The Draught of Asphodel by Ttime42
Summary: When Harry accidentally drinks a brutal potion with roots in dark magic, he has to reluctantly rely on Hogwarts’ prickly Potions Master to fix the outcome.
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Takes Place: 5th Year
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The Draught of Asphodel by Ttime42
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Harry spent the morning alternating between dozing fitfully and being bored out of his mind and was thrilled when Ron and Hermione showed up before lunch.

“We all have a study period.” She explained. She handed Harry his schedule for the year and he glanced it over. Double Potions with the Slytherins first thing in the morning, bloody hell. Then History of Magic, a study period, lunch. Charms and Transfiguration and Herbology. The three of them were taking some different classes this year so Harry knew their schedules would vary from each other’s and they wouldn’t all be together everyday for every class.

“Neville accidentally turned Flitwick into a bullfrog in Charms.” Ron said with a grin. He had Charms class in the morning. “It was brilliant. McGonagall had to come fix it.”

They each sat at his bed side. Ron gave Harry a few get-well cards people had made, as well as a load of candies and sweets. Fred and George had passed along a toy Hungarian Horntail that, when activated with the right words, would fly around the room and shoot real fire. “Wicked.” Harry said as it sailed around the ceiling. “Tell them thanks.”

Hermione had a massive book clutched to her chest.

“Day one and you’re already doing some light reading?” Harry joked.

“Very funny. I looked up your symptoms.” She opened the book.

“Is that the polyjuice book?” Harry asked, remembering the dusty, gold-embossed cover of “Most Potente Potions” from their second year. “That’s in the restricted section!”

“They’re more lenient with prefects…” Hermione said absently as she turned the pages.

“There’s another librarian now.” Ron added. “A Ravenclaw seventh year. Guess she’s working in the library for pocket money. She doesn’t really care what anyone does…not like ol’ Pince…”

Hermione found the page she was looking for and pointed to a list of symptoms. Ron leaned back in his chair beside her, looking at the page. “Harry,” she said, “you said you had an intermittent headache?”

“Yeah it comes and goes.”

“Night sweats? Chills?”


She dragged her finger down the page, reading off the symptoms.




“In my fingers mostly.”

“Hermione, it could be so many things.” Ron said.

“I’m not finished. Nightmares?”


“What was in the nightmares?”

“Um, it felt like there were, like, spiders in my body, or like fingers going under my skin and poking my nerves.”

Ron and Hermione were silent. Harry continued. “There was a lot of pressure in my spine and my muscles got really tense. My veins got really hot?” He added. “I don’t remember if I dreamed that or if it was real.”

“Blimey.” Ron was still looking at the page.

“What?” Harry said. “What’s the potion?”

“Here.” Hermione put the huge book in his lap and he read:

“If Nox rubrum is administered correctly, the host will experience a variety of symptoms. The most common are: Intermittent headache, night sweats and/or chills, fever, nightmares, tingling sensations in the body, and a sore throat. The few accounts collected detail the nightmares in a similar way. Those who experience nightmares state they dreamed of a sensation under their skin not unlike heat or fire in their veins. Some reported a whimsical sensation of “fingers” or “spiders walking.” Hosts also reported back pain and muscle tension.”

Harry looked at them, surprise evident on his face. “I mean, yeah my symptoms match this but like Ron said, this could be a lot of things. What is this anyway?” Harry flipped the page back and read, “Nox rubrum.”

“Never heard of it.” Ron said.

Hermione gestured for the book and Harry handed it over.

“I remember reading about this back when we checked this book out to make the polyjuice potion, so I looked it up again,” she said. “Nox rubrum is one half of a two-part potion. It’s really weird and complicated.” She looked worried. She closed the book and pulled another one from her bag. This one was much thinner and smaller. She opened it up to a marked page in the middle. “Here, listen:

“Draught of Asphodel. Also known as Servi amicus or Geminos essentia, this is one of the most rare, difficult to create, and unique potions in the world. It is a dark potion with a shadowy past rooted in enslavement and imprisonment. Great caution is to be exercised when exploring this potion.

Draught of Asphodel is unique in that it contains two potions in one: Nox rubrum and Solis argenti.

The potion is thought to have been created around 2500 BC but the true date is unknown. It has been altered and advanced over the centuries, usually to decrease potency, for the true dosage of Nox rubrum is long lasting and over time may even kill its host.

Draught of Asphodel was originally designed as a method to keep slaves and servants obedient. The process works as thus: The servant drinks Nox rubrum while the sun is set. The master drinks Solis argenti while the sun is risen. The servant, upon disobedience to their master, will experience a series of unpleasant painful attacks that may last anywhere from a few seconds to an attack that is ongoing and unrelenting. These attacks will increase in potency and frequency until the master disciplines the servant. If brewed correctly, the pain will vanish and the cycle begins anew upon the servant ’s next transgression.”

Hermione paused and looked up at Harry, who was staring at the little book, jaw agape, with a look of complete shock on his face. Ron was looking at him too, his face pinched in sympathy.

“I’m going to bloody kill Mundungus.” Harry hissed.

“There’s more.” Hermione said grimly.

“The two hosts must be in proximity to each other for DoA to function. The true distance is unknown at the time of this volume’s publication but it is thought to be anywhere from several hundred feet to several miles. This guesstimate is taken from the personal account of the servant Jeremiah Forte who was dosed with this potion by his employer. Forte stated, ‘I cannot leave the property without feeling as though roots of lightning are taking up residence in my limbs. I beseech Merlin that my master not feed me another dose for I cannot visit my ailing mother two counties over. Smithe was dosed as I and is able to perambulate to the local town with nary a symptom.’

Once the aforementioned attacks, begin, the servant ’s best course of action is to seek out their master for discipline. The discipline meted out by the host who has Solis argenti running through their veins will immediately halt Nox rubrum’s attacks. If done correctly, only upon the servant’s next transgression will the cycle will start anew. Individuals who have taken Nox rubrum are advised not to attempt to take healing, calming, etc potions or the like as the Nox rubrum will render them ineffective until discipline has been administered. The following disciplinary measures are known methods of halting Nox rubrum’s cruel cycle:

-Beating the servant with an open hand or implement such as a belt, paddle, or similar,

-Removal of limbs,

-Branding with a hot iron. ”

She paused.

“What else?” Harry said. His face had gone pale. “What else is listed under discipline?”

“Harry, that’s all that’s listed.” She said sadly. She read some more.

“It is unknown how exactly DoA functions, nor how Nox rubrum is able to detect alleged rebellion or disobedience in its host. It’s likely a complicated neurological effect, however, this potion has been little studied. While Nox rubrum may be consumed by anyone of any age, the accompanying Solis argenti, the ‘master’ part of DoA, has more fickle host requirements. For Solis argenti to function properly the host must be:

1) over the age of thirty,

2) able to remain within proximity of the servant for extended lengths of time,

3) optional, but highly encouraged, someone who is adept at potion-making, for the master needs to take weekly doses of Solis argenti, less it leaves their system and they inadvertently kill their servant.

Caution: Anyone who consumes Nox rubrum must find a host for the Solis argenti within ten days or else the Nox rubrum will kill its own host."

Hermione leaned back. They all sat in silence for a few moments.

“So,” Harry began, trying not to tremble, “if this is what I drank, this Nox-whatever, I have this potion in me that makes me a servant. I need someone who’s old, can stay nearby, and knows a lot about potions to play at being my ‘master.’ Any time I disobey the master, I get attacked by this Nox-thing until that person hits me, or whatever, to make the attacks stop?”

“Basically?” Hermione said.

“That’s barmy.” Ron shook his head. “That’s messed up.”

Harry’s breathing got faster and his face flushed.

“Harry,” Hermione said, “we don’t know if this is what you took.”

“Fucking Mundungus!” Harry grabbed his empty porridge bowl and flung it across the room. It shattered against a wall. The dragon, still puttering around the ceiling, came crashing down. Madam Pomfrey popped out of her office. “What was that?”

“Sorry, we had an accident.” Ron said. Hermione pulled the ancient tome to her chest protectively and slid it into her bag. Ron continued, sounding apologetic, “Harry dropped his bowl.” They all stared at the shards, some twelve feet from Harry’s bed.

“Dropped?” Madam Pomfrey pursed her lips and waved her wand. The mess vanished. “Control yourself, Mister Potter. This is a hospital, not a troll’s cave.” She went back to her office.

“We should go talk to McGonagall.” Hermione said to Ron as she stood, “figure out what this is.”

“Wait!” Harry said as they stood. “It’s probably not that potion, the, the,” Harry waved at the book, “draught of daffodil? Right?”

“Asphodel.” Hermione hissed. “And I don’t know, Harry, you have a lot of the symptoms.” She and Ron exchanged a look.

“C’mon,” Harry said, trying not to freak out, “you really think Mundungus would get his hands on a nasty potion like that?”

She and Ron exchanged a look.

“Mundungus Fletcher.” Harry repeated. “in London?!”

Hermione conceded this and nodded. “Okay, it’s really unlikely but either way, we need to get to the bottom of this.”

“Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. Madam Pomfrey said I could leave if I don’t have symptoms. Let me, just—Madam Pomfrey?” He called.

She came to him.

“Can I go?” Harry asked.

She sighed and summoned the thermometer. It pushed itself into his mouth and they waited.

“Well,” she read the gauge, “your fever has abated. Do you feel okay?”

He shrugged. “Yeah. Bit tired but yeah?”

She stared at him for a moment. “Alright, I suppose. But if you feel ill at all, come straight back here.”

“I will, I will.” Harry threw off the covers. If this was Draught of Asphodel and he had taken Nox rubrum he only had a few more days until he would die. They had to figure this out before then.
The End.

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