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Summary: Young Harry Potter is uncertain of how the summer will turn out. The professor is always gone for the school year and rarely seen during summers leaving Harry in the care of his governess. But now the governess is leaving and he will have to spend the summer in the sole care of the dour man. Circumstances are sure to be rough before they get better. And will he finally get the answer to why exactly the Professor came to collect him from the Durlsey's 2 years ago to have him live in his house? Biological father or Godfather Snape, pre-hogwarts.
Summary: The wizarding world is exposed! Muggles all over the world now know that wizards exist. How do they react? How does the wizarding world respond? How does Voldemort (if he's around) react? How was the wizarding world exposed in the first place? Most importantly, how does it affect our two favourite heroes? Any place in canon and AUs welcome. No slash, no character bashing.
Summary: An ambitious Petunia, still jealous and wishing to be part of the wizarding world of her dead sister, sees Harry as her chance to rise above the common folk and reach celebrity status. The Dursleys use every opportunity to promote the boy in public. The treat him well. However, when he fails to perform any accidental magic by the summer he is due to enter Hogwarts they cast him away believing he is a squib ( but really just a bit later than average in his development, perhaps from being traumatized as a kid). How will Harry manage essentially on his own with a family that does not want him anymore? What will come to pass over the summer, and in what condition will Harry arrive at Hogwarts?
Summary: Snape has a daughter (how this happened is up to you. He could also have a wife) that goes to elementary school with Harry. She often talks to her father about this shy boy that wears ragged clothing that she frequently shares her lunch with. One day after an early unexpected dismissal at school she invites the boy to her house. How will Snape react when he finds out who the boy really is?
Summary: One of the summers before Hogwarts, Petunia has had enough of Harry and his accidental magic. She recalls that Snape boy on Spinner's End that always used to follow her sister around and decided to drop Harry of there. Snape doesn't want to take him and Petunia doesn't want him any more so Harry is left standing on the doorstep as she drives away. Will Snape eventually take pity on him and let him in? Could also take place after Harry has started Hogwarts.
Summary: Voldemort is just a puppet, controlled by the real Dark Lord ...
Summary: Pre-hogwarts (but school age), Tobias is still alive and lives at Spinner's End. Social services determine living conditions to be unfit for Harry at Privet Drive after reports of neglect/abuse. He is promptly deposited at Spinner's End where records show his father lives and is forgotten about. (Severus or Tobias can be his father. If Tobias, I'd imagine through some not so nice actions to Harry's mom Lily). Tobias does not treat Harry well, is drunk and abusive/neglectful. Severus, who lives elsewhere, has some type of reason to (unwillingly) stop by his childhood home and discovers the boy lurking in the corner. Who is the kid? What, if anything, will Severus do? Not meant to be a nice story, nor immediate resolution.
Summary: Hermione and (a reluctant) Ron reach the conclusion that Harry is in need of a parent/guardian. After a through analysis by Hermione it is decided that Snape would best fit the job. They set out to create as many situations for the two to bond as possible and to present Harry in the best possible light. Snape and Harry are of course unaware of the plan. Will they succeed?
Summary: Snape is on a date, or dining alone, (it doesn't have to be mcdonalds. It really could be any eating establishment) one evening when a boy walks in alone, counts out some change and sits down to eat. Snape feels compelled to invite him over to his own table. Why is out late on his own? Does he have family? Will Snape let him go? Will they meet again? Will he investigate further?
Summary: During the first potion class as first years that they brew Snape is particularly nasty towards Harry and makes him cry. A tear falls into his cauldron and causes some type of reaction (could explode or do something entirely different). Harry could look more like his mother or maybe not wear glasses for a little extra distress on Snape's part.

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