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Summary: Harry gets sick or injured at The Dursleys and has to have surgery, The Dursleys refuse to care for him so Dumbledore calls in Snape to care for Harry, what will happen?
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 11 Pine Green/Tree card

Lucius helps
Allies forged in fire
The only kind thing Aunt Petunia had ever done for him
Snape teaches Harry to be a badass
Class fieldtrip
“This wasn’t what we agreed to.”
Facing fears
Nightmares too hard to ignore
Snape and Harry on the run
Unexpectedly happy Christmas
Secret room in Gryffindor tower
De-aging potions as a weapon
McGonagall or Dumbledore chastise both Harry and Snape together
Ron making plans for the future
Man eating plants
Racing against the clock/against time
Mocking destiny
A truth stranger than fiction
Unlikely friendship
“The similarities are too hard to keep ignoring.”
Bitten by a vampire
Truth telling flu
5 reasons Snape hates Harry
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 10 Orange/Pumpkin Card

Someone has gone missing
Hiding the hideous truth
Neville is a badass
A day so bad it’s laughable
A coincidence leads to detention
Chapter or moment based on a song lyric picked by you
Staging a coup
Misery loves company
Playing catchup
Rats. Lots of rats.
Harry has a sister.
“This isn’t easy for me.”
Left out in the snow
Crime of the century
Lurking around a corner/in the dark
Vernon saves Harry’s life
Unfair advantage
Kindred spirits
Meeting family
Chaotic energy
Repeating a year of school/ an extra year of school
Magical/fantasy location that’s not mentioned in the books
Confronting uncomfortable truths/realities
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 9 Light Teal/Snowflake

Traveling through space/time
“Outside forces are at play here.”
Trapped in a collapsed structure
Growing complacent
Harry is an adult and is Snape’s son, adopted or otherwise
Outside late at night
A magical object of great importance
An unusual detention
War torn community
Humorous event that brings rivals together
Unwavering friend
Temporary loss of magic
Harry is a werewolf
Travel to another country
Clandestine meeting
Harry at a death eater hideout
Tricking the enemy
Draco and Harry on the run
Harry grew up with a loving Muggle family (not the Dursleys)
Hidden magical talent
Snape struggles with dementors as much as Harry does
Fascinated with Potter’s stupidity/lack of self preservation
Pulling the wool over Snape’s (or Dumbledore’s) eyes
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 8 Rainbow

Dudley is a wizard
Snape and Harry camping
Unlikely love interest
Witch’s/Warlock’s coven
Returning from a death eater meeting
Trapped together because of a storm
Surprised by how much he cares
McGonagall is angry with Snape
Harry stages his own death
So tired he/she is ready to pass out
Hermione slaps someone
Harry pushing his friends away
“This must be some sort of mistake.”
Missing home
Dragons, nifflers, or trash pandas
Righting the wrongs of the past
Christmas carolers
Snape is hurt, Harry helps
Returning to teach
Hiding at Hogwarts
Snape’s parents/family loves Harry
Sting of betrayal
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 7 DJ by Mood card by SerenaEW

This is a bingo card that's inspired by the P&S Bingo fic fest, and the "DJ by mood" sessions I did a few times with some fellow writers. For each of the bingo elements, I added a track from my scope of knowledge, hoping to inspire your writing for the prompts! (Since my scope of musical knowledge is leaning heavily on the classical side, this is the case for this bingo card too, since you can always do with more classical music, IMO.)

The keywords given here should make my track choice unmistakable; if that's not the case, please tell me. All the tracks can be found in this playlist: Spotify Playlist

The prompts:
Hogwarts School Song
Hidden Depths
Christmas Truce
Cry for help
A stormy day
Nightmare / disturbing dreams
Clumsy dancer
Watching a sunrise
Yule Ball
You cannot change the past
Ghost melody
Take me instead
Memories of a good childhood
Riverdance / St Patrick's Day
Music School AU
Heartbroken virtuoso
Hogwarts Express
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 6 Purple
House elf
Breaking a quill
I Will Punish Others for your failure
Unhealthy coping mechanism
Winter break
Noxious gas
Food aversion
Power struggle
Hiding an injury
Thwarted Escape
Banned from Quidditch
Using bandages as restraints
Breaking a promise
Broken bone
Music / Dance school AU
Fae creature inheritance
Lured into a trap
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 5 Sky Blue
Non-consensual touching
Wand to the throat
Exploding gobstone
Food Poisoning
Dismissing good advice
This is for your own good
Over the shoulder carry
Grabbed by the hair
Loss of privacy
Broken/lost glasses
Pagan Holiday
Communication suddenly cut off
Backhand slap
Muddy clothes
Body image issues
Goblin creature inheritance
Scraped knees
Preparing for Hogwarts' End of Term performances
Attacked in their sleep
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 4 Spring Green
Phantom Pain
Owl poop landing on person
Forgetting to eat
Not aware they're injured
Loosing their temper
Muggle weapons
It's not my blood
Wand rejection
Haunted location
Format: art
Demon or Imp
Rope burn
Magical restraints
Creature inheritance
Wiccan Calendar
Bloody Knuckles
Stolen belongings
Forcibly stripped
Forced to
Friendly fire
Twisted ankle
I will only slow you down
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Summary: P&S 2022 Bingo Card 3 Golden Yellow

No good deed goes unpunished
Going into Shock
Broken limb
Mother of Monsters
Ruined reputation
Cruel and unusual punishment
Painful wound cleaning
Autumn holiday Mabon
Taking the blame
Stubbed toe
Book getting wet
Thinning veil between realms
Non-consensual body modification
Potions mishap
Inheritability of musical talents as sign of parentage
Walking into something
Locked inside
Pecked by Owl
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