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Big Brother Snape Big Brother Snape [20] Stories where Snape and Harry have the same parents, or one parent in common with each other. May be biological or adopted, officially or not.
Master Snape Master Snape [34] Stories where Snape has absolute authority over Harry; consists of Apprentice Harry, Headmaster Snape, and Slave Harry.
Teacher Snape Teacher Snape [976] Snape teaches or instructs Harry, esp. as a profession; instructor. Contains Trusted Advisor Snape, Professor Snape, and Unofficially teaching Snape.
Snape Equal Status to Harry Snape Equal Status to Harry [271] Snape and Harry have the same status and are equals in social power. Subcategories are Colleagues Snape and Harry, Foes Snape and Harry, and Comrades Snape and Harry.
Parental Snape Parental Snape [1124] Snape exercises paternal care over Harry; to perform the tasks or duties of a parent or father. Subcategories include Biological Father Snape (Sevitis and Severitus stories), Stepfather Snape, and Guardian Snape.
Misc Misc [246] Stories that don't fall into any other categories, but still feature no slash interaction between Snape and Harry.
Healer Snape Healer Snape [237] Stories where Snape heals Harry in some way. Healer - one that heals or attempts to heal. Healing: the process of recovery, repair, and restoration.
Reverse Roles Reverse Roles [52] Harry Potter takes care of Severus Snape. Roles are opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character. Subcategories include Big Brother Harry, Healer Harry, Master Harry, Parental Harry, Teacher Harry.
Fic Fests Fic Fests [208] Stories as responses to certain Fests are archived here! Usually some sort of challenge response stories.

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