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    To be a member or post your story at Potions and Snitches you must first register. To do this click on the register link on the homepage, pick a penname and an e-mail address. Make sure that your e-mail address is working and valid. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you listed with your password. After you get your password and you log into the site, you are able to reset your password to comething else by editing your bio.

    Please keep a real, current e-mail listed so that you will be able to recieve e-mail alerts, get a new password if your forget yours, and be contacted by other members. We also use it for administration purposes and to verify your account in case of any problems. We will never give out your e-mail to any third parties and no one can actually see your e-mail. People who are members of the archive will be able to send you e-mails through the site, but they will never see your e-mail address.

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Registration Problems
  • Your registration password should be mailed to you right away. If within an hour you do not receive an e-mail from Potions and Snitches please check on the following:

    • That you used the correct e-mail address.

    • That your filters will allow it to be seen in your inbox, and not deleted automatically right away.

    • That your cookies are set to low.

    • Some users might not receive e-mails from Potions and Snitches due to the possibility of AOL, Hotmail and Windows-type e-mail providers deleting any e-mails sent from us before they reach your e-mail. There is nothing we can do about that. Sign up with a different e-mail. Contact a moderator if you need a specific username.

  • If you messed up typing in your e-mail address when you registered, then write your penname in the shout box and ask for an admin to check it for you. If the mistake is obvious, it can be fixed.

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Change your Password
    To change your password, log-in and in the Account Info menu click on the Edit Bio link. Near the bottom of Edit Bio is a place to change your password. Enter your password in both of the boxes at the bottom and hit Submt. It's now changed. :)

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Lost password and/or username.
  • To retrieve a lost password, use the lost Password Feature, it should send a new password to the e-mail you signed up with. It should arrive very quickly to your e-mail. If it isn't showing up, make sure that you are using the right e-mail, and make sure that it isn't getting filtered and deleted automatically with a spam blocker service.

  • If you can't remember your username, try to remember what it is or what you might have used. Check the members list and see if that name or something similar is already taken- that will probably be your name.

  • If you still need help, privately contact the Accounts Prefect with the e-mail that you signed up with and she will check it for you. Give your penname, and a new e-mail address to change to so you can request a new password. Make sure that you list your penname, and use the e-mail you signed up with.

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