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Werewolf's Pack by Mogadorian_Wolf
Summary: Snape and Harry are werewolves. However you want to make this happen. Maybe they were both bitten by Remus in Harry's third year or maybe Snape was bitten in his fifth year and Harry another time, or maybe Harry was born like that in a sort of Darkest Powers AU (which I'd be thrilled if you decided to do).

Must Have
  • Remus helping Severus care for Harry. If you're doing a Darkest Power AU, he doesn't have to be a werewolf, but he has to be able to interact with Harry and Snape in their werewolf form.
  • Perspective from a changed werewolf.
  • How they became a werewolf. It doesn't have to be in vivid detail. A brief sentence could work.
  • If a longer piece, it must have more than one perspective. I.E. it can't all be told through one character's eyes.
Bonus if
  • Severus and Remus have another cub they're caring for like Ron, Hermoine, OC, Ginny, Luna, etc. (It can be more than one)
  • If one if the other cubs is close to Harry's age (it can be a few years difference)
  • If you explore the werewolf mythos more than the book
  • Remus and Severus are a couple (especially if they become so through the course of the story)

Three lives broken because of a curse many don't understand, including those the curse affects. After Remus accidently bites Harry in his third year, Harry runs away from home before his first transformation to protect his family, leaving Severus and Remus to begin a desperate search for the wayward new teenage werewolf and try to make amends with the boy for their sins. Yet soon the secret of Harry's condition is revealed and all their lives are in danger as the three weres and Snape's family must go on the run to save their very lives and avoid those who would seek to the end them.

Takes Place: 4th summer, 4th Year, 5th summer, 5th Year, 6th summer, 6th Year, 7th summer, 7th Year - Snape flavour: Kind Snape, Loving Snape, Overly-protective Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Creature!fic, New Identity!Harry, Physical Impairment, Runaway, Sibling Addition, Snape-meets-Dursleys, Werewolf!Harry, Werewolf!Snape, Werewolves
Categories: Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Master Snape > Apprentice Harry
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Character Death, Profanity, Romance/Het, Violence
Chapters: 1 - Completed: No - Updated: 05 Nov 2018 / 18 Oct 2018
Series: None - Challenges: Werewolf's Pack

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