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Just someone with a love of reading about Snape finding the good in him to properly care for someone and Harry getting the adult support he always deserved. [Report This]
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Prompts by Phoenix
Summary: Dumbledore is tired of Snapeís continuous complaints about Harry Potter and how Snape keeps trying to convince him that Harry is too much trouble for what heís doing for the boy. Dumbledore tells him that he has permission to spy on the boy for authors preferred amount of time and if he can convince Dumbledore with his memories of what he found then he would stop speaking so highly of the child. Snape being slightly petty agrees to this and proceeds to spy on Harry (whether itís the holidays or not is the authors choice) . He does not find what he was expecting however and ends up confronting Harry.
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Summary: Pigfarts is very very real and although Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood are the only ones who believe, an interesting set of events will lead to Harry Potter and Severus Snape believing too. Authors please have fun with this idea!
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