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Prompts by Abie
Summary: Harry plays a musical instrument. Severus can't help but be impressed. Can be anything from a short, sweet one-shot to a long, angsty multi-chapter fic (of course, long, angsty multi-chapter fics are always preferable).
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Summary: Harry begins his first year at Hogwarts in September, 2014. What's a preteen kid to do in an old-fashioned magical castle with no WiFi connection? He can't even get one bar! There's only so many times he can put up with the word 'error' flashing across the screen before wanting to toss the darned thing against a wall. How can these people not know what a computer is? Or a cell-phone? Or an iPod? What era are they living in, the sixteen hundreds? Oh, no, not the blue screen of death! Involve Snape however you will.
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