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Summary: Severus has a task(s) to complete that requires the assistance of a Parselmouth.
Summary: I want to see a longer multi-chapter story where Harry is aware of Snape being his father, but Snape isn't aware. Harry isn't sure if he wants Snape to know or not. It's up to you if Snape finds out or not and how he re-acts but it should be most of the way through the school year (or school years) before he finds out if he does. Harry has come to terms with Snape being his father and doesn't necessarily hate him.
Summary: Snape and Harry goes traveling abroad to other countries, experiencing other wizarding cultures.

They could just go to one other country, or several.

The reason for their leaving the UK could be anything; perhaps it is to escape the hype around Harry being the boy who lived? Or perhaps Snape is being threathened because of his background as a death eater? Or perhaps it is for educational purposes?

Bonus points if including minority cultures.
Summary: Somewhat Hunger Games inspired. Each contestant is assigned a mentor that has successfully completed the challenge. Snape is the only one from Hogwarts that has and is assigned to mentor Harry and Cedric. Chances of death may be a little higher than in cannon and tasks can be altered.
Summary: Harry is a Metamorphmagus whose powers were bound or suppressed during childhood.
Summary: Before the start of each year parents of muggleborn and muggle raised children are invited to Diagon Alley for an informational meeting about the magic world, school etc. Harry somehow gets a hold of the flyer before the Durlseys can throw it away. (the timeline of when he receives his letter and how it is delivered may need to be changed a bit, Hagrid doesn't take him shopping etc.). Harry, still clueless about the wizarding world and his role in it, makes his own way up to London for the meeting. He tries to blend in as well as possible without an adult, but Snape notices that something is off. After the meeting when the boy shows no signs of heading back to his house and ends up in Knockturn Alley he is forced to intervene.
Summary: Hermione is in trouble (possibly for helping Harry) and gets suspended, put in jail or in Azkaban. Harry turns to Snape for help.
Summary: Lily survives. Severus and Lily meet up and pursue a relationship sometime after James is killed and Harry is still young (too young to accurately remember Snape). Their relationship ends after a certain time and they go their separate ways. When it's time for Hogwarts Lily can be dead and Harry lives with the Durlseys, she has found herself a new boyfriend who is not nice to Harry, or Lily herself is not very nice to Harry (personality disorder, mental illness or just plain mean) and Severus notices that the boy does not have a good home life. He is still his snarky old self but somehow a relationship develops between the two. Harry somehow discovers that the man knew him as a young child and feels hurt that he could have been there to take care of him when he needed it the most.
Summary: A fan fiction from Snape's point of view based on the song Hurt by Johhny Cash. It could focus on his emotional status after Lily dies, later as he struggles with addiction of some sort, around 5-6th year as he must partake in horrible deeds as a spy, or even after the murder of Charity Burbage (maybe they were more than friends at some point, or reply close friends).
Summary: Harry gets a tattoo over the summer. How does Snape react to seeing the new ink?

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