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Summary: A short bittersweet story about an unexpected gift that has somehow overgrown into a multichaptered fic. AU.

Takes Place: 6th summer Chapters: 9
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Categories: Parental Snape Genres: General
Tags: None Word count: 15649
Main Characters: .Snape and Harry (required) Read: 42010
Rated: T
Warnings: Profanity
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Published: 12 Jul 2008 - Updated: 04 Dec 2008
Story Notes:

The first chapter was corrected by Lesley aka Wrappedinharry, the most wonderful Australian beta reader.

The second chapter was beta read by Al aka Slvrstar. Thank you very much, Al!

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth chapters were beta read by Lady Julie. Thank you, Lady!

The fifth chapter was edited, big thanks to Tabbycat and SometimeSelkie, who pointed out some typos and such.

The seventh and eighth chapters, and the Epilogue were beta read by dear Wellyuthink. Thank you very much, Jen!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything HP related. It all belongs to JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Inc., Warner Bros., and any other entities involved.

Table of Contents

1. A Secret Gift by little-sun [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarstar (650 words) Printer

2. A Suspicious Gift by little-sun [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (1226 words) Printer

Secret gifts raise suspicion; and you will know you have good friends if they don’t hesitate to stand up to you if they feel they should do so.

3. Intangible Gift by little-sun [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1474 words) Printer

We are often oblivious to the most important gift we were given...

4. A Private Hell by little-sun [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1491 words) Printer

This chapter is from Harry's POV...

5. An Expert on Owls by little-sun [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (1501 words) Printer

Is Harry suicidal?

6. An Overheard Conversation by little-sun [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (722 words) Printer

They say you shouldn't listen behind the door, as you may very likely hear something unpleasant about yourself. I say, sometimes the things learned may be worth it.

7. Father by little-sun [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (2575 words) Printer

This chapter was beta-ed by Wellyuthink. Thank you very much, Jen!

8. Healing by little-sun [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (4141 words) Printer

Many of your questions are answered in this chapter... The rest of them, hopefully, will come soon in the next (and last) chapter...

9. Epilogue by little-sun [Reviews - 21] starstarstarstarstar (1869 words) Printer

Questions answered, future outlined and the story finished...

The End.
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