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Summary: Pre-hogwarts (but school age), Tobias is still alive and lives at Spinner's End. Social services determine living conditions to be unfit for Harry at Privet Drive after reports of neglect/abuse. He is promptly deposited at Spinner's End where records show his father lives and is forgotten about. (Severus or Tobias can be his father. If Tobias, I'd imagine through some not so nice actions to Harry's mom Lily). Tobias does not treat Harry well, is drunk and abusive/neglectful. Severus, who lives elsewhere, has some type of reason to (unwillingly) stop by his childhood home and discovers the boy lurking in the corner. Who is the kid? What, if anything, will Severus do? Not meant to be a nice story, nor immediate resolution.
Summary: Hermione and (a reluctant) Ron reach the conclusion that Harry is in need of a parent/guardian. After a through analysis by Hermione it is decided that Snape would best fit the job. They set out to create as many situations for the two to bond as possible and to present Harry in the best possible light. Snape and Harry are of course unaware of the plan. Will they succeed?
Summary: Snape is on a date, or dining alone, (it doesn't have to be mcdonalds. It really could be any eating establishment) one evening when a boy walks in alone, counts out some change and sits down to eat. Snape feels compelled to invite him over to his own table. Why is out late on his own? Does he have family? Will Snape let him go? Will they meet again? Will he investigate further?
Summary: During the first potion class as first years that they brew Snape is particularly nasty towards Harry and makes him cry. A tear falls into his cauldron and causes some type of reaction (could explode or do something entirely different). Harry could look more like his mother or maybe not wear glasses for a little extra distress on Snape's part.
Summary: Harry watches helplessly as something or someone evil takes over his body.
Summary: The Dursleys actually manage to convince Harry that magic is truly evil. When he receives his letter the summer before Hogwarts he is frightened out of his mind and runs away (the Durlseys don't care) and the letters keep following him. Eventually Hogwarts staff is able to track him down and Severus is charged with the task of taking care of him until term starts.
Summary: Pre Hogwarts. Voldemort's followers discover where Harry resides and are able to get Tom's diary in Dudley's hands. He brings it home, quickly discards it, and Harry picks it up. It starts out as an innocent way for Harry to vent his feelings and play pranks on his family, but soon Tom makes suggestions of more sinister actions which Harry cannot remember doing. Dumbledore senses that there is dark magic at the house, but can't put his finger on what. He call on the potion master to take in the boy to investigate. Snape's patience wears thin as Harry's behavior varies from very timid (Dursley neglect/abuse) to outright evil (diary compelled), and then lies about it (memory lapses). Will he discover what is wrong in time?
Summary: This idea has been in my head for some time now, but I really don’t want to write it, because, honestly, I lack the skills and I’d love to read it.

Severus adopts Harry after a series of events (of your choice), they develop a loving father-son relationship. At some point, the Potters return turning everything upside down.


Severus adopts Harry:
  • Harry must be/have been adopted by Severus. It could be during his childhood with the Dursley's (1-10 y/o), or sometime during his time at Hogwarts (Years 1 to 3).
  • There has to be a strong parent-child bond between the both.
  • Blood adoption is not a requirement, but it is accepted.
  • Abuse from the Dursley’s: Accepted. If used, it must be that it is the reason for Severus to adopt Harry
  • Gryffindor OR Slytherin Harry.
  • No Ron/Hermione bashing, they have to become as attached as they were in canon. Harry has to befriend Draco during his childhood or Hogwarts.
  • Relationships: Aside from these, it doesn’t matter. (Het or Slash, that’s up to you)
  • Harry/Ginny FORBIDEN
  • Harry/Cho Chang FORBIDEN
  • Seeker star Harry

  • Severus must be protective of Harry and a loving father figure.
  • Relationships: Het or Slash. No restrictions.

The Potters’ return:
  • Lily, James or both come back to the Wizarding World. They may come back from the dead, but it’s not what I specifically want. They could have left Britain thinking Harry dead, because they went into hiding, or for any other reason that you find suitable.
  • The Potters may have more children, but only one or two more.
  • Severus becomes insecure thinking that maybe Harry will prefer his parents over him.
  • If the Potters went into hiding leaving Harry behind, he has to resent them, not forever, but he has to prefer Snape over them. Same happens with Sirius and Remus.
  • James being jealous of Harry and Snape’s father-son relationship.
  • In regards to Sirius and Remus: Do as you wish with them (*cough*Iwould’tmindsomeWolfStar*cough). I’d like to see them on good terms with Severus and Harry, maybe even teaching Harry how to be a prankster extraordinaire

  • Dumbledore: mild bashing. He fights Severus over Harry’s guardianship because of the bloodwards. When the Potters come back he has to insist on Harry living with his birth parents
  • Summary: 1981 Halloween,two Innocent Souls survive Voldemort's killer curse. Harry Potter and Lily Potter. No one truly know what happened that night, but Dumbledore has his ideas...... Harry/Daphne & Lily/Snape
    Summary: Synaesthesia is a condition where the senses are mixed up, e.g. someone might taste sound or smell colours or associate numbers with personalities ... there are many possibilities.

    Either Harry or Severus has, or develops, synaesthesia. (Or both. It is genetic.)

    Do read up on synaesthesia before you write about it--otherwise, no rules!

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