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Time is a dangerous thing to meddle with.  Hermione Granger should have hidden her schedule and time turner more easily because it ends up in Harry’s hands after he decides to investigate how Hermione can take two classes at the same time multiple times a day.   He finds Hermione’s time turner and after some investigation, discovers what it is.     For whatever reason, he decides to take the time turner, leaving Hermione to panic about where it has gotten.   Yet, after getting into a fight with Draco, something happens that throws both boys into the past, breaking the time turner in the fight.   Unable to get back home, Snape eventually learns of this and learning it was Granger’s doing, is sent back by Dumbledore to retrieve Potter and Malfoy.  Snape must chase them down and try to get all three of them back home, protecting and guiding them along the way.    Do they get home or are they lost in time?




  • Takes place in 3rd year before Harry learns of Sirius Black being his godfather and betraying his parents and after Hermione gets her time turner in beginning of the year.
  • Why does Harry steal Hermione’s time turner? 
  • I want to see how being thrown back in time affects Harry, Draco & Snape when they get back.    Traveling in time is said to have consequences and these are never really discussed in any fandom.  
  • No Marauders, Merlin/Camelot or Founders’ time periods.    They can briefly explore these times but I’d like to see them going through  different periods of history throughout the story; like the War of the Roses or Ww1 or the settlement of the colonies, etc.  
  • How does Snape find out about the boys missing and why is he sent back in time to search for them? 
  • Hermione/McGonagall getting in trouble for this incident, not because you have the Savior of the  UK & a pureblood but because Hermione was careless (in the Ministry’s opinion) and McGonagall  for sticking her neck out and not talking Hermione out of taking all electives as well as exploring  why Hermione needs to be the best at everything. Maybe Hermione is expelled from Hogwarts and Minerva is put on leave or probation.   According to the article on wizarding world, Hermione was the only student ever to bring a time turner into Hogwarts.
  • What happens in the present as Draco and Harry are trapped in time? How do they keep going backward with the time turner broken?
  • I’d prefer if they spent at least  a month in real life in each historical period and getting back is not an easy fix.  I want to see them struggle to find a solution. Bonus if their wands break and the boys at least cannot use magic with never having learned wandless magic.   Just two boys with third year max education.  How does Harry struggle with not having his friends to help him and Draco learning possibly that   Muggles can be cruel but learning also that wizards are not anything special like Lucius always likely says.

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A master of his craft.  A boy who finds peace in nature.  A troublemaker who has the rules bent for him.   Potions is a dangerous subject but there are those who simply do not appreciate such a subtle art of magic.   The  arts of Potions and Herbology both deal with plants so what if they were taught as one subject?   Everyone knows Severus Snape hates that chubby Longbottom boy  and the Potter whelp and the animosity of Potter and Snake spanning decades.     Like father, like son after all.  After all, Longbottom can’t make a potion to save his life  regardless of what Pomona says and Potter didn’t  inherit anything  of Lily.     Circumstances occur that lead to this very thing happening.    

During Harry Potter’s  Hogwarts life,    sometime after first year, it is decided that Herbology and Potions are better off taught as one class  which nobody is happy about.   Not only that, to stem the issues of bullying, it is decided that students will be split up by house to foster an understanding of each other.   Oh there’s no way this can go wrong is there?  With Potter there always is.   

Things I would like to see:


  • Neville, Harry and Snape bonding, after all either  could have been  the prophecy child.   It could be over gardening or something else.  
  • Why are Herbology and Potions being combined into one class?  Is it something Dumbledore has been forced to do by the school governors?  What year does it take place? I’d prefer something after at least 1st year but no later than 7th year (which may mean a au or divergent from  canon in year 7 where Harry doesn’t go on the hunt).
  • Does healing or medicine play a role in this?   After all, herbs are necessary in potions which are needed for healers.    Maybe Neville wants to treat his parents through potions and bring them back?
  • With classes being mixed by house instead of just lions and badgers for Herbology  or lions and snakes in potions, how does a combined class with students of  all houses operate?   
  • If Harry is separated from his friends for the class, then how does this affect his relationship with his peers, let alone those outside of Ron and Hermione?  In fact, I’d prefer it this way but choice is to writer.  
  • Without Hermione to help him, if she is not in the new class, how does Harry do in class?    Is this combined class for one year or are there plans to continue it into next year?   
  • Does this affect Harry’s adventures in any way?   Perhaps Snape steps up, or more likely is forced, to mentor the spawn of his enemy and Longbottom by Dumbledore?   If so, what does Augusta have to say about this?   We know Neville grows up to be the next Herbology professor but what about Harry?  Does he get better?  Does he decide to become a potions master?  If so, how does this affect his relationship with Ron and Hermione?     I can see under Snape that Harry is forced to become more studious and devoted to his studies.  Clique I know.  
  • If occurring during or after 4th year, how does this affect Voldemort’s return, especially if a bond forms  between the boys and their hated professor?   Is Severus forced  to bring the boys to Voldemort for their execution? Do Deathers kidnap both boys and Voldemort  forces them to heal  his minions with Snape as their only saving grace?   Or are they kidnapped in the summer and Severus only finds out about it when summoned?   Is a bond perhaps formed  while the boys are kept trapped by a man who ruined both their lives?  If so, how can they escape? 

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Re: the only good thing Petunia did for Harry (was a challenge or prompt here) 

Petunia taught Harry how to sew / mend clothes with needle and thread, and made him do cloth repair jobs round the house. 

When Harry's uniform rips, he realises that some cloth tears cannot be mended with magic, and he is scared to throw his uniform into the separate 'needs repairs' hamper cause he's afraid of repercussions. It happens in 1st  year since he doesn't know about the house-elves yet. 

Ergo, he asks Hermione to ask her parents to send needle and thread / he wishes for needle and thread for Christmas. Or better yet, instead of a 50 p piece, Petunia sends him a small spool of thread and a needle.

Fast forward, Harry now has a reputation and a small business as person who mends clothes better than the house-elves / being able to do it where the house-elves can't.

The only way Snape can show his support is anonymously sending Harry his orders, and sending Harry books about magically enhanced sewing... 

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There is truth to the "voodoo dolls" [I know the term is problematic] cliche in the wizarding world. It is actually real / applicable, and only Snape knew about that (cue Prince Family Secrets, etc.)

It's the reason why Voldemort only came back many years later, with no nose and not so powerful, while Harry's survival is, in large part, because Snape keeps pouring some low-level luck potion and health potions over Harry's doll.

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Severus, in an effort to bring Harry happiness, goes out celebrating carnival with him by accompanying him to and collecting sweets for him at a carnival procession.

I want it cause where I am, carnivals are the quintessential of what Sev is not - it's loud, it's colorful, and it's so overladen with sweets that your teeth rot away from just looking at them, and some music played is definitely too adult for the about 50% majority that are the kids hopping around where I celebrate. But Sev indulges Harry because he believes Harry will like it.

And I want little Harry in the cutest costume imaginable while Sev's usual clothing is costume-worthy 😂😂

The title is because in German, carnival-lovers are called jesters/fools.

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Out of necessity, Severus has become a genius at creating potent magically enhanced soups potions from kitchen waste (fruit or veggie peels, animal bones, scraps of herbs etc.). 

When he finds out about Harry's abuse, and is being actively stopped from intervening, he does the only thing he can think of: he makes Harry copy all the recipes in detention, and makes him read "foraging the forest" and "what is safe to eat"-type survival books. 

Maybe part of the teachings is also a [magical method, i.e. potion or spell] that can make most things consumable by removing the toxins from it as long as it hasn't totally fallen to decay. 

It's the reason why the trio didn't starve to death on the run, and they were not reported to have gotten sick. 

It also comes back to Severus by saving his life through one of those "potions", and/or through the detoxifying spell which Harry uses on him in desperation.

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"Black market today, illicit potions tomorrow? What's next, Severus? He'll be the leader of a crime syndicate by the time Harry goes to school!" - OutriderIvyHill

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The abuse at the Dursley's was worse than Harry remembers. After every severe incident, Dumbledore came to wipe child Harry's memory. But memory charms are not infallible. Especially not repeated, frequent ones over many years. Harry is now experiencing strange symptoms, maybe they are flashbacks? PTSD responses? But Harry can not fully remember, and the vague memories and reactions of his body are making his life very difficult. He is anxious, terrified, angry, all jumbled up, and he has difficulty with his schoolwork and other things. And he doesn't know why. He was told it is all a side effect of his scar, but he isn't sure.

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After the 4th task ministry officials and the other mentors gang up on Harry. They do not believe that he is telling the truth and demand Veritaserum. Who else to administer it than Snape? He can clearly see that Harry is terrified, injured, and is in fact telling the truth. As they force Harry into the chair to pour the serum down his throat will he let his feelings go and help the boy, stand aside and watch, or use the opportunity to weasel out more "truths?"

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Takes place during Umbridge's rein of Hogwarts. Harry is in trouble but can't directly communicate his problem because Umbridge and/or ministry officials are there. When Snape gets involved Harry keeps addressing him as "Sir?" clueing him in to the fact that something isn't right. This time he takes appropriate action.

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