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Summary: Harry is trying to become an animagus (the reasoning for why can be whatever you want), and he has been practicing an almost-successful phoenix form for several months in the Rooms of Requirement when his friends start noticing gradual changes in his appearance (The animagus transformation is rough on appearance-altering charms, and his appearance was charmed at birth.).

Hermione is immediately concerned, especially when she notices changes in his temperament as well as his face. Upon catching him transforming, (or having him show her) she reads up on it. Severus also begins to think something is off. Eventually, they figure it out, and predictability, it's a rough start.

Oh, and there's Umbridge and Voldemort to deal with. Bonus points if Voldemort gets punched in the nose.
Summary: Dumbledore is tired of Snape’s continuous complaints about Harry Potter and how Snape keeps trying to convince him that Harry is too much trouble for what he’s doing for the boy. Dumbledore tells him that he has permission to spy on the boy for authors preferred amount of time and if he can convince Dumbledore with his memories of what he found then he would stop speaking so highly of the child. Snape being slightly petty agrees to this and proceeds to spy on Harry (whether it’s the holidays or not is the authors choice) . He does not find what he was expecting however and ends up confronting Harry.
Summary: Harry has lost his memory.
Summary: Where Hogwarts is a school for troubled teens. Children are sent to this school as punishment or something . Snape is a teacher . Harry is as bad as Snape expected .He causes trouble and acts out ( because of his home life and issues with authorities).Snape hates him at first but later understands why harry is acting out and decides to help him. Should discuss about other kids problems also but focus on Harry. No hocrux , voldermort , prophesy and magic.Harry should be at least 14.

Severus or Harry (or both) have an allergy. Litterally, that's it.


*How severe is the allergy? Is it Epipen level or is it more of an intolerance? (If you have both, are their allergies on the same level or different?)

**Include how they deal with the allergy (how does the magic world deal with it? Spells? Potions? Magical Epipen?)

***If Harry and Severus both have the same allergy.

Summary: Dumbledore wanted Harry to find the Mirror of Erised, but he did not anticipate how much time Harry would spend in front of it. By the time Dumbledore decides to confront the boy about the mirror, the boy has been sucked into the clutches of grey magic, and lies unconscious on the stone floor of the unused classroom. Harry finds himself in paradise. At first he believes it's all to good to be true. His mum and dad are there. They love him. And Harry never, ever wants to leave. How can they save Harry from the mirror? Enter one, Severus Snape, Master Occlumens and Legilimens. It's up to the professor to pull Harry back to reality. But how can he if the boy does not want to return? Must include the line: "Aren't you too old to call me Mummy?" by one, Lily Potter.
Summary: When Harry Potter first arrives at Hogwarts, Severus Snape falls victim of buying the lie Harry has sold to every other adult and student: the lie that young Harry found the one place he could belong and be himself. However, after a particularly disastrous potions class, Severus is forced to change perspective. How could Harry be himself…if he believes that no one thinks anything good of him? No thanks to the Dursley's, Harry's life has lead him to one conclusion: he will never, ever measure up. With a little boy wired to believe all think the worst of himself and all else refusing to see the truth of the Golden Boy, Severus certainly has his work cut out for him.
Summary: Write a story that explores what happens to people once they've undergone the Dementor's Kiss.
Summary: Challenge inspired by Ella Enchanted. Somehow or other, Harry is cursed to obey every single order he's given, no matter what it is or who gives it to him, or even what trouble obeying it gets him into.
Summary: Harry comes to Hogwarts and is as unruly and full of attitude as Snape expected. The boy gets into fights and causes trouble at every turn. Why? a result of Dursley neglect/abuse, never being loved, not growing up in a normal family. Can anyone get past his tough exterior to see the vulnerable boy underneath?

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