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Welcome to the Potions and Snitches (P&S) Fanfiction archive.

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Winter Holiday Fic Fest

Helloooooooooo Everyone!  Let's make some noise!  (Did I wake you up?)

Halloween is now behind us, yes, it's very sad, it's now onto the Winter season.   

This year I'm proposing...

starangel2106 on 08 Nov 2017 3:21 am [8 Comments]
Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!  Congratulations to Alexannah Broke for winning the Spring Fest!

I hope everyone is writing their Halloween story. If you have let us know in the comments or by email. (starangel2106@yahoo.com...

starangel2106 on 13 Oct 2017 10:51 pm [3 Comments]
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Everything Is Not What It Seems by Mae19 (16+)
Severus Snape, thinking he was going to have a relaxing summer of just brewing...
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Blaise probably couldn't expect much, this time. Blaise was a Death Eater's...
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a respond to Spring Fic Fest! "What makes the little bastard think I don't care...

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A Rose by Any Other Name by Luna_enthusiast T
Harry Potter, known throughout the wizarding world as a hero. His entrance into Hogwarts is eagerly awaited by all. However, what if Harry was not what he seemed? What if the hero of the wizarding world was, in fact, a girl. How would people react? Most of all, how would our favorite potion's master respond? Would he choose to follow his mind, or his heart?

04/20/18 10:23 am London Time
And shadowienne, I bet your quilt is wonderful, no matter how well it does. (I just realised how corny that sounded, but whatever!)
04/19/18 11:13 pm London Time
Maybe I should start learning. If I can find the time with assessments, etc. I'll try it!
04/18/18 02:52 pm London Time
And to CWM-- thanks! And don't creep around in the Shoutbox! Livia has already staked her claim as our resident creeper! YOU may skip in with your head held high! 😄
04/18/18 02:50 pm London Time
All I need now is king pillowcase, Velcro attached as closure, and I'll be ready for quilt show! I'm soooo excited! Def WON'T win, but the quilt is gonna be there!!!
04/18/18 02:49 pm London Time
So glad I took the plunge! Just wish I'd not wasted so many years NOT learning... So, yest finished sewing on the hanging sleeve (another "first" learned by video tutorial!) & tag...
04/18/18 02:46 pm London Time
HG, I wished the same thing for MANY years, but had no one to teach me. Finally decided to learn on my own, through books (Quilting for Dummies was my starting point!), TV, & YouTube videos.
04/14/18 09:38 am London Time
Sounds really cool about the quilting! Wish I could quilt...
04/14/18 04:18 am London Time
*creeps in* Erm, hi guys :) *ducks head shyly* I'm horrible at quilting but more power to you, shadowienne! Sounds like quite the feat, so congrats for getting this far! Ehm…yeah ^-^ *creeps out
04/13/18 02:00 am London Time
Thank you starangel for the username change! Lots of Harry hugs for your help! :)
04/13/18 12:03 am London Time
04/12/18 06:22 pm London Time
This is the third quilt I've finished; have made several other tops, but not quilted yet. Man... I REALLY need to WRITE smthg before I do more quilting!!! 😄
04/12/18 06:20 pm London Time
This is my biggest project to date--has 2,197 pieces in quilt top! Machine pieced, hand quilted & entirely hand bound. Still blows my mind... 😉
04/12/18 06:18 pm London Time
Took me 4.5 months to complete; planning to enter in local quilt show in May. Sadly, just learned site where my other quilts were posted is now gone. 😒 Can't post this one.
04/12/18 06:16 pm London Time
Whitetail, it measures abt 63x83inches and is my own all-over design. Title: Buttons and Bows. Has 192 half-square triangle bows, and 528 1" squares ("buttons")!
04/12/18 06:13 pm London Time
04/12/18 06:05 pm London Time
a werewolf ghost is even more terrifying.
04/12/18 04:45 pm London Time
Ooh, backtrack but you quilt Shadowienne?? Quilting is the bomb! What type of quilt did you do?
04/12/18 03:42 pm London Time
hi starangel2106, i sent you the email about my ps name change, hopefully it reaches you :) my laptop has been acting weird lately, so it might have been a problem on my end with it not sending before
04/12/18 01:52 pm London Time
*thinks Shoutbox sounds like the Shrieking Shack at the full moon* Hey, hoot--you didn't see a ghost! You saw a WEREWOLF pretending to be a ghost!!!
04/12/18 09:22 am London Time
*Creeps cautiously into shout box. Leaves again.*
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