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Summary: Everyone knows that Dumbledore sent Harry to live with the Dursley's for his protection. What if the Dursley's desire to beat his magic out of him formed the parisite that creates an Obscurial? And what if no one knew until he reaches his breaking point and unleashes the very thing that all wizards fear? Include: Snape's view of Harry breaking due to seeing an Obscurial personally. Dumbledore talking about Newt's encounter with one in the 1920's. All four Heads of House working to save Harry. Dursley's in Azkaban. Voldemort's appearance early due to the Obscurial. Snape adopts Harry Note: Would love to see Newt appear in a story, no slash.
Summary: I want to see a Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover with Harry, Severus and Percy (Jackson, not Weasley, though feel free to throw him in too) as main characters. I can imagine any number of interesting scenes involving the three of them.

Think through how you handle the two book series existing side by side carefully, e.g. getting around the differences in how magic works. (I've seen some well-thought out examples on FFnet.) Dates can be juggled with to make them fit. Be creative! That's a general rule for the whole story not just the technical points.

- Percy is for some reason trying to pass as a Hogwarts student, becomes friends with Harry and gets him into trouble with Snape
- Snape can't believe that there's someone who is even more of a trouble magnet than Harry
- Harry meets Percy through Snape, who has some connection with either the Jackson family or Camp Half-Blood
- the mythological and wizarding worlds are not meant to mix
- and trouble happens when they do!
- Bonus points for Snape eventually becoming a father figure to both of them
Summary: Snape finds out Harry is abused by the Dursleys and takes him in. While living with Harry at Hogwarts, he finds out that Lily's parents are still alive. Harry is 3-6 years in this story.
Summary: Harry is kidnapped by Umbridge or on her orders. Any point in canon and AUs welcome.
Summary: Fanfiction in which Harry is exceptionally smart and finds a way to cure Remus of Lycanthropy
Summary: A young Harry keeps accidentally freeing the house elves. It is up to his guardian to deal with the consequences.
Summary: Harry is confiscated by the ministry. Why?
Summary: I know stories where Harry is loved by the Dursleys (or at least one of them) exist. Here's something I think will be different.

Dudley Dursley does not exist--Vernon and Petunia do not have (or can't have) children. When Harry shows up, they decide to adopt him properly--he grows up thinking they're really his parents.

Like with Dudley, they shower him with everything he wants--toys, kisses, food--but if anything 'freaky' happens, he's punished just as severely as canon Harry--or more so, up to you.

So we have a Harry who's been alternately spoiled and abused, on his eleventh (or before if you want) discovering his parents aren't even his parents and lied to him his whole life ...

Then what?

Snape can come into it any way you choose. Harry could end up living with him or with someone else with Snape still a main character. Perhaps someone at Hogwarts (like Madam Pomfrey) decides Harry needs to lose weight and Snape's put in charge of making sure he does so. Harry could even choose to stay living with the Dursleys and Snape come to see why he's not coming to Hogwarts ... up to you.

No Horcruxes, no Hallows, no Dumbledore bashing, no slash. Harry can be characterised any way you think fits his upbringing. I'd prefer Harry to still be a Gryffindor, but that's not a requirement.

Have fun!
Summary: OK, kidding, Potter does not need to go into a TARDIS, just time travels back to the Marauder Era as an adult. This time he knows of what happens and has a plan of some sort. It can be slash, but prefer Harry becoming friends with Severus or adopts Severus. He could possibly see the real Marauders and their bullying ways? --> maybe some possible relationships ... IDK. Includes all the good ole' characters
Summary: Someone finds a pair of Hufflepuff yellow bloomers. Hilarity ensues.

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