A True, True Friend by Song of the Sea
Summary: Takes place in the Marauders Era, but with a twist. Severus doesn't befriend Lilian, but instead befriends her younger sister, Snowdrop, and Tom Riddle.
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1. The Meeting by Song of the Sea

The Meeting by Song of the Sea
Author's Notes:
I changed the names of some of the characters.

Eileen= Norabelle

Tobias= Salazar

Lily= Lilian

Lilian and Petunia also have a younger sister named Snowdrop Evans and there is no Voldemort.
Eight-year-old Severus Snape did not have an easy life growing up because he was from the poor part of Spinner's End and his parents, Norabelle and Salazar Snape, were too busy fighting to give him any positive attention.

And today was one of those days that Norabelle loses control over her magic in her anger, so he went to the park to get away from them.

Since he didn't know any of the children in his neighborhood, Severus spent most of his time reading under a tree. Then, Severus heard the sound of children laughing. Severus didn't need a dictionary to know that he was socially awkward

Following the sound, Severus hid behind a bush and found three girls playing on the swing set, probably sisters, Severus concluded.

One had brown hair and the other two had red hair, but one of them had green eyes and the other had blue eyes, when the eldest one shouted, "Lilian! Snowdrop! Mummy said that your not supposed to do that stuff outside the house!". The two girls ignored her and leapt off the swing set, floating down to the ground gently.

Suddenly, the eldest girl heard leaves rustling and parted the bush to see Severus staring at her in shock. She screamed and the redhead girl with green eyes rushed over before asking what was wrong.

Spotting Severus, the girl hit him on the head, yelled at him for spying on her and her sisters, and stormed off in a huff with the older girl following her. The girl with blue eyes called to them, only to end up ignored, "Tuney! Lily! Come back!".

Letting out a huff of frustration, she turned to Severus and helped him up. "I'm so sorry about Lilian and Petunia," the girl apologized. "Usually, Lily is at least willing to listen to someone, but I guess today is just one of her off days.".

Then, she looked up at Severus and his breath caught in his throat as he stared into her beautiful bluebell blue eyes.

Regaining focus, he got to working on introducing himself. For some reason, Severus felt like he could trust her with his life.

"I'm Severus, Severus Rhyfelwr Snape," Severus said, introducing himself. "My middle name is Welsh for 'warrior' and what you and Lilian were doing was accidental magic. You're a witch and I'm a wizard.".

Instead of showing fear or disgust, her eyes only lit up in excitement and wonder at the prospect of being a witch. "I'm a witch?! That's so cool! I've always wanted to be a witch! Oh, where are my manners? My name is Snowdrop. Snowdrop Lotus Evans. My accidental magic actually caused that thunderstorm last week.." Snowdrop sheepishly admitted, surprising Severus.

He looked at her and replied, "You must be a very powerful young witch, Snowdrop. It's likely you'll get admitted into Hogwarts, a school to learn magic, a year early. I'm eight and you're seven, so you'll be going to Hogwarts when you turn 10."

Snowdrop turned to Severus and gave him a warm, caring, smile that he just couldn't help return. "Severus, I have a feeling that this will be a very grand friendship that we will share," she said to her new friend and huffed out a laugh.

Little did the two know, they were destined for something greater than they could ever imagine. As the days passed, Snowdrop and Severus grew closer and closer to the point of becoming siblings.

They laughed together, they cried together, and taught each other more about magic, themselves, and each other. One day, Snowdrop had an idea and told Severus to link their pinkie fingers together.

"Best friends today," she started, prompted Severus to continue her line once he realized what she was thinking. "Tomorrow," Severus said, then they spoke together. "And always!". What they didn't know is that the two children just made a magical vow that can't be broken.
To be continued...

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