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Summary: Harry occasionally sees through Voldemort's eyes in dreams. What if he were to see through Snape's, or vice versa, or both? How, why and when/how often it occurs up to the author.

Bonus if what he/they see(s) is originally written off as strange dreams or nightmares. Double bonus points if Voldemort somehow forged the connection, for any reason you like or by accident.
Summary: As a way to get Harry out of the triwizard tournament he is de-aged (physically and mentally). Professor Snape becomes his reluctant guardian, and must deal with both fear (from the Dursleys) and the rambunctiousness of a child in the castle. I have somewhere in the 5-8 year range in mind for Harry but any age would work.
Summary: Drugs are found at Hogwarts, and now all the students are to be searched.
Summary: When Harry returns to Privet Drive grieving, Dudley notices something's not right and decides he has to help. Dudley tries to make up for bullying Harry for so long, by looking after him now.

Could be set after OotP or HBP. Your choice how Severus comes into it. Dursleys can be more abusive than canon but not required. Bonus points for a scene where Dudley is trying to persuade Harry to eat. Bonus points if Dudley confronts/stands up to his parents. Double bonus points if Dudley tries to save Harry from them. Triple bonus points if Dudley confronts Severus about his treatment of Harry.
Summary: Snape is the Dark Lord.
Summary: Snape is a dementor.
Summary: Harry discovers something strange in his Gringotts vault among his parents' belongings--a letter of apology from James to Snape. Harry decides he should deliver it.

Contents of letter and canon setting up to the author.
Summary: Harry turned 17 over the summer and disappeared. Snape is sent to find him to convince him to go to Hogwarts for his last year (or drag him back if he has to). Harry is convinced the safest place to be is out on his own, where no one can hurt or manipulate him. What happens? All up to you. No Slash, no drabbles. One-shots ok.
Summary: When someone is filled with so much hate and anger, their body becomes Dark, and they lose their soul, becoming Demons. Snape, surprisingly, is not a demon, but what happens when Harry is showing signs of going down a dark path? Suggestions: -When a person becomes a demon, their physical form changes. (I.e. tail, fangs, eye(s) changing colors, "tattoo" like markings appearing on their body, whatever the author decides) -Snape later on becomes a demon, blinded by hate of someone. -After becoming a demon, they can try and become good again, but whatever physical changes that happened stays
Summary: The dungeon is a maze, and Harry is lost.

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