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honourary_weasley [Contact] Better be Ravenclaw!
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Location: Melbourne, Australia. Soon to be High Wycombe, England, as a GAP student working in a Boarding School.

Age: Eighteen

Obsessions: Harry Potter (no duh). Henry VIII. Medieval England. Ancient Egypt. Musical Theatre.

Animagus: A Unicorn.

House: Ravenclaw.

Post-Hogwarts Job: History of Magic Teacher - the first in a hundred years to make the subject interesting after Professor Binns finally moves on (he was only waiting for a competent replacement, you see). Later, the author of several books detailing the First and Second Voldemort Wars.

Favourite characters: Hermione. Harry. (I love Ron dearly, but he doesn't make the leap from well-liked to favourite). Sirius Black (and co. How can you not love the Marauders, minus Pettigrew and plus Lily Evans?). Severus Snape (I don't like him, necessarily, but he's one of my favourite characters to discuss and think about).

Status as an Author: Too chicken to post any fics... not even on fanfiction.net. That may change someday, however...

Status as a Beta: Would be more than happy to read over any works and provide constructive criticisms and grammatical help. Also willing to just discuss plot bunnies and ideas.

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