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Summary: Potter had no idea just how many times Severus had saved his life.
Summary: Someone at the school (preferably someone close to Harry, but not necessary) has been put under the imperius curse. The caster's goal is to hurt Harry physically or mentally. Harry is oblivious, but perhaps Snape will notice?
Summary: Snape is disguised as one, or more, of Harry's classmates.
Summary: Umbridge's Blood Quill is discovered, but either 1) when Dumbledore tries to stop her he is overruled, or 2) he is already gone. Rather than let Harry continue being tortured, Severus takes his place under Polyjuice.

Your choice whether Harry knows or not, what motivated Severus to do it, and whether or not Umbridge finds out. No Dumbledore bashing please.
Summary: James and Lily Potter are somehow taking care of Harry Potter, but those who knew the real Lily and James can tell these are imposters.
Summary: The Weasley twins are working on their greatest prank to date. Unfortunately it doesn't go as planned and the prank ends up injuring Snape. To save the twins from expulsion Harry decides to take the blame.
Summary: Reversal story with a child Harry believing he has to take care of his new guardian instead of the other way around. Snape is confused by the over protective and caring behavior, but lets it be. Tips/rules -cold, emotionally crippled Snape at the beginning -innocent Harry believing he has to take care of his guardian to keep him -how Harry end up with Snape is at your discretion -extra points if you get the reference and find a way to work it in
Summary: Albus wants Severus to take Harry somewhere. Naturally, he is met with resistance.
Summary: Harry and Ginny have an arguement, leading Ginny to say the words of the title. What neither knows is that they are not alone and Snape is watching.

Bonus points if:
- Ginny asked Harry to leave the order and be with her
- This depresses Harry so much he can't play his part properly

Optional if they work it out
Summary: When it is discovered that young Harry Potter has survived the Killing Curse and Voldemort is vanquished, it is decided the best way to ensure the boy has a normal life is to let him be raised under a different identity. His scar does not become famous nor is he remembered as the Boy-Who-Lived; the world is allowed to believe he died with his parents that fateful night.

So who, then, does Harry become? Who knows the truth about his identity? What else is different in this new world? Was Voldemort defeated for good that night, or will he return as in canon? Will the truth about him come out, or will the child be allowed to continue his life in anonymity?

And just what does Severus Snape make of the boy?

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