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Taking place directly after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry is trying to deal with his trauma from the course of the events of the war and struggles to confront it, along with trying to manage his grief. Snape survived but disappeared in shame and remorse after the battle. Harry finds him, and they both discover that they have more in common now more than ever - Both are struggling with their sense of self and purpose. But stray Death Eaters from the battle are re-grouping for a final stand to take out the great Harry Potter, and their traitor and Harry and Snape must put aside their differences to end the fight once and for all. Explores darker themes of grief, self-blame, PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideation.

Takes Place: 8 - Post Hogwarts (young adult Harry) - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Depressed Snape, Desperate Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Abuse Recovery, Depression Recovery, Injured!Snape
Categories: Misc > No category on the site fits
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Character Death, Eating Disorder, Panic attack, Self-harm, Suicide Themes, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 7 - Completed: No - Updated: 04 Feb 2023 / 01 Feb 2023
Series: None - Challenges: None
A short one-shot following the victory of the Battle of Hogwarts, where Harry Potter returns to the Shrieking Shack to see Severus Snape one final time following his death, amidst his own grief, guilt, and sorrow.

Takes Place: 8 - Post Hogwarts (young adult Harry) - Snape flavour: Canon Snape
Tags: None
Categories: Misc > Strictly Canon Universe
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Character Death
Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 01 Feb 2023 / 30 Jan 2023
Series: None - Challenges: None
When Harry accidentally drinks a brutal potion with roots in dark magic, he has to reluctantly rely on Hogwarts’ prickly Potions Master to fix the outcome.

Takes Place: 5th Year - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Kind Snape, Spanking Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Alternate Universe, Injured!Harry
Categories: Healer Snape, Teacher Snape > Professor Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Physical Abuse, Physical Punishment Spanking
Chapters: 4 - Completed: No - Updated: 01 Feb 2023 / 16 Jan 2023
Series: None - Challenges: None
After the Battle, the only thing that Harry wants to do is rest, but he notices that there is something that he needs to do first: bring Snape's body back to Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione will be there to help him, while they deal with the effects of the war and learn to find hope where there seemed to be none. Once they find out that certain Potions Master is not as dead as they thought he was, things will start to change. (Snape!Lives)

Takes Place: 7th summer, 7th Year, 8 - Post Hogwarts (young adult Harry), 8 - Pre Epilogue (adult Harry) - Snape flavour: Canon Snape, Comforting Snape, Depressed Snape, Kind Snape, Mean Snape
Tags: Depression Recovery, Injured!Snape
Categories: Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Misc > Strictly Canon Universe, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Panic attack
Chapters: 15 - Completed: No - Updated: 31 Jan 2023 / 13 Oct 2021
Series: None - Challenges: None
After Harry accidentally deages himself to a baby during a Potions class, Severus is tasked with aging Harry back up to his correct age before any word gets out on Harry's condition. Severus is less than thrilled with the new job, and Harry is less than thrilled with his new caretaker. A novella, will contain mild CP. Set in the fifth year.

Takes Place: 5th Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape
Tags: Deaged!Harry, Deaging
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: Physical Punishment Spanking
Chapters: 1 - Completed: No - Updated: 29 Jan 2023 / 29 Jan 2023
Series: None - Challenges: None

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