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Summary: Either Harry or Snape has a concussion.
Summary: Crossover/fusion with Call the Midwife. Plot is author's prerogative, but it must have Sister Evangelina yelling at the Dursleys (and possibly Snape) for their treatment of Harry.
Summary: The Weasley boys come rescue Harry the summer before 2nd year, but they dont quite make it home. They crash into Snape's backyard. The 3 Weasleys are sent home, but Harry ,as a consequence of "his" recent display of magic, must spend the rest of the summer under Snape's charge. Neither one is happy about it.
Summary: Write a fic in which Harry is some kind of creature that exists in canon BUT has not (as far as you can tell) been used in a fan fiction before. So we're talking goblins and merpeople and Veela rather than vampires and werewolves.

If you choose the half- or part-creature route, it's fine if the other part of him is human or something not as original.
Summary: Lily lives, but only for a few years (then character death, up to you how). When Harry is around 6 (age flexible, but must be pre hogwarts) she reconciles with Snape and they marry. Shortly thereafter she passes away and Snape is left with the boy. They do not get along. Harry is a bit spoiled, jealous and defiant towards Snape. Snape sees James in the boy, is scared of letting himself feel anything and is quite strict and reserved with his emotions. I'm picturing a darker story with a lot of angst/tension in their relationship. Snape is not abusive, but pretty close to it.

The aftermath of Lily's death could involve a period of Harry living with Petunia while Snape figures out what he wants to do. Before Hogwarts Harry must come back to Snape though. They reach a breaking point and it's decided that family counseling will be the best option.
Summary: Harry and Ron were too late to save Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle has already come to life and left. Harry stays with her while Ron goes to fetch someone, but Aurors see the open chamber and come down to find Harry by the body.

No character bashing please.
Summary: For those who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Albus Severus and Scorpious realize that the only way to stop Cedric from being killed is to keep Harry out of the TriWizard Cup. With future knowledge, the boys decide to tell past Snape how to keep Harry's name out of it.
Summary: For those who have already read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Fourth year, Harry wakes up as a student in the hospital wing at Hogwarts, only to find out that his adult life was just a dream. But was it a warning to help him save everyone who dies? Maybe this time they all can come out on top, that is if he can convince everyone his dream could be reality.
Summary: For those of you who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

When Harry is thinking about his son, he gets advice from either portrait Snape or finds the Ressurection stone in the Forbidden Forest and talks with ghost Snape.
Summary: For those of you who have read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

When Harry travels back in time to that fateful Halloween he sees that version's Snape, and maybe accidentaly interacts with him.

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