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Summary: Challenge inspired by Ella Enchanted. Somehow or other, Harry is cursed to obey every single order he's given, no matter what it is or who gives it to him, or even what trouble obeying it gets him into.
Summary: Harry comes to Hogwarts and is as unruly and full of attitude as Snape expected. The boy gets into fights and causes trouble at every turn. Why? a result of Dursley neglect/abuse, never being loved, not growing up in a normal family. Can anyone get past his tough exterior to see the vulnerable boy underneath?
Summary: Severus has a girlfriend. 12 year old Harry Potter has been put into the muggle social services system after proven neglected and abused by the Dursleys. She finds the timid and polite boy in a group home and offers him a home for the holidays. Severus is also staying over. How will he act when he realizes he has to share his girlfriend with the brat who lived? How will Harry react to having Snape in charge of telling him when to go to bed and to eat his vegetables in addition to never having lived in a "normal" family setting thanks to the Durlseys? Lots of angst and not a nice overnight Snape welcome.
Summary: After Deathly Hallows, Harry is alive and somehow gets deaged. Snape is alive, finds Harry and adopts him. Your choice if Harry still has his memories or not, if he hides that fact or not. Your choice if Harry and Snape still have their magic or not.
Summary: The Muggle Studies classes are studying muggle popular music. Pick a song for any teacher or character.
Summary: Instead of a magical influence, make it a developed AU where Harry is a preschool/elementary teacher and somehow a new child (Severus) transfers to his school and is allocated into Harry's class. (in light of the spring fest, school term can prolly start in spring?)
cue plot, h/c and shenanigans! how/why Severus was transferred to Harry's school is up to the author's discretion.
- multi chapter!
- includes most of canon characters; could even bring in lily and the maruders as classmates of severus for example
- severus being in-character even as a kid; he could be surly and everything initially but he gotta warm up to harry in a logical sense (think of his family background and general distrust with male adult/authorative figures)
- harry being harry; similar family background as severus hence prolly would be more understanding and knows what to do to make severus feel safe with him
Summary: One day, Harry wakes up to discover no-one can remember him. No-one has the faintest clue who he is. Can be set at any point in canon, AUs welcome.
Summary: Snape is Harry's younger twin brother and Harry protects Severus with his life. He takes beatings from extremely abusive Dursleys for Sev. Protective older brother Slytherin Harry, loving younger brother Sev.
Summary: Anywhere in the story, put this quote "Perhaps you can feel if you can't hear. Perhaps kind thoughts reach people somehow, even through windows and doors and walls. Perhaps you feel a little warm and comforted, and don't know why, when I am standing here in the cold and hoping you will get well and happy again." Francis Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess.

Bonus if Harry says it to Snape and Snape unwillingly hears

Summary: Harry and Dumbledore accidentally swap bodies. Nobody informs Severus, resulting in Harry having a very enlightening conversation with him.

The challenge title doesn't need to be used but it's there if you want it. Fic can be humour or serious (or both), any canon setting, AUs welcomed. No Albus bashing, no slash, please.

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