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Summary: Snape knows all the proper brewing/seeping times for every type of tea leaves. He has a built in timer in his body from all the potions work he does. He gets irritated when the water is too hot, or too cold, when people remove their leaves too early, or when they are left in too long, etc. Harry either is rubbish at making tea, or good at it thanks to the Dursleys.
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Summary: Harry shows less ability at potions than he should/could have had because he got an aversion for cooking from the Dursleys. Muggle cooking doesn't react to subtle but deeply ingrained negative emotions so much; potions do.
Severus realises that Harry's potions ability is less than he would predict it to be both because of Lily's heritage and the way acceptable technique yields less than good results... What will he do?
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Summary: A moment in Muggle London when Harry, having just run away from the Dursleys', passes by Snape, who is out doing something he definitely shouldn't be doing. PLEASE give it the same energy as the Umbrella Academy meme of Vanya and Five driving past each other.
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Summary: Twins Who Lived with a twist! They hold together regardless of circumstances, letting nothing separate them.
-- Possible plot points may be: The twins have different genders, personalities and/or talents; they are different and complement each other, but equals at heart. One of them, for this or any other reason, receives preferential treatment by their family. Perhaps the twins are not ok with that and are subsequently neglected, if not cast out by their closer (remaining) family; Severus, who gets to know of this, takes the role of an impartial mentor who is equally supportive of both of them. Perhaps the two of them are sorted into different houses. If you feel especially daring, maybe it turns out that they don't quite share the same blood after all.
It doesn't matter - they will hold together, come what may.
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Summary: Draco's "My Father Will Hear Of It" (tm) has nothing - NOTHING on if Harry decides "my father will hear of it"... cause in that case there will be Hell To Pay
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Summary: Teenagers often like to experiment with drugs. Teens with potions skills become popular because they can make tinctures and things similar to recreational drugs.
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Summary: Harry's magic is out of control and he must be given magic-suppressing potions until he can control himself.
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Summary: Challenge: use the paragraph somewhere in your story.

Eventually, Harry's resistance subsided, and Severus released a gentle sigh. The man, so often harsh and unforgiving, allowed a rare glimpse of vulnerability to show as he spoke softly to the boy, "Mr. Potter, you may not feel it right now, but your life matters."
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Summary: Lily House:

Challenge - Lily's house goes up for sale after the people that bought it from Petuna after their parent's death decide to move. Severus buys it. (Maybe he 'convinces' them to move?)

Why does he want the house, what are his plans for it? What is the timeline for the purchase? He will have had to make enough money teaching to at least put down a down payment. What happens after? How can you involve Harry?
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Summary: Voldemort didn't just leave a curse on the defense position, he also left a curse on the headmaster's position - one that made the headmaster blind to children that were mistreated. He knew from experience how easy it was to swing mistreated children to the dark arts. They were so ready to either find a way to defend themselves and/or get back at their tormentor. That means that the headmaster was also blind to bullying in the school.

Severus had always thought that the Headmaster didn't care about children who weren't Gryfindors. But then he watched as Potter was bullied by Draco and then tormented by the entire school during his second year. He also noticed the signs of abuse/neglect in Potter. In his observations of the headmaster, he kept thinking - surely he would care what happened to his golden Gryffindor? Surely something would be done. But the more he watched Dumbledore, the more he noticed that Dumbledore didn't seem to realize anything was wrong. It's like his attention was subtly deflected/his eyes glazed over a bit.

Does he then try to remove the curse? Find it? Bring it to the headmaster's attention? Does it resist attention, so when he tries to bring his concerns to Minerva or the other heads of house, their attention is likewise deflected? What flaw in the curse allows him to notice the problem? Severus realizes that he needs to act on his own to solve the bullying problem in the school that he has contributed to - has he been affected by the curse as well? He also needs to help the children with troubled home lives. How does he get around the curse? How does this change his interactions with Harry, the rest of the school? Do any of the other teachers notice? How would one go about breaking a curse like this?

You've got the perfect storm here - no good defense teacher teaching students how to defend themselves (compliant population), no good history teacher teaching students the pitfalls of history so that they don't repeat it, and a bunch of bullies and resentful children ready and eager to walk the dark path.

Does Binns remaining as the history teacher have anything to do with the curses set?
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