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Summary: Harry Potter has a random request. Something *nobody* would have ever expected him to ask for.....
Rules : Snape must hear about the request whether that's at the time or after is up up you. Whether it affects snape or not is also up to you. He must be canonical though-- so he can't be supportive of the request, at least not at first
An example: "the entire hallway was silent, you could hear a pin drop. All eyes were on the unlikely duo standing in the middle, one dark-haired and green-eyed hero looking sheepish and hopeful at the boy in front of him as he awaited an answer to his question. 'Will you be my date for the Yule Ball?''(obviously this is an example set during the tournament)
A 2nd example just to show how much freedom you have with this challenge: "The bushy haired teenager had never in a million years thought she'd hear these words from her friends mouth. They were downright cruel in fact! And he didn't even look sorry! How dare Harry James Potter ask her if she could have her parents fix her teeth because they were getting even bigger and it was hard for him to not laugh?! I mean, how rude of that boy!" 🙃😃
A 3rd possible example: "When Severus Snape woke up that morning, he had no idea he'd end his day staring open mouthed at the audacity of the dunderheaded brat in front of him. The little idiot had just barged into Snapes office and requested, nigh demanded, Severus Snape be nice to him! What in the blazes is going on?!"
This challenge is so wide open I think we can get some serious laughs out of it or if you go serious that's awesome too.
Summary: Snape doesn't get knocked out when he is disarmed in the Shrieking Shack in 3rd year. He sees everything that happens with Pettigrew and believes the story and is therefore less likely to notify the Ministry when they get back to the castle. He also hears Harry agree WAY to quickly to move in with Sirius. How does this affect things moving forward? The selected categories are a suggestion.
Summary: On the movie Jumanji, Martha gains the ability to dance fight. We learned canonically that Severus Snape is a good dueler. 1 + 1 = dance dueling! Make dancing a part of dueling and make Severus Snape excel at it! And of course the BWL needs to learn this art of defense. Maybe have snape teach it during the year he teaches DADA or maybe have Lockhart set it up 2nd year like he did the dueling club. However or whenever you like, I just want to see Snape dance-duel! bonus if he's a snob lol and imagines classical music while dueling whereas harry imagines rock music or something
Summary: Dudley is also a freak! Harry can do magic, but what happens when their precious Dudders also starts making weird stuff happen? Only rules are Dudley MUST be treated the same way Harry is treated (no nice dursleys either; canon or worse-- they cant suddenly be okay with wizards or abnormal things). Harry isn't alone in his cupboard anymore (metaphorically speaking or literally, up to you). Do the dursleys hide both away and pretend they dont have any kids? Do they put them both in an orphanage? Does Vernon divorce petunia for having a magical child? When they go to Hogwarts, how does dudley take it knowing his cousin is famous and he's considered a mud blood? Does harry stick with dudley? Is Dudley still a bully at all? Do the dursleys even allow dudley to attend Hogwarts in the first place? Just a few bits to think on as you write
Summary: You know how Harry is always suspicious at Snape's potions thinking heíll get poisoned? Well it happened! Just not in the way youíd think. Pretty much Snape gives Harry a potion (for whatever reason) and itís a normal potion (calming drought for example) but itís his first time taking it. Turns out heís highly allergic to at least one ingredient in the potion. Bigger the reaction the better. As Snape is (somehow) the only person around who can help he has to save Harry weather from anaphylactic shock or from hyperventilating due to panicking about hives. Rules: Harry MUST learn to trust Snape again, if itís a one shot it can be at the end of the story, if itís multi chapter it must not end when he trusts Snape. It can be in an hour, a day, months however long but he must trust Snape at one point. If you do end up having him trust Snape before the end the story must end with trust, so if you want you can have drama about Harry going back and forth with trusting Snape. Cannot start anytime before summer break after 2nd year. Must not start with Harry being 17. This is gen, no romance. From an outsider's view Harry must be cannon until the start of your story, this means sorted into Gryffindor and appearing to be James and Lilyís son. Whoever is dead when you start stays dead, no one is coming back unless itís Harry and/or Voldemort. More drama the better just donít overdo it There must be at least some angst
Summary: Snape learned a form of parkour as a teen to escape his abusive family and bullies.
Summary: Harry runs away from home when he is younger when Peter comes to him after he wishes upon a star to be taken to a better place. When Dumbledore finally realizes that Harry is missing from his ward detectors (some time must have passed) he assigns Snape to track him down. Snape tracks a magical signature leading away from the Dursley house and is shocked to realize that he recognizes it. You see, he had been to Neverland before as well. He had once wished to be taken away from his horrible home. The only reason that he came back was that Lily followed and brought him back (A la Wendy). Snape must find his way to Neverland and battle the pirates, the lost boys, the fairies, and any number of other Neverland denizens in order to get to know Harry so that he can convince him to come home. Harry only wants a home where someone will love and take care of him like all the other kids, so Snape must convince him that he can provide that home for him, that he can change to become someone Harry can rely on. Think of the movie "Hook" where Snape is the Robin Williams character - but he has it harder as Harry won't know him at the beginning. He not only needs to get to know Harry and allow Harry to get to know him, but he also has to loosen up to allow Harry to trust that he will make a good guardian and will keep his promises.
Summary: I love the couple of Harry & Hermione as much as Snape as Harry's mentor/father figure. Let's have a crossover between the pairings. In it, Hermione must help Harry develop his relationship with Snape by either talking over his feelings, &/or actively helping them work together. She may yell (scold) at Snape if you would like. Whatever you choose, both Harry and Snape must acknowledge, if only in thought, that Hermione has been a big help in developing their relationship. On the other side of things, Snape must help Harry realize how much Hermione means to him and actively encourage him to ask her out/kiss her (whatever). Possibly through a great discussion on how Hermione reminds him of Harry's mother, and he should snap her up before someone else does from under him. The summer before 4th and into 4th year seems like good timing. That's about when Harry started to recognize the other sex. Also, there is a good opportunity summer before 4th year for Hermione to ponder about the interactions that Snape and Sirius had at the end of 3rd year while she is calm. She can realize that Snape must know a lot more and be much more emotionally involved in Harry's parents then they realized. She could then discuss it with Harry and encourage him to "be a Gryffindor" and follow up that area of inquiry. As part of the story, you are welcome to have Hermione convince Harry to change one or all of his electives (or add something) to get him away from Ron some of the time so they have more natural one-on-one interactions. A discussion between the two of them where Hermione encourages Harry to seek out Snape wouldn't go well with Ron in the mix. So the discussion will be between them from the beginning, and move them further away from Ron when Ron doesn't believe Harry about the goblet. Also, adding a more challenging class and dropping, say divination, could bring him to Snape's attention as well. Maybe he looks at Hermione's Runes and/or Arithmancy books while at the Burrow and realizes that they aren't as hard as he thought and asks Hermione about what she thinks about him picking up one or both. Would finding out how smart his parents/parents friends (ex: map and Animagus) were make a difference? Feel free to make the stay at the Burrow longer in the book, if needed. The relationships of both develop and deepen over the year. Maybe to the point where Snape will not be able to spy any more?? Does Voldemort even get resurrected or does the magic synergy of Hermione and Snape being closer to Harry thwart this years attempt?
Summary: Something mysterious is happening at Hogwarts, and Harry, Snape and Dumbledore are trapped in a time loop that restarts every 24 hours. Every day at the same time, the day starts over just as it was before. Harry, Snape and Dumbledore are the only three who seem to realize it and remember what has happened on all the previous iterations of this day. Why is this happening, how do they get out of the time loop, and what kinds of shenanigans (or other things) do they get up to since the day is doomed to repeat itself and wipe the previous day away?
Summary: Harry, Snape, Ron or Draco is a ghost now at Hogwarts. You choose why and how. Show how this affects the living people around them.

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