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Summary: A relatively benign illness is making it's way around Hogwarts. Basically a type of cold that wizards can sometimes get. It's contagious, and aside from your typical cold symptoms, the major symptom is that it makes you tell the truth like veritaserum would. This would make for an interesting longer one-shot or a short multi-chaptered story.

Questions to consider:
- What Kind of havoc would this wreak amongst students and staff when sick people are suddenly telling people the truth about what they think about them?
- Not everybody gets sick, so which of our main characters do get sick and what kinds of things will they say when they can no longer help it?
- Will opinions of people be changed or reinforced?

Other Thoughts:
- This would be interesting in any number of different Harry and Snape scenarios so get creative. Ideas: Harry and Snape are already father/son with a good relationship.
Or Harry and Snape are father/son with a bad relationship.
Or Harry and Snape are your typical teacher/student with their normal bad relationship.
Or perhaps Snape is headmaster or acting headmaster while Dumbledore is out (or sick and quarantined), and must deal with this outbreak.
Or this happens when Harry is older and he's a teacher at the school and so is Snape (or Snape is Headmaster there).
Or maybe ALL of the staff gets sick and the students end up taking care of the staff and the school.

The only rules are no slash.
Summary: Write a story involving Severus dancing. Any kind of dancing. Not because of any kind of magic, but because he actually wants to.
Summary: Au with implements from His Dark Materials. Every witch and wizard is born with a Daemon, a physical manifestation of your soul in animal form. Harry is no exception to this, but his Daemon is a bit...odd. Of course, chaos ensues.
Summary: Harry finds himself in a parallel universe where Severus didn't mess up his friendship with Lily, and she married him instead of James. Any consequences as long as it's properly thought out. Could be a bio-dad story but not necessary.

Snape and Harry encounter dementors and are both nearly Kissed. The procedure is interrupted at the last minute (by Snape or Harry or a third party) and somehow both souls end up in Snape's body. Harry, soulless, is comatose (or otherwise unresponsive) and mourned by all, while Severus increasingly finds himself with strange dreams, unexpected attitudes, and odd reactions to situations and people… How will he figure out what's going on? Can the two souls find a way to communicate, and return Harry's soul to his body?

Of course, this could work just as well with Snape's soul ending up in Harry's body. Feel free.

The Horcrux could come along too for the ride or have been eaten by the dementors, your choice. Could happen any time the dementors appear in canon, or any other time point you can make it fit.

Bonus if Harry and/or Snape find a way to destroy dementors permanently (because I never liked the idea that the incarnation of despair was eternal).

Summary: Severus tells a fib with good intentions. The consequences are catastrophic for Harry.
Summary: What if Snape had followed through with his threat to dose Harry with Veritaserum?
Summary: In the years before he goes to Hogwarts, Harry is talent spotted and made an offer that will turn his life upside-down.

What is his talent? Do the Dursleys let him accept? Are they worried he'll expose himself as a freak or are they more concerned with the money and fame? What happens when he gets his Hogwarts letter? And most crucially ... where does our favourite Potions Master fit in?
Summary: Young Harry Potter is uncertain of how the summer will turn out. The professor is always gone for the school year and rarely seen during summers leaving Harry in the care of his governess. But now the governess is leaving and he will have to spend the summer in the sole care of the dour man. Circumstances are sure to be rough before they get better. And will he finally get the answer to why exactly the Professor came to collect him from the Durlsey's 2 years ago to have him live in his house? Biological father or Godfather Snape, pre-Hogwarts.
Summary: The wizarding world is exposed! Muggles all over the world now know that wizards exist. How do they react? How does the wizarding world respond? How does Voldemort (if he's around) react? How was the wizarding world exposed in the first place? Most importantly, how does it affect our two favourite heroes? Any place in canon and AUs welcome. No slash, no character bashing.

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