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Summary: Severus is exceptionally glad to be away from Hogwarts for Christmas this year, because it's been one heck of a term. Most of the students had gone home so he was able to go home as well since several other staff were staying at the school. Severus is surprised when he hears carolers outside his house singing, especially in his dingy neighborhood. Or is it just one caroler that he hears? He opens the window or front door to see who's out there singing in the dark and is surprised to find Harry Potter, quietly singing himself a sad Christmas song as he sits huddled in the snow trying to keep warm.

Preferably Harry is a 1st or 2nd year.
Summary: Severus is in big trouble. He doesn't have any kids, but he's supposed to be bringing his son to Christmas to meet his family, who he's been estranged from for twelve or thirteen (or more) years. Harry ends up being that pretend son.

Things to think about/ideas:
- Why does Severus need to bring a child to this family get together? Had he lied previously and said he'd had a child? Or was he maybe just embarrassed to be showing up after all these years with no family to call his own?
- How does Severus get Harry to agree to this given their previous animosity? Does he blackmail him into it? Is it some sort of deal for Harry to get out of trouble or many detentions? Does Harry go because he's got nowhere else to go for Christmas? Some other reason?
- What happens over Christmas? Does it go smoothly, or is it a fiasco? Do they come out of this experience not having different feelings about each other, or do they learn to respect each other? Does Snape find out about Harry's home situation during all of this? Does Harry begin to wish that this pretend family was his real family? Lots of things to think about!
- Is Harry a good actor? A bad actor? Does this annoy Severus or is he relieved?
Summary: Harry and Snape are snowed in together for Christmas.

Things to think about/ideas:
- Are Harry and Snape mad about this, or do they care at all? Did they have someplace they were each supposed to be instead of being stuck together?
- Where are they snowed in together and how did this happen? Was this a natural occurrence, some sort of magical accident, or did someone like Dumbledore orchestrate them being stuck together?
- Is anyone else stuck there with Snape and Harry? Ron? Draco? Someone hurt or unconscious?

Have fun with it! I just wanted to write up some fun Christmas prompts! As a side note: since it can still be wintery in February, I think this challenge would also work for Valentines day. Snowed in for Valentines day, lol. Snape would be royally ticked off about that!
Summary: Harry (or Snape, you choose) decides to, or is challenged to do something nice for once. It happens to be Christmas time or approaching Christmas.


- Minerva or one of Severus' other friends tells Snape something like, "It wouldn't kill you to be nice/do something nice just once you know." Snape says he does nice things for people. Minerva (or whoever) tells him he's never been 'nice' to Harry.
- Harry is complaining about Snape, or his detentions, and Hermione or one of Harry's other friends tells him something like, "It couldn't hurt to be nice to him. You've never even tried, and then you get upset when he's constantly giving you detention."
- Another idea is that someone else who is not Harry or Snape is challenged to do something nice for once, and the thing this person does is decide to: get Harry the help he needs, or help Harry and Snape who are lonely to find each other's company on Christmas (obviously in a teacher/student, friend/mentor or father/son way).

Just some ideas! Feel free to take this in whatever direction you want!
Summary: I just want to see Snape's reaction to Harry coming to his first potions class and pulling out the set of pure gold cauldrons that he had looked at in Diagon Alley. Do whatever else you want with.
Summary: An adaptation of Oliver Twist, in which Harry is the orphan who takes out the smallest straw. Wherein his mother's locket there is a portrait of Snape as a teenager, he gave the locket to Lily and she kept his photo in it.

When Harry is accused of robbery and later declared innocent, he ends up living with Snape who is his biological father, although no one is aware of it, not until much later.

The story doesn't have to be the same as Oliver Twist, Harry may never have encountered the gang of thieves and still keeps the locket when he ends up living with Snape as a helper, apprentice, errand boy, etc.

The story has to be the same as Oliver Twist only up to the moment Harry arrives in London. Harry is 8 years old in this version of the story.
Summary: So, suffice to say, Harry, after literally 10-11 years of physical and psychological abuse, should probably be able to repress his emotions and avoid thinking of things he doesn't want to. Thus, Harry, when he is pushed into Occlumency lessons, is quite the natural. Maybe he's even been unintentionally using it since before he learned about the wizarding world.
Summary: Under ancient magical law, anything, person, or place that holds someone's soul is recognized as lawfully their's, be it as a possession, added to their family tree, or as claimed property.

So basically, those descended from the Hogwarts houses have a claim on a seat for the school board of Hogwarts once of age, or can be used by proxy, or, Voldemort can have Harry added to his inheritance because of the Horcrux.

  • Salazar's Basilisk, because it recognized Tom Riddle as a master or whatever you want to call it, will listen to Harry.
  • Voldemort, if sane in the story, or after broken compulsions, can without much repercussion be housed in Harry's body alongside him, and with a body can claim magical guardian of Harry.
  • Perhaps if he stays with Harry he can convince him to find Snape after a particularly cruel punishment, be it from the Dursley's, or a professor (coughumbridgecough)
Summary: Harry, when weeding in the garden at the Dursley's discovers his parselmouth abilities quite early, and he befriends several snakes who in turn watch over him.

  • The snakes help him escape from Dudley and his goons.
  • He brings a snake with him to Hogwarts, maybe one he's raised after Petunia kills its mother for being in her garden?
  • He is less prejudiced against Slytherin, and the hat sorts him into Slytherin, or he is unhoused after first year and resorted into it.
  • Used to hiding the ability, during the dueling club his snake hides and talks the other snake out of hurting the students, so Harry isn't called the heir of Slytherin and blamed at that time.
  • Can be a one-shot, drabble, or multific
Summary: It's that time of the year for the ubiquitous holiday movie. Let's do it Hogwarts style this year! Your challenge, to write a Christmas movie-style story that is at least 3 acts long (no maximum) that involves Snape and Harry and a common Christmas movie trope.

Example movie tropes:
  1. Snape is Scrooged and is visited by 3 ghosts (who are your ghosts?)
  2. Snape &/or Harry gets stuck in a time loop and have to do everything right to get out.
  3. Santa is real and grants a wish
  4. It's a Wonderful Life style - someone wishing they were never born.
  5. Somehow Christmas is threatened and Snape &/or Harry needs to save it.
  6. A grinch type plot
  7. Someone becomes/helps Santa &/or the House Elves are involved
  8. Someone gets a 'glimpse' of what their life could have been.
  9. Home Alone type plot
  10. Someone goes back in time to a key moment at Christmas to change their life.
  11. Other holiday movies also allowed.
  12. Etc.

The sky is the limit! It just needs to follow the Christmas movie formula and be at least 3 acts.

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