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Winter Fest 2021

Announcing the 2021 Winter Fic Fest

In order to enter the contest, stories must be published on the P&S website under the Winter Fest 2021 category under Fic Fests. Stories may be submitted up until February 1st. There is no word or chapter limit, but all must be newly published. You may cross post your own work to other sites.

Points will be given for each story, and additional points will be given based on community voting in February. Pick from as many or as few story prompts as you'd like. You may write as many stories as you'd like.

Story prompts:

- The number 21.

 - Panic attacks, anxiety.

 - Protests.

- Natural disaster occurring.

- Snape makes Harry tea.

- A Muggle treat not found in the Wizarding World.

- Reimagining a Christmas at Hogwarts from one of the books.

- Gift Exchange! Severus drew Harry's name? Harry drew Severus'. 

- Hypothermia. Harry and Severus must share body warmth to survive. 

- Winter camping.

- Snape noticing Harry is never dressed warmly for the weather.

- An alternative winter holiday celebration (Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yule, etc) .

- Students have to go home for Christmas holidays for some reason and Snape has to either drop Harry off at the Dursleys or pick him up there at the end of the holiday. 

- Christmas on the run, can be an alternate universe of Harry and/or Snape being on the run from Voldemort and having to be together during the holidays.

- Dungeons flood accidently (or purposely if by Fred and George) and is turned into an ice rink. Snape isn't happy about it.

- Picking out the perfect tree.

- A quidditch match or training during a snowstorm. 

- Harry having to serve detention with Umbridge during the holidays.

- Harry winding up sick in Snape’s office.

- Pandemic, sickness, isolation.

- Shelter in place or lockdown at Hogwarts happens due to some reason (spell mishap, ward fail) and Harry and Snape are stuck living together for awhile.

- Snape teaches Harry figure skating.

- Harry and Snape get caught out in a snowstorm.

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