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Summary: The wizarding equivalent of the muggle-American phrase, 'hold my beer!' Harry gets dared to do something stupid, and of course, he can't say no. When the aftermath lands him in the care of one Severus Snape, Harry may realize just how idiotic (or genius) it really was.
Summary: I want to see a longer multi-chapter story where Harry is aware of Snape being his father, but Snape isn't aware. Harry isn't sure if he wants Snape to know or not. It's up to you if Snape finds out or not and how he re-acts but it should be most of the way through the school year (or school years) before he finds out if he does. Harry has come to terms with Snape being his father and doesn't necessarily hate him.
Summary: Hermione is in trouble (possibly for helping Harry) and gets suspended, put in jail or in Azkaban. Harry turns to Snape for help.
Summary: Lily survives. Severus and Lily meet up and pursue a relationship sometime after James is killed and Harry is still young (too young to accurately remember Snape). Their relationship ends after a certain time and they go their separate ways. When it's time for Hogwarts Lily can be dead and Harry lives with the Durlseys, she has found herself a new boyfriend who is not nice to Harry, or Lily herself is not very nice to Harry (personality disorder, mental illness or just plain mean) and Severus notices that the boy does not have a good home life. He is still his snarky old self but somehow a relationship develops between the two. Harry somehow discovers that the man knew him as a young child and feels hurt that he could have been there to take care of him when he needed it the most.
Summary: A fan fiction from Snape's point of view based on the song Hurt by Johhny Cash. It could focus on his emotional status after Lily dies, later as he struggles with addiction of some sort, around 5-6th year as he must partake in horrible deeds as a spy, or even after the murder of Charity Burbage (maybe they were more than friends at some point, or reply close friends).
Summary: Everyone knows that Dumbledore sent Harry to live with the Dursley's for his protection. What if the Dursley's desire to beat his magic out of him formed the parisite that creates an Obscurial? And what if no one knew until he reaches his breaking point and unleashes the very thing that all wizards fear? Include: Snape's view of Harry breaking due to seeing an Obscurial personally. Dumbledore talking about Newt's encounter with one in the 1920's. All four Heads of House working to save Harry. Dursley's in Azkaban. Voldemort's appearance early due to the Obscurial. Snape adopts Harry Note: Would love to see Newt appear in a story, no slash.
Summary: I want to see a Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover with Harry, Severus and Percy (Jackson, not Weasley, though feel free to throw him in too) as main characters. I can imagine any number of interesting scenes involving the three of them.

Think through how you handle the two book series existing side by side carefully, e.g. getting around the differences in how magic works. (I've seen some well-thought out examples on FFnet.) Dates can be juggled with to make them fit. Be creative! That's a general rule for the whole story not just the technical points.

- Percy is for some reason trying to pass as a Hogwarts student, becomes friends with Harry and gets him into trouble with Snape
- Snape can't believe that there's someone who is even more of a trouble magnet than Harry
- Harry meets Percy through Snape, who has some connection with either the Jackson family or Camp Half-Blood
- the mythological and wizarding worlds are not meant to mix
- and trouble happens when they do!
- Bonus points for Snape eventually becoming a father figure to both of them
Summary: Snape finds out Harry is abused by the Dursleys and takes him in. While living with Harry at Hogwarts, he finds out that Lily's parents are still alive. Harry is 3-6 years in this story.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped by Umbridge or on her orders. Any point in canon and AUs welcome.
Summary: Fanfiction in which Harry is exceptionally smart and finds a way to cure Remus of Lycanthropy

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