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Author's Chapter Notes:
This isn't really a chapter so much as it's a 200 word drabble set when Harry's about four. There isn't any Harry or Snape in it, unfortunately, but I hope you can forgive me.
Drabble: Safe

James' knees bent and he slid the binder onto the bottom shelf.  A shadow fell across his back, and he froze, his hand trapped in the air.  "So Potter, what are you doing at Hogwarts in the middle of the Holiday?"

James pushed himself to his feet.  "More than you, Avery."

The Death Eater smiled painfully.  "Where's your master?  I have paperwork for him."

"It's Christmas, where do you think?" James snapped, "He's home with his son."

"And yet you're here."  Avery raised his wand and flicked away a piece of lint before pointing it at James.

James backed up quickly, slamming into the bookcase.  "I'll take him the paperwork; just leave it."

"I'd love to know how you smuggled out that ledger." The wand flicked up and the air around James' throat and chest hardened.  He opened his mouth to suck in breath, but nothing would get past it pressing against him.

"I couldn't have! he gasped, "Bloody hell, how would I have?"

"Keep hoping I won't find out."

The air tightened around him, and he thought he was imagining it when he heard his name from the earring.

As he vanished, he kept his eyes on Avery.  Safe.

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