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Summary: Severus has a task(s) to complete that requires the assistance of a Parselmouth.
Summary: After his first year Harry's relatives want nothing to do with him and they do actually send him to St. Brutus. It a rough place and Harry returns to Hogwarts worse for wear. Even Snape takes notice. The Weasleys could still come rescue him or he could go straight to Hogwarts from St. Brutus.
Summary: Harry is cutting after the war while trying to complete his Hogwarts education. Professor Snape follows him on the one night he goes too far, catches him, and heals him.
Summary: Professor Snape has his Fifth Year students brewing a minor truth serum that will have the strength to have a person tell nothing but the truth for roughly ten minutes. Harry is "volunteered" to drink it. Must have the Dursleys and Umbridge revealed and Snape becoming Harry's Guardian. Kudos for anyone that has an understanding!Sirius and a highly manipulative Dumbledore.
Summary: Takes place 5th year. During class there is an accident and several students are splashed with potion. Snape lines all the affected students up to assess damage and administer antidotes as needed. Harry has gotten slashed all over his arm and hand but attempts to hide his hand (possibly already bandaged) with Umbridge's scars on it. The damage from her quill could be worse than in canon or she could have used other forms of physical punishment on Harry as well. Snape eventually discovers the damaged hand. What will he do about it? Could be slow developing and Snape doesn't take an immediate liking to Harry, but stays in character.
Summary: During his second year, something makes Harry and/or Ron and/or Hermione suspect that Snape might be the Heir of Slytherin. They decide to investigate him.
Summary: Can take place any year. Madame Pomfrey has taken a leave of absence. Snape is put in charge of the hospital wing. His goal: to make the students that come in take as many foul-tasting potions and undergo as many embarrassing medical procedures as possible, especially the Gryffindors, simply for bothering him.
Summary: Only Lily died on Halloween; James somehow survived, perhaps he wasn't home at the time. He and Severus are both mourning her loss; eventually (not too quickly) they put aside their animosity and grow close like family.
Summary: Leading up to the triwizard tournament Dumbledore requires all students to have their swimming skills evaluated. Non swimmers must take lessons to learn. Guess which category Harry falls in? And the teacher, Professor Snape of course. Takes place end of third year or beginning of fourth. Lessons can be private or semi-private.
Summary: When Harry's parents died Snape was there too, trying to stop Voldemort from killing Lily. As punishment, Voldemort used a curse that melded the soul of James Potter into Severus Snape, incapacitating Severus before Voldemort moved on to kill Lily and Harry.

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