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Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 05 Oct 2014 7:10 pm
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Ha, this is the middle of a long, involved story that includes 4 full-length novels and many, many other stories. Hundreds of chapters. It's not finished, so after all that reading you still won't have an ending. Be forewarned. Great author, but it takes work to track down all the parts to any of her stories because they are scattered across different series and websites.
Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 05 Oct 2014 6:58 pm
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) [Report This]
    This is not a free-standing story, it is number 9 in a incomplete WIP. Still, I read it as a stand-alone and understood it alright, even enjoying it most of the time. The story description says it is not a part of a series, but it is. It is the only story from the long pair of series that is Snape-Potter mentoring, so it is the only chapter eligible to be posted on this website. It is a singular Snape mentoring Harry story from a pair of series that are not normally involving this pair of characters. This is actually story # 9 in the combined series full of many original characters which are listed on fanfiction dot net under the author name snapegirlkmf. There are 8 stories in the Arista Snape seried, and then there are 4 stories in the "Dark Hunter Trilogy." This is the first story in the Dark Hunter Trilogy's. And another surprise, the 4th story in the so-called Trilogy is not even written yet, although it is named and described as a WIP.
Title: Track and Find 05 Oct 2014 2:27 pm
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Harry: "Snape, I'm begging you to help me find my kidnapped wife who is pregnant with twins.".................................................
    Snape: "Harry, the quickest, most efficient way to find Ginny would be to track her with my mage-hound, but I'd hate to inconvenience the dog. Let's try something else. I know, let's just try to follow the guy, completely undisguised. Oh, and by the way, you know how the kidnapper had told you to not contact the police? I guess we shouldn't have had our photos taken as we were mobbed together by all my fans yesterday outside the police office, when we were also undisguised in public. Oops!"
Title: Nightmares 31 Jan 2013 6:43 am
Reviewer: Su No Yo (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Obvious foreshadowing is super-obvious.

    You know, that's something weird I have with many of your stories - I don't necessarily like characterisation or your use of religion (of any sort really, it feels really ham-handed (that and I'm one hundred percent certain that Snape at least is an atheist)), and your plots aren't the sort of thing I tend to go for (I feel like you gloss over the Harry/Severus stuff at times (and sometimes other relationships)) yet I keep coming back to your stories for all that I think they're nowhere near as good as they have the potential to be.
    It's not that they're a guilty pleasure (well, some are . . . ), but *objectively* many of the things in your stories are ones I don't necessarily like . . . and you make me like them anyway.
    Your stories, for all that I think they're flawed at times, are oddly charismatic.
    That goes for this story too, enough that I'm willing to check out some of your earlier ff.net stuff that I think expands upon the backstory of this piece.

    So, let me just say that although I can definitely follow this story easily, sometimes the info-dumps are a bit obvious and pull you out of the story because it makes one feel like this was only mentioned because it'll be important later on.
    The best type of exposition/info dump is the type *no one* ever notices.

    Author's Response:

    About the religion--I disagree with you there.  JKR herself claims her wizards DID believe in God and has several instances where religion plays a part--they celebrate religious holidays, baptism, have godparents, ect.  But I won't argue religion with you--not a good topic to discuss, it generally ruffles feathers.  So be it.  But know that in my stories religion will be there, no matter how ridiculous you think it is.  Just accept that fact and maybe you'll find yourself more open to some of the things my stories portray--namely the power of love, understanding, and goodness in people who were mistreated and abused.  I truly believe that in prder to heal emotionally, you need to believe in something--anything, and the American indians believed in a Supreme Being besides the anime spirits. But that's me.

    Second thing--I detest stories  where protaganists whine, complain, moan and bitch about their lives and how miserable they are. I hated the angst in OOTP so much in the beginning I threw the book across the room. I felt like I was trapped with three dumb teenagers and would they PLEASE SHUT UP! Get off your ass and DO something! We certainly didn't need 40 + pages of that so we could figure out Harry's miserable! Same thing with reading it. I hate that kind of thing, seen it too many times in RL, and don't care to write about it.  If my stories seem to lack that angsty tone, that's too bad.  If you think that my stories resolutions seem simple, oh well.  Take a look at your average fairy tale.  You don't need an agsty relationship to develop meaning bewtween two characters. I believe people change over time and what you believed or thought today is different on the morrow based on certain circumstances.  Most of my stories take Severus Snape and put him in DIFFERENT circumstances. That's why he's a different person--not JKR Rowling's Snape, but my version, which wears a mask. It's also why he's more able to relate to Harry.  And more able to resolve differences.  If you're looking for angsty bitter Snape, go elsewhere, you won't find him in my writing.

    Also, I know my stories aren't perfect, nobody's are.  The aim of an author is to entertain, not win a prize for the perfect story. So yes, I have things that aren't perfect in my stories. And guess what? I don't care, because my aim isn't to be perfect, but to tell a good story. A good story is one that makes you laugh, cry, or feel something, even if it's annoyance.  That's what I consider a good story.  I write to entertain, to make people forget whatever's going on in their lives for an hour or whatever, and go somewhere else.  Most of the best movies in my mind are just that--pure entertainment.  And critics hate them.  Fine.  So even though I've annoyed you, at least you're still reading.  Now does that tell you something?

    And do go back and read the Arista Snape series on ff.net, as well as Someone to Watch Over Me. It'll clear up a lot of those plot holes you mentioned. Enjoy!

Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 11 Mar 2009 2:57 pm
Reviewer: urshurak (Anonymous) [Report This]
    very good story, I enjoyed the reading very much!!!

    Author's Response: Thanks very much! There is a sequel to this, only I can't post it here, since it's only Gavin and Sev in it, but I'll post it on FF.net eventually, my link over there is in my profile.
Title: Harry's Plea 03 Jan 2009 3:09 am
Reviewer: Serenity Snape (Signed) [Report This]
    I love this I understand what Harry felt I would have been green with envy if I was him. Great chapter!

    Author's Response: Thanks, but you know, harry just may be able to have that too one day.
Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 25 Aug 2008 8:32 pm
Reviewer: Lady Julie Snape (Anonymous) [Report This]
    My dear, I simply must applaud you for your unique and marvellous story. For the first time ever, I can honetly admit that I like Ginny. In your story, she is human with faults and flaws, which is very important to me. So ::bows:: thank you for that wonderful treat.

    I cannot wait to hear from you once your trip is over. Enjoy it!

    All my love,

    Author's Response:

    Hey, you're welcome!

    So happy you liked this one.  There is a sequel to this by the way, which I didn't post here though because it doesn't have harry & Snape in it, only gavin and Sev and is told mostly from Gav's POV.  If you want to read it let me know and I'll email it to you soon as I get back home.  I finally got IN connected here and can't wait to answer all my reviews and I've just posted a chapter for Angel.

Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 23 Jul 2008 6:15 am
Reviewer: ER (Anonymous) [Report This]
    I love the last line. It's a perfect way to end the story and tie in the title. This was a great story. Gavin is hilarious the little imp! I'd like more of this story if you ever have the time. Even a one-shot would be nice. I think it would be cool to see Gavin developing his fire powers and his Animal Speech. You're a very talented writer and I can't wait to read more of what you've written.

    Author's Response: Actually, there is a sequel to this story, but I can't post it up here because it doesn't have Harry in it.  It's mainly a Severus and Gavin father/son fic, though Monkey does reappear in it.  I could e-mail you it if you'd like.  It's called Someone To Watch Over Me.   There are also several stories that go along with this one, a series I wrote with Arista, Sev's daughter. It's on HPFF.COM under the same penname, starting with The Very Best Thing.  So glad you liked this one, it's one of my nephew's favorites.
Title: To Grandmother's House We Go 28 Jun 2008 8:45 am
Reviewer: onaleia (Anonymous) [Report This]
    It's a lot slower than I generally like to read, but extremely well-crafted, as well as being original.

    Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! If you want a faster paced read, try Hide Yourself Away or Never Again or the Heir to Prince Manor, which features a nice Draco and was co-authored with DaughterOfAres.
Title: Epilogue--A Thank You 31 Mar 2008 6:14 pm
Reviewer: brenda-wood (Signed) [Report This]

    love how hedwig calls them owlets

    the fists in the mouth- precious

    and if i recall there end up being a few little sevs alltold - I think they need to get together and meet and compare stories .....

    and have fun with grandpa of course

    Author's Response: Now there'a n idea for another story . . .someday!  Thanks for all the reviews, they were great na dyou're awesome!

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