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General Questions
    What is Potions and Snitches about?
    Potions and Snitches is about the Gen relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. It includes such relationships as Father and Son, Mentor, Guardian, Teacher and Student, canon, Master and Apprentice but DOES NOT include and sexual relationships between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. The term "Gen" in our title is used to designate "non slash".

    Who runs Potions and Snitches?
    "Potions and Snitches" was first termed by Jan_AQ for her site and online communities focusing on Severus Snape and Harry Potter in Gen relationships. Animealam is the one who graciously donated web space and set up an archive for the Potions and Snitches community. Both of them are avid fans and writers of Snape and Harry fics and are the administrators for the archive and forum.

    What scripts do you use on the site?
    The archive is powered by eFiction 3.0 and the forum is powered by Simple Machines. Our text box editor is currently TinyMCE advanced.

    Do you accept Fanart?
    We love Fanart, but we currently do not have a place to put it anywhere.

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Questions about the Archive

    Do I have to register to read the stories?
    No. Anyone can read the stories and leave reviews but if you want to post stories, post challenges, have favourite lists with your own comments, get e-mail alerts or leave signed reviews so authors can contact you back you will have to register.

    If I upload my stories to your site, will I have to take them down other places?
    No. It doesn't matter where else your stories are.

    What do the Chocolate Frogs mean?
    The chocolate frogs are our rating system. When giving a review, a person is also able to rate a story from 1-10, 1 being horrible, 5 being average and 10 being fantastic. Translated to frogs that means that a story with two and a half frogs is average and a story with five frogs is fantastic. The archive math used to calculate the frog rating displayed tends to round down.

    What are the ribbons for?
    The ribbons designate that the story is a Featured story, or has been in the past. The white ribbons are for permament featured stories that used to be listed on the home page. The white ribbons with the NEW signify current Featured Stories that can be found listed on the Home page on most skins.

    What are skins and layouts?
    Skins and layouts are the same thing, we use the terms interchangingly. Basically, they are a way to display the archive with different appearances. To choose which layout you wish to use log in, Edit Your Personal Information, pick a 'Skin' and click the Submit button. The page will reload to the 'Your Info' page with the old skin. Go anywhere else to see the new skin from then on. Non members may use the skin changer drop down menu found on the home page to switch to a different skin. Using the drop down changer WILL NOT change the DEFAULT skin for a member when they are logged in, but it will change the temporary skin for awhile. Not all skins have the same features.

    Why does the default skin keep changing?
    Whenever an administrator updates the settings the default skin changes to whichever skin they are using unless they remember to reselect the right one. Other times, they might be testing something out or updating the archive or a new skin. They might even wish to purposefully change the default to something else. You never know with those crazy admininistrators. :)

    Why do I have to subscribe to the Forum and archive separately?
    Currently the forum is down. When it is up and reintergrated we will review this.

    How can I change my password or other personal information?
    To change your password, bio, e-mail, etc, log into your account and select "Edit Personal Information" from the menu. Change what you will and submit! :)

    I need help with my lost password and/or username.
    To retrieve a lost password, use the lost Password Feature, it should send a new password to the e-mail you signed up with. It should arrive very quickly to your e-mail. If it isn't showing up, make sure that you are using the right e-mail, and make sure that it isn't getting filtered and deleted automatically with a spam blocker service. If you can't remember your username, try to remember what it is or what you might have used. Check the All members list and see if that name or something similar is already taken- that will probably be your name. If you still need help, privately contact this moderator with the e-mail that you signed up and she will check it for you.

    How do I enable Review Alerts?
    To activate review alerts, sign in and go to the Edit Personal Info page. You will see an option there to contact for new reviews. Check it and submit.

    How do I enable Story Alerts?
    Sign in and go to the Account Info section and then to Edit Edit Preferences. Check mark the box entitled, Send me an e-mail alert when one of my favorites is updated. This will enable story AND author alerts. All stories listed on your favourites will send e-mails when updated.

    What are Author Alerts?
    If alerts are activated, you will recieve an alert whenever a favourite author starts and posts a NEW story. You will not get future individual chapter alerts for an author unless you have the story saved as a favourite as well.

    Do you offer Beta reading services?
    Yes. Those willing to be Betas will say so on their profiles. You can search for them using the Authors and Members page, there is a drop down selection to view all Betas. You could try posting a message on the Potions and Snitches forum or on another fanfiction website that offers betas. We do not currently test and certify our members as betas.

    Why don't you like SS/HP slash?
    This archive is just not about that. There are lots of slash archives out there and no Gen archives. We love the Gen relationship and the fandom needed something like this.

    Do you accept stories with ANY slash?
    Yes. As long as the story focuses on a non sexual relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter it doesn't matter about the rest of the side characters. Just please no NC-17.

    Will you be changing that any time soon? (regarding the last two questions)

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