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I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter!

Severus Snape is my hero and favorite character by far. I have never forgiven J.K. for killing him off. I love to see him as a father figure to Harry. (Who needs James Potter? Not me!)

There are few pairings that I won't read about, but for some reason I cannot abide Ginny Weasley, unless she is a villian. I like her that way. Though that doesn't mean that I won't read fics with her as the love interest, it's just not my preference. Truth is that I adore reading and my tastes are rather eclectic, so bring on the stories, because I'm ready to review!

I have just started my first attempt at a Harry Potter fanfic and I hope that everyone will enjoy it. I welcome all constructive critism and any advice given will be noted.

Thank you for visiting my profile.


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Stories by silverstargirl
Harry, having learned of his uncle's plans to step up the abuse against him, decides to run away. At the same time, Severus Snape, having been dispatched to ensure he is safe, discovers that Harry is abused and decides to kidnap him.

Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11) - Snape flavour: Overly-protective Snape, Snape is Secretive
Tags: Child fic, Evil!Albus, Runaway
Categories: Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Character Death, Out of Character, Violence
Chapters: 13 - Completed: No - Updated: 13 Apr 2014 / 26 Dec 2009
Series: None - Challenges: None

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