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Summary: All muggle-borns and muggle-raised children must take a wizard family planning course unless their guardians sign a form to talk to them themselves. Of course, no one signs Harry's form and he is forced to endure "the talk" at Hogwarts. The teacher? Professor Snape. Harry may be alone in the class or there may be other students as well. Could be as humorous or angsty as you wish, but nothing too explicit.
Summary: Voldemort is (somehow) defeated before the Ministry have acknowledged he is back, and once he is gone there is no proof he ever was back, so as far as most of the wizarding world is concerned, Harry is still an attention seeker (or delusional), Dumbledore is either senile or planning to take over the Ministry, and Snape is just a creepy mean Potions Master with a shady past. What now for all of them?

Horcruxes and Hallows optional
Summary: Lily appears to Severus in a dream right before Christmas (any year) and asks him "Tell me dear friend, why are you so blind?".....in regards to Harry of course.
Summary: To promote unity Dumbledore puts out a mandatory challenge. All student and staff will be paired up with another student or staff and have to do a presentation on 5 things they like about the other person. Spending a certain number of hours together is mandatory. Harry and Snape are of course paired.
Summary: All Muggle-raised children, when they enter the wizarding world, are legally assigned a wizarding guardian who can help them in situations where they are at a disadvantage.
Summary: In which the sorting hat is outlawed, and new students must be sorted by some other means.
Summary: A twist on the de-aging plot. Harry discovers that, sometime prior to Voldemort killing his 'parents', he had been de-aged back to a baby. Who was he before? Bonus points if he and Severus already had a history.
Summary: Harry and Horace Slughorn arrive back at the castle after nightfall having left Hagrid's hut. Horace is still drunk and Harry still high on liquid luck! However, they bump into Snape!
Summary: All Muggleborn students and halfbloods are required to take a Wizards Studies class to teach them basic Wizarding life skills, such as banking, Wizarding government, voting, how to petition the government, go to court, contact the Aurors, denome a garden, cook food, send public post, floo etiquette, request a portkey, international travel, find reputable stores, etc. Somehow Harry got missed when it came time to take the class, but he can't graduate until he passes the Wizarding Life Skills test.
Summary: Harry comes back to school after a particularly bad summer with the Dursley's. He goes to the room of requirement to escape for a while. The castle's magic senses that Harry needs Snape. Maybe include glamours? Everything else is up to the author!

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