stealth by Pandora

3. Caught! by Pandora

4. Reflections by Pandora

5. The Horror! by Pandora

6. Understanding by Pandora

7. The Plot by Pandora

8. Chills by Pandora

9. Bloodlines by Pandora

10. Epilogue by Pandora

The Plan by Pandora

Rain streaked down upon the dirty window panes of Spinners End. The sounds of the fire crackling in the hearth, and the ticking of the aged clock on the mantelpiece, were the only sounds in the otherwise silent room.

‘Bella’ as her husband, Severus, referred to her, twisted a long blood-red fingernail, around a tress of silky ink-black hair.

“It could work”.

Severus’ coal-black eyes bored into hers.

“If the Dark Lord were to find out…” he whispered.

“He won’t,” she insisted.

Severus twirled suddenly, his long black robes flapping in the wind as he did so.

“But whom?”

“I think that I’ve narrowed it down to the pair that would perfectly fit the Dark Lord’s needs.”

Severus narrowed his eyes at her. When Bella had that particular look in her eyes, it did not bode well.

“Dare I ask?” he asked, suspiciously.

“The children have to be approximately twelve or thirteen years of age,” she said thoughtfully.




“Not afraid to break the rules.”


“Not afraid to allow their fear to over-rule their curiosity.”


“Plenty of courage and luck to extricate themselves from sticky situations.”


“With above average intelligence, already inseparable…someone the Dark Lord already has a connection with, and has risen above him before, capable of trickery, and whose minds work really more like Slytherins, despite their very Gryffindorish qualities…”

“No!” Severus snapped. “Absolutely not! I forbid it!”

“Severus,” she cajoled. “It would be the perfect plan, and the Dark Lord would never guess in a thousand years. “It would be…the perfect revenge.”

Severus pressed a long fingertip against his forehead, to ease the sudden stab of pain that burrowed in the deep crease of his brow.

“It is a risk.”

“Oh yes,” she purred, as the corner of her lip lifted, “but imagine the irony of it, should the plan succeed.”


The End.
Stealth by Pandora

“Harry, are you sure about this?” Hermione asked nervously, as they both moved along, crouching under Harry’s invisibility cloak.

“Sssh, yes,” he whispered, heart battering against his rib cage, as he waved his wand at the keyhole.

“Snape is already suspicious of us.”

“Well, after what he was willing to do to Sirius, he deserves it,” Harry angrily whispered.

“And since we still have the time-turner,” he said darkly, “I say, let’s exact a little revenge of our own.”

Hermione raked a slender hand through her bushy hair.

“You scare me sometimes.” She furrowed her brow and narrowed her eyes at him. “Are you sure that you didn’t bribe the hat to put you into Gryffindor? You really do seem more like a Slytherin at times.”

Harry chuckled. “No…no bribing, just a lot of begging.”

Hermione’s jaw dropped.

“What?”she exclaimed sharply. “You’re not serious?”

“Very,” Harry said slyly. “It even said that Slytherin would put me on the road to greatness.”

Hermione exhaled deeply.

“Now I don’t feel so bad.”

“Wait, what? You don’t mean…”

“Yes, the Hat wanted to put me in Slytherin as well.”

“Okay, now you’re putting me on.”

Hermione shook her head. “No, I’m quite serious.”

“Wow! Can you imagine the grief that we could have given Snape if we both had of been placed in his House?”

“Alohamora,’ Harry whispered quickly. Harry jumped back, as the door unexpectedly creaked open.

“I don’t know Harry,” Hermione said nervously. “That was a little too easy. It is not like Snape to leave his storeroom unprotected like that.”

“You worry too much Hermione,” he said confidently.

“I do believe that you’re little friend is right Potter,” a silky voice echoed in the dark room.

The End.
Caught! by Pandora

“Snape!” Harry exclaimed in horror.

Hermione screeched.

“That is Professor Snape to you.” Snape said snidely.

“Sssssir,” Harry stuttered. “I can explain.”

“Oh do try,” Snape said mockingly.

“I just…I mean, I …” Harry stammered.

“Sir, what Harry means is,” Hermione began nervously, “is that we happened to be walking by and saw your door open, and …” she abruptly halted, seeing Snape’s stony expression.

“Do not insult my intelligence Miss Granger!” he bellowed.

“ I wasn’t sir, I swear, I just…”


“Now, let’s see,” he said in a calculating voice, “we have two very naughty Gryffindors, out after Curfew, attempting to steal from my personal stores, and whilst the thought of dragging you two to the Headmaster’s office is tempting, I fear that he would be much too lenient with you, as demonstrated in the past. As of course would be your Head of House. “

Snape traced his thin lips with his potion-stained finger.

“However…I cannot let this transgression go unpunished. But what to do…what to do,” he said slowly, as though considering his options.

Harry squirmed. Something in Snape’s voice was making him very nervous. The fact that they were alone, without a soul knowing their whereabouts, not even Ron, who was resting in the infirmary, nursing his sore leg, after his mishap with Sirius’ Animagus form; they were solely at Snape’s mercy.

Suddenly all thoughts of revenge towards Snape fled Harry, as the tables were turned on him.

Harry’s insides squirmed as he noticed an evil smile form on Snape’s face.

As Hermione and Harry stood motionless, wondering what form of punishment the Potions Master would administer to them, Snape suddenly spun around and started examining various bottles of potions ingredients. His fimble fingers slid over them, one by one, until with a gleeful murmur, he suddenly plucked a large phial filled with a smokey lavender liquid, off the shelf.

“Sit”, Snape commanded, pointing to the two chairs before his desk.

Harry’s shaky legs gave out under him just as he plopped into the chair. He eyed Snape nervously.

Harry’s blood froze, when Snape grabbed a thin knife and an empty phial and began to approach them both.

The End.
Reflections by Pandora

“Roll up your sleeves.”

Harry and Hermione shared a horrified look.

“Sir, what are you going to do with us?” Hermione asked nervously

“You have a choice,” Snape began, “Either we can go to the Headmaster’s office immediately, whereby you will both be expelled for thievery, or you can participate in a little, uh, shall we say….potions experiment, that I assure you, will cause you no harm.”

Hermione’s lip trembled. “What sort of experiment?”

“None of your concern Miss Granger.”

Harry jumped up angrily. “You can’t do this to us.”

Snape smiled evilly.  "Oh I quite assure you Mr. Potter, that I can." 


Harry and Hermione woke up, disoriented and confused.

“Where are we?” whispered Hermione, nervously looking around at the yellow-tinged walls, and dingy curtains; cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. The room was kept very dark, and she could only see Harry’s outline in the dark.

Harry shook his head in confusion. “I don’t know, but wherever it is, we aren’t at Hogwarts.”

Harry hit his head on the headboard as the door swung open, revealing a woman, whose dark, crazed eyes and wild hair, could be the female version of Snape.

“Aw, I see that you both are finally awake.”

“Who are you?” Hermione asked in a challenging voice.

Bella didn’t answer immediately. She came closer to Hermione and softly slid her finger down her cheek.

“Such soft skin. Smart, and courageous. And you, are such a handsome young man,” she said, giving Harry an appraising look that made his skin crawl. “Yes, you would make any parent proud.”

“Where are we, and what do  you want with us?” Harry demanded.

“Ah…all in good time son. All in good time.”

Harry jumped up from the bed.

“I demand to know where we are and what you plan to do with us? And I am not your son!”

Harry was infuriated when Bella only laughed. 

The End.
The Horror! by Pandora

“Wait…please,” Harry pleaded. “I need, uh the loo,” he stammered, and blushed.

“Yes of course, and you will want to wash up for dinner as well.”

“Wait, what?”

Harry and Hermione shared a perplexed look.

At least it seemed to them that they were not in any immediate danger if they were to be fed.

Harry closed the door to the loo, and looked despairingly at the tiny window, that was not only too high for him to reach, but boarded up as well.

Damn, he thought to himself.

He walked over to the sink to splash his face with cold water. Despair washed over him. He looked up and almost fainted at the reflection staring back at him. The face that stared back at him was not his own.

When Harry opened the door to the loo, Harry’s face was illuminated by the soft lantern in the bathroom.

Hermione almost fainted. 

This was not the Harry Potter that she knew. This was a stranger, and if she didn’t know better, he looked like he could be Snape’s son!

“What the hell have  you done to me?” Harry screeched.

“ Oh Merlin,” he gaped as he got a good look at Hermione’s face. He pointed at her, “and what have you done to her?”

“What?” Hermione said as she whipped past Harry, and rushed to look in the mirror. What she saw, made her gasp

“What do you plan to do to us?” Hermione asked, her lips trembling

Snape’s dark eyes glittered with malice.

“Something that would make your dear father turn in his grave.”

 Harry clenched his fists and glared at the Dark man before him.

“Why the hell would you transform Hermione and me into miniature versions of yourselves? What possible motives could you have?” Harry demanded angrily.

The corner of Snape’s lip lifted in a smirk. “The reasons will become apparent soon enough.”

 “Stop playing games and tell us what you want from us!” Harry snapped.

“Very well. From now on you will address us as Mother and Father, or Sir and M’am.

 Harry’s jaw dropped.

“Okay, this is some elaborate joke, isn’t it? Or a dream, yeah, that’s it, I’m dreaming…more like a nightmare really…” Harry rambled on. “Fred and George have to be behind this.”

"Harry," Hermione whispered, "I think that he's serious." 

The End.
Understanding by Pandora

“You will both play your parts as you were instructed,” Snape said sternly. “Any indication of your true identities could jeopardize the plan and put us all in danger.”

“And what exactly is the plan?” Harry asked sarcastically. “It’s not exactly like you’ve shared that with us.”

“You will watch your tone boy,” Snape said dangerously. “You are at my mercy at the moment, so if I were you, I’d be a little more cooperative.”

Harry reined in his temper. “It would be much easier to play our parts, sir, if we were to know what you expect from us.”

“He’s right Severus. Perhaps we should let them in on what we are trying to accomplish, otherwise they might inadvertently make the Dark Lord suspicious.”

"Very well," he conceded reluctantly, "But one step out of line," he threatened, "and you will live to regret it, understood?"

Harry and Hermione nodded quickly. 

Snape revealed as much of the plan as he felt was strictly necessary to keep the duo from inadvertently placing them all in danger. 

Harry felt as though he was in an alternate universe; one that was bizarre and terrifying, and he really really hoped that it would end very soon, or he would wake up from this nightmare.

The evil gleam in Snape's eyes, however, soon put that wish to rest, as it looked like the Potion Master, was enjoying this way too much. 

The End.
The Plot by Pandora

“So you are saying that you are not real Deatheaters, and this is all an elaborate plan to trap Volde—“ Harry halted at Snape’s sharp look, “I mean the Dark Lord?”

“Yes, the Dark Lord wishes to share some of his knowledge and power with the Deatheater children, in the hopes of bonding them to him and to prepare them to take the Dark Mark when they become of age.”

“What?” Harry shrieked.

“Relax Potter,” Snape said snidely, “While seeing the Boy Who Live take the Dark Mark would be an interesting occurrence, we have no intention in allowing that to happen. We plan on using the Dark Lord’s new weakness and vulnerability, to lead to his ultimate demise.”

"Oh," Harry whispered nervously, "and just how do you plan to do that exactly?"


As they were Apparated to a clearing, in the deepest recesses of the Forbidden Forest, Harry felt his scar burn. It took every ounce of willpower to keep standing. Of course, with the aid of Snape’s potion, the scar was hidden, but the pain seared his forehead nevertheless.

Masked figures kneeled before a figure that made Harry’s skin crawl.

“Bella and Severus. Do come closer,” a snake-like voice whispered.

“And who do we have here?” the Dark Lord said calculatingly.

Glittering red eyes shone with expectation, as he assessed the newcomers.

Severus firmly pushed Harry forward, while Bella did the same with Hermione.

“It took much work, but we succeeded in discovering the whereabouts of our children My Lord.”

Harry’s skin crawled as Voldemort touched his face.

“Yes, you do look your father.” Harry cringed.

“And you my dear,” he said as he brushed his long, scaly fingers against Hermione’s hair, “are as beautiful as your mother.”

“While I am sure that my paranoia is unfounded, I nevertheless need a little assurance that you are not trying to deceive me.”

Harry skin prickled with fear.

Voldemort beckoned to a dark figure behind him, and snapped his long fingers.

“Wormwood, come here.”

Harry’s blood froze. Wormwood? That little traitor that betrayed his parents and allowed his Godfather to rot in Azkaban for twelve years.

As though Snape could sense his intentions, he grasped Harry’s arm in a firm grip, and gave him a warning look.

“Yes Master.”

 “Bring the familial potion here.” 


The End.
Chills by Pandora

Harry’s heart fluttered. He risked a glanced at Hermione’s face, which had paled

Harry and Hermione looked on helplessly as Wormtail approached them with a sharp, thin knife.

Harry drew a sharp breath, as Wormtail drew a thin line of blood.

Hermione tried to pull her arm away, but Wormtail dug his sharp claws into her arm as he grabbed it, and cut a small incision in her arm as well.

He handed the phials of blood to the Dark Lord, who then slowly and carefully allowed several drops to fall in the bubbling cauldron, that simmered over the crackling fire. 

It was only through years of self-discipline that Snape was able to retain his air of calmness, in the face of danger; if the Dark Lord found out who these children actually were—they would all be in serious trouble.

When, however, the Dark Lord’s thin lips curved into a smile, Snape’s dark eyes widened in surprise. He risked a look at Bella; she didn't seem nearly as surprised at the results as he was.

He narrowed his eyes suspiciously at her. 


The End.
Bloodlines by Pandora

“Care to explain the results of the potion,” Severus said silkily to Bella.

Harry and Hermione had been expecting the worst, when Voldemort had insisted on administering the potion to verify their parentage.

While Snape was a skillful Potions Master, they doubted that even he would be able to fool the Familial potion, which made them both very reluctant to consider the alternative explanation.

They both stood frozen in fear, while awaiting their fate , terrified that at any moment, their treachery would be discovered.

When the results of the potion produced unexpected results, however, they had both been terribly confused and apprehensive to find out why a potion that should have revealed that they were not in fact related to Bella and Snape, in fact revealed the opposite.

Bella licked her lips nervously.

“Well,” she began, “when the Dark Lord discovered our secret; that we had put our twins up for adoption at birth, to avoid having them used as leverage against us, I began the lengthy process of searching for our children’s whereabouts.

Imagine my surprise when, my search led me to none other than the Hero of the Wizarding World, the bane of your existence,” she said dryly, “and a supposedly Muggleborn girl, named Hermione Granger.”

Severus’ eyes widened. “You are saying that these children are really of our blood; they are really…”


Severus raked back his greasy hair, with a desperate motion.

"You are saying that that insufferable know-it-all and Harry bloody Potter are my offspring? he moaned.


The End.
Epilogue by Pandora

During the months that followed, Hermione and Harry were on a roller coaster ride that seemed to never end. They were at the beck and call of the Dark Lord’s fancies, and it seemed like they were acting in a play, that unfortunately was their real lives playing out.

To their credit, Bellatrix and Severus tried their best to juggle their new role as parents, while playing a dangerous game with the Dark Lord; trying to protect their children, their own lives and the future of the Wizarding World.

In the end, they had gone to Albus for help, and he devised a plan to use the situation to their advantage. It was still Harry’s destiny to defeat the Dark Lord, no matter whose progeny he was.

He did defeat the Dark Lord eventually, with the help of his new father, sister and mother.

Of course, the twins had to face their new identities as the evil Potion’s Master’s children at school, and face down the many challenges living a double life. However, Hermione and Harry Snape faced these challenges with the courage and cunning, of their duel Houses, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

The End.

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