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Summary: At the end of the Philosopher's Stone, Quirrel is defeated and an enraged Voldemort possesses Harry as his new host.
Summary: Harry proposes to Snape's girlfriend on his behalf.

-Snape should be Harry's legal guardian/father/mentor.
-Harry could either be a toddler or a teenager.
-The girlfriend could either be a canon character or an OC.

Bonus Ideas:
-Snape is physically, or mentally unable to propose himself.
-Harry wasn't supposed to know about it at first.
-Snape had no intentions to propose, Harry is so enamored with the girlfriend that doesn't see the point in Snape NOT marrying this mystery girlfriend.
-The proposal is done in an over-the-top fashion. possibly in front of a crowd.
Summary: Throughout his many detentions scrubbing cauldrons, Harry often sings to himself without realising. Snape would usually find this infuriating. Yet he doesn’t. Because Harry actually has quite a lovely singing voice.
Summary: By a circumstance of your choice, Harry and Snape accidentally meet in a Hogwarts Yoga course which was being held in secret!
Summary: Snape can talk Parseltongue, but he won't use this innate ability to help Harry in his second year until.... * you do the rest :) Bonus if Snape finds out about the Dursleys.
Summary: Snape and Harry share an unusual obsession with cheese.
Summary: Due to being forced into a cupboard for the majority of his life and encountering all sorts of creatures, Harry has a strong aversion/ phobia of insects. It shows during a potions class while preparing the ingredients, which include an insect or pest of your choice. Harry reacts very strongly in response. Bonus if Harry disrupts the class in his panic. Double Bonus if Snape finds out the reason behind Harry's phobia. Triple Bonus if Lily had the same issue as a student (obviously not for the same reasons.)
Summary: (my first challenge so be kind please!) Snape is Harry's biological father (I figure a potion could let two men have a child), but Tom Riddle is his other--unknown-- parent. Raised by Snape, who fully believes Dumbledore about the prophecy, Harry grows up thinking he has to kill Voldemort or be killed. When he finds out his target is actually his own father, how does it affect his relationship with the only parent he's ever known?
Summary: Harry wins a golden ticket when he’s pre Hogwarts age. And Snape works for Willy Wonka, as a potions master/chemist. Oompa Loompas are House Elves from a different continent. Willy Wonka is either a Wizard or a Squib.
Summary: With current events and so many being trapped indoors, it got me thinking creatively about a challenge. The basics are Harry, Snape, and Remus are trapped somewhere together for 15 or 30 days, ie they literally cannot get out. The where, how, and why are up to you. Here is the real challenge:

In this challenge I challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone. If you don't normally do comedy, infuse some into this. If you're not good at dialogue, really dig deep with this one and practice it to make it as realistic as possible. If you've never written from 1st person or in present tense but have wanted to try it, do it here. Maybe you've never written a really deep emotional scene or thought process, or have never attempted a battle scene. This is your chance to work out how to do that, or at least, this is my challenge to you: find something you'd like to try or want to work on and get out of your comfort zone on this story.

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