Welcome to Hogwarts, Draco and Astranova by Song of the Sea
Summary: Draco and Astranova are now 11 years old and about to head off to their first year at Hogwarts. Meeting new friends, professors, and foiling Dumbledore, the two siblings know that this year sure will be interesting.
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Takes Place: 1st summer before Hogwarts, 1st Year
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Series: The Heirs of Ravenclaw, Prince, and Slytherin
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First Day of Classes by Song of the Sea
Author's Notes:
Prince Draco and Princess Astranova are starting their first day of classes at Hogwarts! But some of the students might want to cause some trouble.....
Draco and Astranova spent the night in their parents' quarters before heading to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Since the two siblings were sorted into both Slytherin and Ravenclaw, they decided to spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Slytherin and Tuesday and Thursday with Ravenclaw.

As they walked into the Great Hall, the students greeted them with smiles and waves.

Astranova smiled at her classmates warmly and took her seat at the Slytherin table with Draco before plating her breakfast.

Ron watched this from the Gryffindor table with contempt as she talked with her housemates about what classes they might have.

The slimy redhead snake had only been here for a few days, and already she was the most popular girl in school.

Everyone talked about how smart and pretty and kind she was, even his own brothers.

"Nova is really something, isn't she? Both her and her brother were considered childhood prodigies, they are. I wonder how she and Draco are going to do in classes today," Fred wondered to Percy and George, who nodded in agreement.

Ron spat out angrily, "Why are you guys fawning over those slimy snakes?! They're nothing more than filthy Death Eaters!!"

George and Fred were taken aback.

How could Draco and Astranova be Death Eaters when they're children just like they were?

With a glare, George spat at his youngest brother. "Hold on there, Ronniekins! I wouldn't get on Draco or Nova's bad side if I were you. Especially when you're disrespecting Hogwarts Prince and Princess! Guess what they told us, Percy."

Percy was intrigued. "What did they tell you, George?"

"Nova told me that she and Draco were the son and daughter of Lord, or should I say Lady Ravenclaw-Prince and she's also the heiress of Slytherin, goddaughter and godson to Lord Slytherin and Lord Malfoy. She's a prodigy and knows powerful spells in Parsel. So, keep. Your. Mouth. Shut. Ron. Unless you want her to hex you with Parsel spells." the twin hissed out angrily, sounding scarily close to Parseltounge.

Ron was furious!

As he plotted to make Astranova stay away from his brothers, Severus was handing out the school schedules to the Slytherins.

As Severus walked around the table with grace that could rival the wealthiest purebloods, he smiled at his children.

A letter from Marvolo had arrived last night saying that he loved him as much as Remus did.

The three of them talked it out, and they agreed to bond to each other.

Severus smiled at his students.

"Good morning, children. What I'm passing out now is the schedule for your school day. Please take care of them, and if you need another copy, please come and ask me for one."

Some of the students muttered their agreement and went back to eating their breakfast.

One of the Slytherins, a 6th year named Kaira Bluebell, asked Astranova, "Hey, kid! What's your magic level?"

Astranova put down her silverware and spared Kaira a glance.

"Both my brother and I have had golden Merlin-level magical cores since we were 7 years old. Both of us were able to complete the 1st-7th year spell books on Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, DADA, and even created our own spells. Same as our mother. So, you tell me Ms. Bluebell, what do you think our magic level is?" she asked with a red eyebrow raised and green eyes narrowed slightly.

Her eyes glowed green briefly as if daring anyone to challenge her.

The Slytherins knew that Nova and her brother would kick their butts if either of them got angry, so they shook their heads no and went back to eating.

Before long, the Slytherins were heading to their first lesson of the day, since it was Friday,: Double Potions with Gryffindor.

All of them groaned because, has it slipped anybody's mind that Gryffindors and Potions do not mix?

Now they KNOW somebody's going to get hurt.

While the Slytherins were making their way to the dungeons, Ron and his cronies were blocking their path.

Draco and Astranova, hair tied up in ponytails, stepped forward and glared while their classmates respectfully moved out of their way.

"Please get out of our way, Weasley before we're late to class and we all get into trouble," Nova demanded, hands on her hips, both of them glaring at the group slightly with their eyes narrowed and glowing.

If that doesn't say that those two siblings aren't to be toyed with, none of them knew.

Draco sighed, looked Ron in the eye and before Ron knew it, he was flipped upside down midair by his ankles.

Everyone in the hallway was laughing as they saw this.

Astranova huffed and smirked, high-fiving her brother.

"That'll teach you not to mess with us. They don't call us the 'Shadow Eagles' for nothing. Come on guys, let's get going before we're late."

Their day in class turned out to be a massive success because Draco and Nova quickly rose to the rank of top of their class and the teachers absolutely adored them.
To be continued...

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