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Summary: Harry and Severus--and other characters if you want--have to go into hiding in the Muggle world.

Reason up to you. Could be a temporary situation or expected to be permanent, they could have distant support from others still in the wizarding world or could be completely on their own. They could be absolutely anywhere in the world--be creative!

- No Dumbledore bashing
- If you choose to set the fic in a place you're not familiar with, do some research first
- No slash
Summary: When Snape kills Dumbledore the guardianship of Harry Potter is unexpectedly (for both parties) transferred to him. How Dumbledore had acquired the guardianship in the first place is up to you. Dumbledore's death could happen a little earlier in the year to give our two characters some more time "together". How will Snape balance the boy and his other obligations?
Summary: Gillyweed needs to be properly preserved before it can be eaten safely. Dobby didn't realise what he gave Harry was still poisonous.
Summary: It is graduation time at Hogwarts. There's even a proper ceremony and everything.
Summary: Harry and/or Snape find themselves reliving the same span of time over and over again. What caused this phenomenon, and just how are they to get out of it? Are both wizards aware that time is repeating itself, or just one of them? And just what is it about this one day that it just refuses to end?

-The period of time should be less than 24 hours but probably longer than 5 or so

-Only Snape or Harry must be aware that time is repeating, though both is still an option
--Alternatively, another person may also be aware of this instant replay

-Bonuses for comical hi-jinks and multiple chapters

Summary: Snape survives, and becomes a Godfather, but not of little Albus Severus as everyone would have assumed. Instead, he becomes the proud (if reluctant) Godfather of one James Potter Jr. How does Snape initially react to Harry's proposition and to the little Marauder reincarnated? And what was going through Harry's mind when he asked?
Summary: Harry's need of glasses is a weakness.
Summary: A potion explodes, and everyone it lands on ends up changing into the opposite gender for awhile.
Summary: A potion splashes onto Harry's face and should of horribly burned him, but he looks perfectly fine. Or, the potion splashes and Harry is healed but still looks burned no matter what they do.
Summary: Either Harry or Severus gets stuck in a "grounding spell" or "child containment" spell. What exactly that means, how they got there, how the other one fits in, and how long it lasts is up to you, but it should last at least a couple days - enough time for some good laughs and fun!

Some ideas on the spell itself (you may use other ideas if you think of them, or variations):
-on a magical leash/harness (like you see little kids on sometimes), and can't walk anywhere without someone holding the leash
-stuck within 20 feet of someone at all times - perhaps it must be someone they know/not a stranger, or perhaps the someone can be switched somehow, but it should not just be one person always. Maybe it's two designated people?
-has to be touching someone to walk, otherwise legs are stuck together like a leg locker curse
-can't open any doors or cabinets, etc, can't pick up any object not directly given to them recently, can't turn anything on

Some ideas on how it got there (again, you may use others):
-Malfoy and Harry dueling - could hit Harry or rebound onto Snape
-the Dark Lord discovers Snape is a spy and puts it on him as part of his torture/to contain him during torture, but then he is rescued. Perhaps it is permanent or lasts indefinitely in this case

Some other thoughts:
-perhaps put in an "except in emergencies" clause - could be reasonable that such a spell would allow the kid to run if the house were on fire, for example. Does the emergencies clause allow them to defend themselves/duel?

For the most part, take this as you will! The point is to see some funny moments, probably some humiliation. Have fun!

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