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With credit to (and with permission from) our amazing JA Worley comes CozyFest- a fic fest to help us all ease into those longer nights and colder temperatures. Much of this is borrowed from Cozytober, which is a cross-fandom fest, but I've edited the prompts for P&S slightly to fit a little more with the Potterverse.

🍂**Welcome to CozyFest**🍂

This mini fic fest is all about autumn and cozy vibes. Think the smell of the earth after it rains, wearing fuzzy socks and warm hoodies, drinking a mug of your favorite hot drink, and cuddling up with loved ones. At the same time, October is spooky season, so think about haunted houses, ghosts, and things that freak people out. The fun part of this event is you can turn any of the prompts into cozy vibes, or turn any of them into creepy ones. Welcome to CozyWinter.

🍂**How To Participate** (See end of post for rules) 🍂

Answer one prompt, or answer them all. Answer them in any order you want. Also, mention which prompt or prompts you’re using in your starting authors note (Example: ‘I’m participating in cozytober this year, and I’m using the prompts: Ghosts, cool rainy days, and favorite warm sweatshirt).

🍂 **Prompts:**🍂

1. Favorite warm jumper | warm fuzzy socks | soft blanket
2. Ghosts | visits from the dead | temporary character death
3. Rainy day at a coffee shop/café | mug of hot cocoa or tea by the fire | hot drink on a rainy day
4. Carving pumpkins | raking leaves | autumn hike
5. Creepy abandoned house | abandoned warehouse or coal mine | Tower of London or other famously haunted building | Shrieking shack
6. The sound of rain | the smell of rain | cool rainy days
7. Cuddling with a loved one | playing board games | rainy day activities
8. The slight smell of smoke in the air | chopping wood | sitting around a campfire
9. Back to school shopping | start of school | parent teacher conferences
10. Autumn fair | Harvest or Halloween festival | Halloween party
11. Trick-or-treating | Bonfire Night | Fireworks
12. Darkness | Spooky stories | Trip to the pumpkin patch
13. Harvesting your own apples | Apple cider | Bobbing for apples | Toffee apples
14. Baking biscuits or other baked goods | food fight | autumn birthday
15. Catching a cold | cuddling after a bad day | listening to your favorite music
16. Scary stories | Monsters under the bed | Nightmares
17. Orange | Yellow | Red | Brown
18. Early morning frost | warm afternoon light | late night outing
19. Anniversary | lit candles | date night
20. Coffee | Tea | Pumpkin Juice | Butterbeer | Apple or pumpkin pie
21. Magical creatures invade the school | Dementors | Vampires
22. Running through the woods | running away | running towards
23. Fresh baked muffins | blueberry pancakes | hot chocolate with marshmallows
24. Reading a book on a chilly day | ignoring work | string lights
25. Skeletons | graveyards | abandoned underground tunnels or train stations
26. Decorating for autumn | warm hats | autumn photos
27. Things that go bump in the night | black cats | bad luck
28. Going on a trip | staying in a cabin | creepy old barn
29. Rotting things | eyes in the woods | creaking floorboards
30. Hyped up on sugar | scarves | someone is watching you
31. Where is everyone?| Sentient Hogwarts| Chamber of Secrets

Alternative prompts (can be used as subs for any of the ones above)

**Alternate Prompts:**

1. Coming home to family to relax after a wild day
2. Patronuses
3. Old friends | New friends | Best friends
4. Cupboard under the stairs
5. Glowing eyes in the dark
6. Abandoned Quidditch equipment/pitch
7. Nightmare on Privet Drive

Snuggle up and have fun!

Priorities on 01 Sep 2023 5:30 am [4 Comments]
Looks good!
- Jan_AQ on 01 Sep 2023 5:51 am
I just finished my first fic fest story! This was so much fun, I will definitely be trying these out more.
- krosi on 19 Sep 2023 6:46 am
Wondering: Can I enter story(ies) previously written but as-yet-unposted so long as they reflect some of the CozyFest prompts? 🐢
- shadowienne on 24 Sep 2023 3:23 pm

Yes, that's fine. If it's unposted, it's new.

- Jan_AQ on 14 Oct 2023 9:18 am

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