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Summary: Harry spends some time with Prof. Snape and the Slytherin House while learning that the House of the Serpent isn't as evil as everyone thought they were.



Harry can be either a baby, child, or teenager

The Hogwarts Founders MUST be alive (in person or in portraits)

The Marauders have to be alive as well

James and Lily have to be either Harry's godparents, or Severus' adopted brother and sister

Bonus Points:

Severus and Harry are biological parent and child

Harry and Severus can be either male or female

Character bashing can be allowed

Voldemort is good and is married to Severus

Ron doesn't know when to shut up

Harry is resorted into Slytherin/ the Heir of Hogwarts
Summary: We've all seen the stories where, due to amnesia, Harry forgets Severus is his father after an established relationship. Tell us the story of how one Severus Snape forgets Harry is his son after an accident or the other. Let the ansgst ensue!
Summary: What if Harry knew

(1) he's a horcrux
(2) the full prophecy -- including the whole neither can survive while the other lives bit
(3) Dumbledores plan to let him be raised that way so he'd be willing to die for the wizarding world

And he knew it all at age 11?
And he knew it all because he was sorted into Slytherin and Snape has both a vow to protect Harry with his life and a duty to care for his snakes...

So Snape tells Harry basically everything. Where do they go from there?


Think about how Harry will feel. Is he betrayed? Is he still just grateful to be out of the Dursleys' house? Is he angry?

Think about Snape. He's lied to Voldemort, he can certainly keep Dumbledore from finding out that he told Harry the truth. But where does Snape go from here? Did he plan to tell Harry or was it spur of the moment? Does he have a plan for how to protect Harry from both sides of the war?

Think about Voldemort. Does Harry *really* have a reason to fight him? As of 1st year, Harry doesn't know a thing about his parents except what people can tell him about that night. Does it really hurt him so much that he wants to go fight some madman? If you still want Harry to fight Voldemort, develop it. Don't let it just be because everyone says he's a dark lord and he killed Harry's parents that Harry doesn't even remember. Have things actually happen over a period of time that actually makes sense for harry to want to go up against Voldemort.
Summary: Snape has no or very little magic. This is why he put all his focus onto potions during his own Hogwarts years; he never wanted to be the laughingstock when people realized he was basically a squib. Now, as a professor, he can get away with intimidating students and the only magic he needs to do publicly is light a fire under a cauldron.

Requirements :

1) Harry finds out that Snape is basically a squib

2) Voldemort doesn't know about Snapes magical ability

3) no enemies Harry and Draco. I'd like if they were dating or at least friends but they can basically ignore each other for all I care. Just don't make them enemies.

4) no Harry/ginny or Harry/Hermione or Harry/Cho or Harry/Luna or Harry/Severus or Harry/voldemort -- honestly it doesn't have to have a romantic pairing at all but if you do, none of these!


1)Maybe Snape created a potion that temporarily gives him a magic boost for when he knows he's going to need to do something big in public

2) Think about how does Harry find out? He's not the type to use it against Snape or to spread it around but Snape definitely wouldn't trust Harry to keep it to himself. So how does Snape deal with Harry Potter of all people knowing his most personal secret?
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin. Harry uses himself to shield/protect Snape from something or someone. What that something turns out to be is up to you.


-Harry shields Snape from some kind of explosion.

-Harry shields Snape from a spell being cast.

-Harry shields Snape from a thrown projectile (i.e. knife, bullet, etc.).

-Harry takes a punch and/or a beating for Snape.

-(Feel free to use any of these suggestions or come up with your own).


-Harry must be hurt in some fashion while protecting Snape (I leave the severity of the injury up to you).

-The situation Harry protects Snape from can’t be Harry’s fault (Example: If a cauldron explodes, it has to be because of some outside influence, like a classmate sabotaging Harry’s potion).

-Snape must remain uninjured for the most part (bruises and/or small cuts are okay).

-Snape must tend to Harry’s injuries and/or get Harry medical attention, depending on the severity of the injuries.

-Snape must, at the very least, thank Harry afterward or show some kind of gratitude (even if it’s grudgingly).

-This can take place any time except pre-Hogwarts (unless it’s in the summer directly before Harry’s first year).

-Must be at least a one-shot - no drabbles.


-If Snape finds out about Harry’s home life

Summary: Harry can play guitar ridiculously well. Up to you who he plays for and when and what song though there can be NO slash between Harry and Snape and there can be NO harry/Ginny not Harry/Hermione (I'd prefer Drarry if you just have to have a relationship involved but it's not necessary)

Does he play for Hogwarts at a concert?
Does he join a musical class at Hogwarts?
Does Harry write his own song or do covers?
Is he confident in his ability or does he think he's trash at it?
Where and how did he learn to play guitar?
Summary: I literally just want a story where Harry wants to be a healer. So it's during his years at Hogwarts. Which year is up to you. Id prefer if it wasn't something that everybody knew-- Harry deserves to have something that the whole world doesn't know and judge him for! I'd also prefer if it was a Severitus or Sevitus. Whether Snape knows or not about Harry wanting to be a healer is up to you.

* Harry could be working with Pomfrey or interning at st. Mungo's or someplace nobody even knows about
* Maybe Dumbledore knows about Harry's aspirations and lets Harry floo to that place on the weekends so he can volunteer there
* Maybe something big happens and it's revealed that Harry has a good bit of healing knowledge (if this happen, I'd prefer if it didn't end up with a bunch of Ron whining about Harry not being an auror with him because honestly, I think Ron would be the absolute worst Auror ever anyway and it's really just cause Ron knows if Harry is with him, he can skate into an auror position)
Summary: Harry speaks more languages than English and Parseltongue.

* Maybe he learned Spanish in primary school before he came to Hogwarts. Most schools in America actually have begun teaching kids languages at younger ages because it's easier to learn when you're young. Maybe snape also learned Spanish as a kid cause he was raised in the muggle world too. Up to you how their Spanish speaking connection is revealed

* Maybe Harry learned Italian (where and why and how is up to you) and one day he hears Blaise say something in Italian and accidentally responds in Italian *Maybe Harry learned french (where and why and how are up to you) and Malfoy is trying to show how cultured he is and harry says something scathing in French

Whateve language and setting you choose, I'd just really like to see Harry surprise people with speaking another language
Summary: Harry has just been told that he has to die because of the horcrux in order to finally end Voldemort. He remembers that muggles tend to go to church when something big like this happens. They do one of those confessional things or they just sit in a pew and wait for...whatever. He decides .. he'll do it. He'll die for the wizarding world. But first, he wants to go to church.


*For whatever reason, it must be Snape that takes Harry to the church
* It cannot be anti-religion. It doesn't have to be like Harry is now a Christian or Catholic or whatever but it cannot be flat out anti.


*You decide whether it's Dumbledore or Snape or someone else who tells Harry about the horcrux
* You decide if he gets anything out of the church visit. Maybe he decides it's for other people but not him. Maybe it gives him some sort of strength to go forward with the plan.
* Maybe snape tells a story about a time he went to church (with or without Lily)
* Maybe there's a priest there who gives Harry an encouraging word (without knowing the full truth of the situation obviously)

This can be a great little one shot or maybe even turn it into a full story and this is just the beginning. Maybe the priest or Snape while at the church gives Harry a great idea for how he can get rid of the horcrux without dying 🤷 and it can go into a full story from there. Entirely up to you
Summary: Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy are the two biggest gits Harry had ever met in the wizarding world. And you know what, he'd never met a muggle worth saving either! So maybe old Moldy-- sorry Voldemort-- had it right. Except for the going insane and considering an infant your greatest enemy thing. Cedric's dead because of him, it's the summer before 5th year, Harry's had bloody enough! Muggles aren't worth saving. And the wizards! All they ever do is turn on him, even (especially) Ron --his so called best friend. Everyone just believes the worst of him and they all think they get to judge his every move and he's still supposed to risk his life fighting Voldemort for them? He loves his parents, but he never even knew them for Pete's sakes! Screw it all, Harry's going dark side. And when Voldemort realizes he has a truly powerful new heir-- because he has a piece of Voldemort inside him anyway, he would make the perfect heir-- Voldemort and Harry might be unstoppable! Will Snape and Draco see the error of their ways when Voldemort himself punishes their behavior against Harry? Will Dumbledore repent his manipulative actions when he sees how far they have pushed the boy?

* Harry becomes voldemorts heir but at some point Severus and Draco apologize/or repent however necessary and Harry then double crosses Voldemort with their help
* Harry has to be intelligent, powerful, and cunning.
*No raping! No one ever writes rape as the serious and tragic situation it really is do I'd rather you not try with this challenge
He can NOT forgive the dursleys or Dumbledore and if he does forgive Snape/Draco, it can't be quickly. They'd have to really work for it

*Maybe Harry defeats Voldemort and takes over cause yeah it makes sense to segregate the wizarding and muggle worlds. Voldemort just didn't have a good strategy
*Maybe Harry switched sides but even Snape and Draco didn't know until Voldemort reveals Harry as his heir (I would love to see this in Snape or Dracos POV. Imagine how terrified theyd be of what Harry could've told Voldemort!?)
* Maybe Harry and Voldemort have lots of conversations in parseltongue which freaks out the death eaters cause no one can understand it obviously so who knows what kind of things they're plotting

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