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We are the home of 603 authors from among our 6260 members. There have been 97907 reviews written about our 1814 stories.

A special welcome to our newest member, Nillie.

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What character do you most like to see in Snape and Harry stories?

Lucius Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy 9%
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 31%
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore 8%
Alastor Moody
Alastor Moody 0%
Minerva McGonagall
Minerva McGonagall 8%
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 24%
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 5%
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 4%
Other canon character
Other canon character 5%
Original character
Original character 0%

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All I Want For Christmas by JAWorley (T)
It's Severus' turn to round up Christmas strays this year, and though he doesn't...
Wishing on a Miracle by That_One_New_Pokemon (T)
On Christmas Eve, Harry makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life, and...
Mr. Pookie by starangel2106 (K)
This is a holiday fic featuring one Mr. Potter and Mr. Pookie.
The Art of Forgiving by Scorpia (T)
If Severus could just keep Harry from dying in the night, then maybe they could...

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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

This is the home for stories exploring the general relationship between Severus Snape and Harry Potter. We are dedicated to enjoying the well-known favourites and finding the new. You will be able to find Mentor fics, Father and Son fics, and similar type stories in the archive. MA rated fics are not allowed on this site, nor is SS/HP slash. 

Frog ratings: When submitting a review, you will have the option of rating the story as well, from 1-10. A ten is a fantastic, ridiculously awesome chapter that you are going to want to reread; a five should be an average story, which translates to 2.5 frogs.

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Site News

Hello everyone!

We just want to wish everyone a wonderful rest of the year and a Happy New Year!  

Also if you have a holiday story we can't wait to read them...however we didn't do a fest so just go ahead and post any stories you have.  Anyone have ideas for fests next year let us know.


starangel2106 on 15 Dec 2016 1:09 am [4 Comments]
Halloween Fest

Not Sept. 1st...but close enough?

 Halloween Fest...

Prompt:  Rituals gone Wrong. There's some powerful ritual that [character of your choice] is doing on Halloween in order to [be creative] but it goes wrong. Why? What were the unexpected consequences?

 Thanks to Eihwaz Ehwaz for the prompt.

 If you do not wish to use the prompt, feel free to write a story of your choice that features a Halloween theme.   

 Submission requirements TBA.  

starangel2106 on 11 Sep 2016 1:34 am [0 Comments]
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Most Recent
Snape's Waifs by Dream Painter (16+)
Five Slytherins, two Hufflepuffs, three Ravenclaws, and two Gryffindors including...
It's Better In the Dark by LucidDreamer10 (T)
THREE-SHOT! When Harry returns to Privet Drive he is not the same person. Still...
Heal by TinkerTailor (T)
After a horrible incident in the potions lab, Snape must look after Harry.As...
To Trust One-Shots by Abie (T)
This will be a series of one-shots in the universe of 'To Trust', featuring...
Geminus: Year One by watercrystals (T)
When everything Draco and Harry knew about their lives crumble, can Severus...

Story of the Moment
The Path by Howl K
There were things that needed to be realized for Harry to truthfully survive what fate has in store for him. Things that couldn't be proven to him in normal ways, but through one he doesn't like, and through one who fears him. Can he come to realize?

Dream Painter
04/24/17 08:44 am London Time
Sooooo.... I kinda started a new story?
Dream Painter
04/24/17 07:32 am London Time
Yes, yes. 'fess up so we can all ooh and ahh over our wordy accomplishments :3
04/24/17 06:36 am London Time
Yes, everyone form a line, we want to know!
04/24/17 05:59 am London Time
But still so interesting! I'm curious of others...
04/24/17 05:59 am London Time
It's amazing to me though. My book is about 100k words and then I look at some fanfics that are near that amount...It's so weird cuz of the contrasts of time and work into each.
04/24/17 05:58 am London Time
And that's not counting the regular, one-shot or small stories I wrote years before that. You're brave for counting but I do not think I'm ready for that kind of truth lol
04/24/17 05:57 am London Time
I've been writing novel-length fanfictions for a variety of different fandoms for over 14 years...I cannot even begin to imagine how many words that is omg. I think I'd faint.
Dream Painter
04/24/17 04:53 am London Time
That it is! We are virtually prolific :P
04/24/17 04:37 am London Time
That still so awesome, DP! I've never imagined how big the collective work of my fanfiction would be, the visualization of it is pretty awesome. ^_^
Dream Painter
04/24/17 03:58 am London Time
Soooo... a lot of words, but not quite enough to rival War and Peace :P
Dream Painter
04/24/17 03:56 am London Time
Of the works I have currently published, the total word count numbers over 500,000 words, not counting a few stories on tumblr and an SPN site that is apparently gone, now
Dream Painter
04/24/17 03:39 am London Time
hmmm... lemme see if I can find them all, then, cos I'm curious now, too
04/24/17 03:30 am London Time
I counted all my fanfictions, HP and otherwise. :) It really surprised me.
Dream Painter
04/24/17 02:45 am London Time
Scorpia, are we to count the amount of words in just one fandom, or like, all our fanfiction? Cos I've written over 50 stories, altogether...
04/23/17 09:54 pm London Time
When you realize that the added number of words you've written of fanfiction, is more than the novel War and Peace, holy moly. That's crazy. How many words have you written?
04/23/17 05:28 am London Time
I'm in there - Though timezones are against me so...
04/22/17 10:21 pm London Time
Someone get in the chat room, :)
04/22/17 08:02 pm London Time
Hello all! Is everyone having a good weekend?
04/21/17 06:50 am London Time
Still working on the list, Jan. Been a crazy week, and all free times goes to writing. Chapter 4 of Geminus is up! I'm so proud of my story progress this past week. Hard times = good for the muse?
04/18/17 05:31 am London Time
I added Blaise and Theo to the character list. I'll work on adding them to stories that have them as main characters.
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