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Prompts by Vanime
Summary: Severus and Harry land in Middle Earth! :) They are too young to go on the quest, as they are young elves/elflings! :) Younger than Legolas - for they have not reached their majority, despite the fact they were adults prior to this. How they got to Middle Earth is up to you - perhaps they died in the Final Battle, or they decided to get away from the old world and wanted to start living in the new one. Regardless of which way you choose, they have family/kin in Rivendell! :) You can have either Erestor or Elrond become Severus' father (I would love Erestor for this, as I could see where the snarkiness comes from). Severus will be feeling lost and unsure of himself - without his potions he'll feel like he has no purpose. Bonus if you have him working and learning with Elrond making salves and whatnot for the healing wing, and maybe even learning the healing arts himself. Extra points if you have Harry joining the lessons as well. Severus will be his usual snarky self. Both he and Harry will have some previous memories intact, not all. Both will exhibit the abuses they suffered - Severus at Tobias' hands and Harry's at his relations' hands. At any rate, both he and Harry become family before their arrival in ME and during. How they are family I leave up to you. :D (Don't you just love freedom of choice?) They will also need to learn the history of the Eldar and other subjects that they need to know to live in their new world, so Erestor will be teaching them both at the same time. Anything else that is plausible I leave to you dear author! Hugs and Love, Vanime
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