Alone by Skylar Kay Nash
Summary: Harry has a secret, and he overhears Snape discussing something similar to Draco Malfoy, and realizes that the boy he hated, may understand better than anyone.
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Takes Place: 2nd Year
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Series: The Darkness Within
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Broken by Skylar Kay Nash
Harry had a nightmare again. The same one. Every night, he dreamed of the man whom Harry had trusted so dearly before, but last summer, everything changed...

His uncle had kicked him out of the house, and Harry wandered around little Whinging. This man saw him, and offered Harry food. Harry had been Naive, and accepted. The man had waited in the park for Harry everyday after that, always with a treat just for him.

Harry had grown to like the man, and when he asked Harry if he wanted to come and see his house, Harry had accepted. Then everything changed.

Aunt Petunia noticed a change in Harry. At first, she didn't say anything. But then she noticed Harry was afraid. Afraid to say anything. Towards the end of the Summer, she asked him if he was okay.

And he'd said yes. It was a lie, of course, but she wouldn't have cared, and so, Harry suffered his nightmares. They always were about that man, and he'd make Harry come with him, or he'd tell everyone he was delusional, that he'd thought he was a wizard. Why had Harry told him?

It was far too late now. Harry was trapped in this cycle. He was stuck with this man, and did as he was told.

At least Snape was easier on him. Maybe he knew something was off. Even so, how could he understand? How could anyone? Harry was sure there was no one else like him.
To be continued...
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