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Hello there, my name is Rose. I'm a Christian that loves Harry Potter and I LOVE Snily and Severitus!! :D I got sorted into Hufflepuff because I'm kind, loyal, and patient. I really hope that you enjoy my fanfiction!! [Report This]
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Stories by Lily Snape 2020
The night that Harry James Potter became the boy who lived it changed Severus Snape's life forever. For he was about to do something that he thought he would never do,.. help raise the son of his worst enemy. (A rewrite of an old fanfic of mine.)

Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11) - Snape flavour: Snape is Loving
Tags: Child fic
Categories: Parental Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: Physical Punishment Spanking
Chapters: 13 - Completed: No - Updated: 14 Apr 2020 / 07 Feb 2020
Series: None - Challenges: None

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