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Summary: Write a story with the following line in it: "You know I never thought I'd say this, but pink looks good on Snape."
Summary: Snape requires all his students to get a parent's signature on their potions report cards over the summers, and bring it back the first day of class in the fall as a way of making the parents aware of their children's abysmal results. Harry does not get his signed. What will the potion master do? Detention? Try to talk to the Durlseys?
Summary: Severus and/or Harry is a centaur.

Details up to the author--could be transformation or always was one; could be known by everyone or kept secret. Any P&S category, AUs encouraged. No slash or manipulative!Dumbledore.
Summary: Parent-Teacher conferences are held for all first years a couple months after school starts. Severus insists on being the one speaking to the Dursleys about the boy's disrespectful attitude and abysmal academic efforts in hopes of knocking him down a few pegs. What will the potions master do when he discovers that they care nothing of his attitude and troublemaking, and are only satisfied when explained that A, P and T are not good grades?
Summary: Before the start of each year parents of muggleborn and muggle raised children are invited to Diagon Alley for an informational meeting about the magic world, school etc. Harry somehow gets a hold of the flyer before the Durlseys can throw it away. (the timeline of when he receives his letter and how it is delivered may need to be changed a bit, Hagrid doesn't take him shopping etc.). Harry, still clueless about the wizarding world and his role in it, makes his own way up to London for the meeting. He tries to blend in as well as possible without an adult, but Snape notices that something is off. After the meeting when the boy shows no signs of heading back to his house and ends up in Knockturn Alley he is forced to intervene.
Summary: When Harry begins Hogwarts, his childhood imaginary friend is still hanging around.
Summary: Snape manages to dose Harry with potions that obliterate the genes he got from James Potter, replacing them with Severus Snape's genes. Harry now magically and genetically shows up as Severus Snape's son, and Snape may keep him as his child, with no interference from Dumbledore or the ministry. Snape may do this purposefully or unknowingly, but Harry can't know until it's done.
Summary: Once the Wizarding world learns Harry Potter can speak to snakes, he must be placed in Salazar Slytherin's house.
Summary: A spell or a curse on Severus Snape makes him see Lily Evans instead of Harry Potter whenever he sees the boy.
Summary: Ever since Harry arrived at Hogwarts, he looks up to the hostile Potions Master as his role model. Each year, Snape was astonished to find a father's day card in front of him and even more so when he discovered whose it's from. Bonus if you keep Snape in character.

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