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Title: Muggle Hunting 20 Sep 2008 2:30 am
Reviewer: nixglen (Signed) [Report This]
    Very good story. I can't wait to find out why Harry's name if flickering.

    Author's Response: Thanks for the review!  Glad you like it.  You'll find out the answer to your question (at least part of it) in the next chapter :)
Title: Reunions and Mourning 19 Sep 2008 8:05 pm
Reviewer: trust severus spy (Signed) [Report This]
    Oooh! Wonder if it's possible Harry's paternity is in question, hmmm?

    Author's Response: lol...too obvious or maybe cliche?  Yes, it is a Severitus, but hopefully the discovery will prove to be unique!  Hope you like it ;)
Title: Reunions and Mourning 18 Sep 2008 9:25 am
Reviewer: MorwenIsilwen (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Ooh! Keep going, I love your style!

    I love the way you're writing this genre with the twins. So many authors here focus solely on the Slytherin side of the story. Yay for you!

    Author's Response: Thanks!  I knew I wanted to add in how the twins discovered the map, but I had so much fun writing them and got such a great response from readers that I had to include them much more than I originally planned!  I glad you like it :)
Title: Reunions and Mourning 14 Sep 2008 3:17 pm
Reviewer: dragonero (Signed) [Report This]
    Hey! Great story! I really enjoyed the battle and occlumency scenes! I am looking forward to the next chapter! Should be interesting to find out how harry and snape will react! I hope they are not suddenly becoming one loving family!

    Author's Response: Thanks for the review!  No, that would be horrible if Snape and Harry liked each other all of the sudden!  I'll do my best to keep it as canon as possible :)
Title: Reunions and Mourning 13 Sep 2008 10:56 pm
Reviewer: Pellegrina (Anonymous) [Report This]
    You are a meany! What a cliffhanger!
    I like your story very much! The interaction between the characters is very convincing and - at times - quite amusing!
    I liked your mock battle and the fact that you didn't make Harry into either a complete idiot or a genius, but a person able and willing to learn! And since this is a Severitus I'm looking forward to the revelation and Snape's reaction... Thanx for a wonderful story so far, and please don't let us hanging here for too long (even though RL can be a bitch and all...)!!!

    Author's Response: LOL...thanks for the review!  I always hated cliffies as a reader, but as a writer they make such natural places to end a chapter.  I'll do my best to get the next Ch. out quickly!
Title: Mischief Managed 10 Sep 2008 10:52 pm
Reviewer: sunsethill (Signed) [Report This]
    Very creative idea here. I always wondered how in the world the twins could have GUESSED "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" and "mischief managed." This is a very believable way they learned the secrets of the map.

    Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews!  I've tried hard to make this fic unique, so I hope you enjoy it :)
Title: Dealing with the Dursleys 10 Sep 2008 7:47 pm
Reviewer: sunsethill (Signed) [Report This]
    Ah, now that was a slightly different way for Severus to find out about how Harry has been treated. I have high hopes for this story.

    Author's Response: Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it!
Title: Mischief Managed 13 Aug 2008 4:10 am
Reviewer: Pandora (Signed) [Report This]
    Please please please update!

    I love your story, and I'm really anxious for the bomb to drop when Snape and Harry find out that they are father and son!

    Author's Response:

    I'm glad you like this fic!  The new chapter will be up before the end of August.  It will still be a few chapters before at least one of them realize their relationship, but I hope you will enjoy how the plot unfolds.

     Thanks for the review!

Title: Mischief Managed 06 Aug 2008 12:25 am
Reviewer: writeurlife (Signed) [Report This]
    cool. update soon!
Title: Mischief Managed 28 Jul 2008 6:42 pm
Reviewer: Rhea (Signed) [Report This]
    It's great! Really fascinating!

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