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Story Notes:

Finally a Severitus update from me! I wanted to do something against the fact that there is not enough Severitus poetry or podfic in this world. For the podfic (narrated version of this fic), go to https://archive.org/details/ouroboros-in-tribute and enjoy!

It felt wrong to apply the MCD tag, but something like it is referenced in the poem. (For fans of happy endings: Know that not all is as it seems.)

This would not have been nearly as good without a whole bunch of people helping me.
- Klari, who spent hours and hours workshopping this poem with me. I'm grateful beyond words.
- the writers on the HP Fanfic Writers' Guild who brainstormed titles with me
- Out of the Auditary mod thriceandonce who graciously provided me with the extension needed for the double submission to HP Poetry and OotA
- my beta listener, silksnep who gave feedback and encouragement on my first podfic (this one)
- and last but not least, to all those who listened to me griping, ranting and squealing about this thing...
Thank you all. Thank you so much.

Author's Chapter Notes:
This work is submitted for:
- February Ficlets (Verselets) Challenge: Day 19: Blood is thicker than water
- HP Poetry:
-- N1: Severitus Poetry (SerenaEW)
-- N2: Sonnets (dandelionconstellation)
- P&S Bingo Fic Fest:
-- Card 9: B5: Harry is an adult and is Snape’s son, adopted or otherwise
-- Card 10: B1: Someone has gone missing
-- Card 11: G4: Mocking destiny
- Out of the Auditary: Poetry
Ouroboros in Tribute


Blood, I have learnt, is thicker than water:
a lesson that felled crowns, made history.
None can help being shaped by their fathers –
some learn prejudice, some receive cruelty.

Corruption brought about a roiling flood
of hatred, imbued with poisonous lies.
Soldiers are ranked, marked, chosen by their blood,
in turn, choose blood to sever friendship's ties.

This war may be on hold, yet prejudice
festers, spurs discordance and builds armies.
As evil lingers, no one dares attempt
bystanding in this game of opposites.
Here, apples can not fall far from their trees.
How can I expect you to be exempt?


How can I expect you to be exempt
from rules of descent? I can see no choice
but enmity shaping our words, contempt,
a cauldron of rage exploding in voice.

I stay masked in the shadows to shield you
from threats brewed in darkness. You, insolent,
repay my efforts in scorn, never choose
to heed advice, caution or good judgement.

Guarding you from yourself: impossible.
Year by year, you rush heart-first to danger,
run off recklessly, seeking adventure.
You may believe yourself invincible,
with your crown of sharp prongs and foolish stunts –
scars, remember, mark those favoured by hunts.


Scars remember, mark those favoured by hunts.
They recall the terror of battles fought,
survived. Prey, when afraid of being caught,
will fight for its life when it can not run.

The mark of poor soil is a shoot's stunted
growth. Harsh conditions and pollution thwart
youthful bloom. I must not dwell on the thought
that strangling weeds root, if left untended.

Patience can heal broken wings and regain
trust lost in cruelty. Yet instincts remain
drawn with tension, embedded in grim marks.

Whenever I see you, these images
linger; tear my judgement with gashes –
as rent as your brow, torn by lightning's scar.


As rent as your brow, torn by lightning's scar,
so was I broken at finding her slain.
I had fled from her light to pull the dark
to me instead. Hoped it would leave no stain

on her bloom: crimson, unforgettable
like the petals of poppy she cherished,
preserved. I forgot Unforgivables
are not meant to leave visible blemish.

Dense mists of memory shadow notions
strewn like flints. I must not touch, yet their sharp
edges strike my mind – sparks catch and ascend:

More than green eyes, she gave you devotion,
her righteousness, courage, her lion’s heart.
So you too, I fear, will fall in the end.


So you too, I fear, will fall in the end.
Like incense burnt, you will be blown away
at the shrine of triumph, raised to be spent –
just like a pig for slaughter, most prized prey.

Your die is set. Your crown has grown cursed thorns.
Life bleeds out without sense: All is in vain,
all the struggles and all the pain. For once
I wish you would not heed your duty when

the end is nigh. The snake strikes. There remains
no time. You come closer. I must explain –
how she tied us, led me to where I stood;
must explain the verdict passed on you. Look
at me, I beg you, understand my plight.
I gave my all – you faded from my sight.


I gave my all. You faded from my sight.
How was this the plan? That I still remain
here, while you are gone – you left no bloodstain
that four seasons could wash out or set right.

You willed me your secrets, so I learned: blood
of my blood. The tie brought hope that I would
bring you home – foolish fantasy. I could
pray for miracles, wish for magic, but

no magic can bring life to fairytales:
Princes fall. Tribulations rise; they fail,
lives lost to tragedy and happenstance,
fed to just wars incurred by their fathers.
Now, all I have left is this remainder.
Bile churned when you asked for fond remembrance.


Bile churned when you asked for fond remembrance,
the morning I first heard the epitaph,
the early crown for your late existence.
If you ever sought fame, you have enough.

What good does it bring, now that you are gone?
Life beyond death: nothing more than a dream.
You ensured the world lived on – I lived on.
Why waste your efforts to liberate me?

I was certain I knew you, yet you broke
my beliefs, turned the contempt you received
to love, unspoken, yet not unperceived.
As, at last, I am taught better, I choke.

Now, I fathom how you chose your altar:
Blood, I have learnt, is thicker than water.

The End.
Chapter End Notes:
Form: crown of sonnets:
7 sonnets where the last line of each one is the first line of the next one, and the last line of the last one is the first line of the first sonnet.

This is part of the universe which is inspired by lesyeuxverts' like poppy and memory. Stay tuned for further updates on this 'verse - more will be revealed for Snapebang in about one and a half months.

Please review! I'm so excited for your feedback - I hope you liked it as much as I do!

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