Welcome to the Family by Song of the Sea
Summary: Draco, Severus, and Remus receive some exciting news about their family.
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Chapter 2 by Song of the Sea
Author's Notes:
I'm welcoming suggestions on what House the baby should be put in when he/she starts Hogwarts.
As the months passed by, Draco grew older and Severus grew bigger. With the pregnancy, he was no longer considered unattractive, he was glowing. Literally. Lady Magic saw how Severus grew up, so she adopted him as her own. Thankfully, the damage done to him by his father, Tobias, was repairable.

But, back to the little family. Severus wasn't able to brew a potion to cure lycanthropy, but he was able to create a spell. Whenever he was sure nobody was around, Severus started singing lullabies to the baby in his tummy whenever he was alone. Remus, Narcissa, Lucius, and Marvolo have never heard him sing before, so he was really shy about it. His hair has grown to right below his hips,and wanted to grow it out to his knees. Lady Magic made him into a very attractive man while she raised him.

Speaking of Severus, he was in the nursery with Draco, now 10 months old, painting the baby's room. Now nine months pregnant, Narcissa has told him to hold back on any strenuous activities. He was about to ask Draco what gender he thought that the baby will be when he felt a sharp pain ripple through his stomach. "Mama?" Draco asked, worried about his mama.

"I'm okay, Dragon. I just-Agh!!!"

A house elf popped into the nursery and asked, "Mistress bes alrights?"

Severus looked at her with teary pain-filled eyes and ordered, "Get Marvolo, Lucius, Cissa, and Remus and tell them to meet me in the master bedroom, Lila. Please take me into mine and Remus' room and place me in the bed. Tell them, "The baby's coming,". And take Draco with you,".

The little elf nodded before popping Severus into his room and into bed. Then she popped into the room where the others were with Draco.

Remus, Lucius, Narcissa, and Marvolo were in the library reading when Lila popped in with Draco in her arms.

"Lila, what's wrong?" Remus asked, setting his book down. "And why is Draco with you? I thought he was with Sev."

Narcissa took Draco into her arms, before connecting the dots. "Is Severus having the baby?" she asked.

Lila nodded and popped them into the master bedroom, where Severus laid sweaty and panting in the the bed. Narcissa shoved Lucius out of the room, Draco with him (can't scar the pure baby for life), and helped Severus deliver the baby. "Okay, Sev. Let's deliver this baby,"

Outside, Lucius paced back and forth while Marvolo leaned against the wall before a baby's cries filled the chamber. Just barely, he could hear Narcissa proclaim, "It's a girl!"

A few minutes later, Severus called out, "Lucius, you, Marvolo, and Draco can come in now."

(Inside the room)

Severus flopped back onto the pillows, completely exhausted and out of breath. Sweat poured down his face, ivory hair plastered to his forehead, looking through half-lidded eyes as he and Remus watched Narcissa clean the baby up and wrapped her up in a silk blanket before putting her on Severus' chest for her first feeding.

"Hi there, sweetheart

"Oh, Sev. She's so adorable!" Remus gushed as he looked at his new daughter.

"Yes. (pant!) She is. Draco will be so (yawn!) excited to meet her," the exhausted wizard wheezed out, cradling his newborn daughter close to his chest as she continued nursing. Severus was a mother to a healthy baby boy, and now a mother to a healthy baby girl. "Time for Draco to meet his new little sister, Remmy."

He looked towards the door and called out, "Lucius, you, Marvolo, and Draco can come in now."

Lucius opened the door and entered the bedroom. Severus was lying in bed, and in his arms was little Baby Ravenclaw-Prince, Draco's baby sister. Remus stood next to his husband and watched at his son interacted with the new baby.

"Baby sister, Mummy?" the child asked as Lucius placed him with his mother.

Severus smiled and adjusted the baby so Draco could see her better. "Yes, sweetheart. This is your baby sister."

It was at that moment when the baby decided to open her eyes, revealing bright forest green eyes. The baby also had wisps of red hair growing in.

"What are you going to name her, Sev? Remus?" Narcissa asked as she came over with the birth certificate.

Remus and Severus shared a look before replying in unison. "Astranova. Astranova Harmony Ravenclaw-Prince."

Narcissa wrote as she spoke, "Okay, Astranova Harmony Ravenclaw-Prince was born on October 31st, 1980 at midnight."

The newly named Astranova let her eyes wander around the room until her eyes landed on Draco. She started cooing and smiling, reaching to her older brother. Draco was mesmerized at his new sister. He reached his hand out to her and she grabbed onto it, laughing adorably.

Now that Draco was ten months old, he was able to speak a little more fluently. "Hi, baby sister. I'm your big brother, Draco. And, we're going to go to Hogwarts together."

Severus and Remus leaned into each other and smiled at their little ones, knowing that they're going to get along just fine and that Draco was going to be a wonderful big brother to his new little sister.

A week later, Remus told Severus that they had some visitors. "Who's coming over?" he asked curiously while lying in bed. He was still weak and exhausted easily after giving birth to Astranova and was ordered to be on complete bed rest until Cissa gave him the all clear

The only response he got was a shrug of the shoulders.

Then the floo sounded and James, Lily, and Sirius walked out of the flames and into Remus and Severus' rooms.

"Lily!!" Severus exclaimed, opening his arms for a hug. Lily ran over to her childhood friend and hugged him tightly. When she pulled back, Lily heard a gurgling noise.

"What was that?" James asked.

Narcissa walked into the room holding Astranova in her arms, the curious baby staring at the three new people in the room.

"Somebody was hungry and wanted her mummy, Sev. Oh, hi guys," Narcissa greeted the three visitors as she passed Severus his baby before walking out.

"Sev! Who's this little one?" James asked as he, Sirius, and Lily came closer to see the baby. Severus smiled at his friends before looking at his daughter fondly, his green eyes glowing with love.

"This is my daughter, James." was the reply smothered with love.

Siris couldn't help but comment, "She looks just like you, Lily."

And that she did. Astranova's bright red hair had grown out fast, reaching her shoulders in light curls.

Severus smiled at him for that. "Her name is Astranova Harmony Ravenclaw-Prince. Lily, James, Sirius? Can I ask you guys something?"

Lily was confused. What could Sev want to ask them?

Seeing that he had their attention, Severus continued. "If anything happens to me and Remus, I want you three to help Marvolo, Lucius, and Narcissa to raise Draco and Astranova."

All of them stepped back in shock. Why would something happen to Severus and Remus?

Severus saw the looks on their faces and smiled slightly, releasing a huff of laughter. "Dumbledore doesn't know where we are. But what I do know is that he won't stop trying to gain control of my vaults, seats, and properties. He wants to frame Marvolo for your attempted murder, but I can't let that happen. I want you three to stay here with me and Remus at Ravenclaw Castle for your protection. The wards were down by Grandma Rowena and the goblins combined. I even added wards that I invented. I'm a submissive phoenix and siren, so that's how I was able to have children. He also knows that much, so he wants me to produce heirs for him. I have no interest in letting that madman touch me. So, please stay here. I'm sure Astranova and Draco would love to meet their new aunt and uncles. Do you want to hold her, Lily?"

Lily nodded enthusiastically and gently plucked the infant from Severus' arms. "Hello there, Starshine. I'm your Auntie Lilly or Aunt Jamila. Your Uncles Padfoot and Prongs and I are going to spoil you and your big brother rotten to the core." the red haired woman cooed playfully to the sleeping baby.
The End.

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