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Summary: Harry's thoughts are directly recorded by a quill as he thinks them. Snape uses this as a way to prevent Harry from getting into mischief.
Summary: There's a new magical plague going around - one that eats at their magical core and leaves witches and wizards without their magic. When Harry and everyone around him lose their magic to the sickness and Voldemort continues to thrive, it is up to him and Snape to somehow save the day, Muggle style!
Summary: Snape and Harry are werewolves. However you want to make this happen. Maybe they were both bitten by Remus in Harry's third year or maybe Snape was bitten in his fifth year and Harry another time, or maybe Harry was born like that in a sort of Darkest Powers AU (which I'd be thrilled if you decided to do).

Must Have
  • Remus helping Severus care for Harry. If you're doing a Darkest Power AU, he doesn't have to be a werewolf, but he has to be able to interact with Harry and Snape in their werewolf form.
  • Perspective from a changed werewolf.
  • How they became a werewolf. It doesn't have to be in vivid detail. A brief sentence could work.
  • If a longer piece, it must have more than one perspective. I.E. it can't all be told through one character's eyes.
Bonus if
  • Severus and Remus have another cub they're caring for like Ron, Hermoine, OC, Ginny, Luna, etc. (It can be more than one)
  • If one if the other cubs is close to Harry's age (it can be a few years difference)
  • If you explore the werewolf mythos more than the book
  • Remus and Severus are a couple (especially if they become so through the course of the story)
Summary: James is dead, Sirius is a ruthless criminal (he was not put in Azkaban originally) , Lupin is poor and depressed, and Peter is hiding out as a rat. Lily survived, but blames Harry for her husband's death and does not treat him nicely (neglect, psychologically abusing, maybe physical etc). Severus on the other hand is living a successful life. He is smart, good looking, a strict but fair teacher, and the students respect him. What will he do when Harry enters Hogwarts at 11 and reminds him of his childhood bully? We he see past it and discover the boy's neglectful/abusive home life, or will he only see his perfect Lily manipulating him into thinking she's a perfect parent?
Summary: Severus discovers that the famous Harry Potter cannot feel physical pain. Perhaps his hand was broken, or maybe a wound was open and bleeding. Either way, Harry, in his battered state, reports to detention, one Professor Snape made clear he could not afford to be late to. Severus is shocked at what he sees, but what truly makes him make a double take is that Harry acts as if he can't feel a thing. The catch is… he doesn't. A trip to the Infirmary confirms it. But there is a deeper reason. Young Harry Potter's accidental magic locked away his ability to feel physical pain in a futile attempt to block his emotional and mental pain caused by the Dursley's unjust hatred. How can Severus Snape, a man turned bitter by pain, explain to a little boy so afraid to feel anything, that sometimes… pain… is… needed?
Summary: What if, instead of Lockhart in Harry's second year, Umbridge had become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? How would Harry not only have to deal with the cursed diary and the voices in the walls, but now has to deal with the Ministry and Umbridge's Blood Quills as well? How can a twelve year old take it? Dobby told Harry there would be great danger at Hogwarts. I don't think he had just the diary in mind.
Summary: All muggle-borns and muggle-raised children must take a wizard family planning course unless their guardians sign a form to talk to them themselves. Of course, no one signs Harry's form and he is forced to endure "the talk" at Hogwarts. The teacher? Professor Snape. Harry may be alone in the class or there may be other students as well. Could be as humorous or angsty as you wish, but nothing too explicit.
Summary: Voldemort is (somehow) defeated before the Ministry have acknowledged he is back, and once he is gone there is no proof he ever was back, so as far as most of the wizarding world is concerned, Harry is still an attention seeker (or delusional), Dumbledore is either senile or planning to take over the Ministry, and Snape is just a creepy mean Potions Master with a shady past. What now for all of them?

Horcruxes and Hallows optional
Summary: Lily appears to Severus in a dream right before Christmas (any year) and asks him "Tell me dear friend, why are you so blind?".....in regards to Harry of course.
Summary: To promote unity Dumbledore puts out a mandatory challenge. All student and staff will be paired up with another student or staff and have to do a presentation on 5 things they like about the other person. Spending a certain number of hours together is mandatory. Harry and Snape are of course paired.

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