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Title: A Holiday Horror 10 Jan 2017 6:11 pm
Reviewer: nnjjj (Signed) [Report This]
    First of all I am so excited to see a new chapter. I am sorry you have not been feeling well and I hope things will start to improve for you. I love this story and always look forward to a new chapter, but please take all the time you need to get well.
    I'm glad Snape is back, but I think I am left with as many questions as I had before. What actually did happen? What did he do at home? Are the two connected? He seemed like somewhat of a broken man as he came back.
    I thought it a bit unfair that Minerva got the chance to go at him. I don't think she is doing a much better job than he is at caring about Harry. She seems to have her own agenda as well.
    I also can't wait to see what outside influences will affect them and hopefully bring Snape and Harry closer together. I think they do care about each other in their own ways if they dare hope for a better relationship.
Title: A Holiday Horror 06 Jan 2017 4:03 am
Reviewer: teriwright (Signed) [Report This]
    I really feel like I am right there with Harry. Just a major sense of unfulfillment and frustration even with Severus back. Though I usually don't care for these type's of chapters due to my annoying short attention span and patience levels, I did get a chuckle out of it for some reason. Harry got what he wanted - Severus back - but nothing really changed. He still doesn't know what is going on.

    I'm conflicted on allowing Minerva to question Severus given her bias but if anyone could ferret out the absolute truth, it would be her. DD would be too accommodating and unwilling to ask the hard questions and follow up on vague answers. I'm so incredibly curious as to what was revealed and how Severus feels about the questions and his answers.

    I hope you are feeling better: Your AN indicated you have been ill for quite some time. Being ill for an extended period of time sucks balls. It just gets so annoying...Like "come on already! I'm so done with being sick"
Title: A Holiday Horror 05 Jan 2017 7:16 pm
Reviewer: Kyralian (Signed) [Report This]
    I'm guessing Veritaserum revealed to Snape that in actuality his treatment of Harry had been, if not abusive then highly neglectful and unfair. It must have hit him hard.

    I hope new year will be better for you, much health and inspiration :D

    Author's Response: I think it may have been doable to justify his actions in his head but it must have been so strange having to speak it out loud and for the first time receive other opinion on it like that. And thank you very much :)
Title: A Holiday Horror 05 Jan 2017 11:56 am
Reviewer: harryjames (Signed) [Report This]
    Great chapter, had missed this story. Sorry to hear you have been ill, I hope you feel better soon!
Title: A Holiday Horror 05 Jan 2017 4:46 am
Reviewer: Reader629 (Signed) [Report This]
    Whoop! Love the story, is there any chance we get to see the scene where Mcgonagall questioned snape?

    Author's Response: I don't know unless I'll have Snape tell it at some point. So far the story has with one exception been told entirely from Harry's POV, I'd gladly do it if that does not break too much from the style, though.
Title: The Mystery Of A Man 27 Dec 2016 11:18 am
Reviewer: harryjames (Signed) [Report This]
    May we please have some more?? You are a brilliant author and this is definitely one of my favorite stories. Hoping you will update soon

    Author's Response: I am currently working on it ;)
Title: The Mystery Of A Man 30 Nov 2016 9:58 am
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Thank you for updating lovely chapter and a lot of plot movement please update soon!
Title: The Mystery Of A Man 28 Nov 2016 7:38 pm
Reviewer: nnjjj (Signed) [Report This]
    As always, it is so exciting to see a new chapter. And, as always, excellent work! I felt that the tension may have dropped just a tad from the few previous chapter (don't get me wrong there's still plenty) and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It is nice to have some very tense chapters to be follow with a little less tension so it has a chance to build back up again.
    I am very curious about what happened to Severus. Did he go home to investigate? Did he have an allergic reaction to the veritaserum but took it anyway? Did someone tamper with it to cause him harm?
    And Lupin too..What is he doing there? Is it really him or someone under polyjuice? All these questions that are running through my mind. I can't wait to see what happens next.
    I hope Snape is back soon too so we can see how their rocky relationship develops. I liked that Harry felt somewhat comforted of Snape's gesture of putting a hand on his back. I think Harry is very deprived of physical affection. I also liked that Snape acted somewhat parental regardless of wether it was an act or not. Do something enough times and it becomes a habit.
    You do well at portraying McGonagall's less desirable attributes and it works well to have her somewhat antagonistic. I absolutely cannot wait to see what will happen next.
Title: The Mystery Of A Man 28 Nov 2016 7:13 am
Reviewer: teriwright (Signed) [Report This]
    Another great chapter! You capture the nuances of this issue wonderfully.

    Though Minerva is jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in, I'm glad someone is looking out for Harry. She's correct to be suspicious of Severus but she's going about this all wrong. LOL, talk about burning bridges with both Severus and Harry.

    I think I said it before, but I honestly believe that if Harry told the truth, he wouldn't be believed. He already lied and adults always view children as liars anyway. Couple that with Severus's obvious animosity and disdain towards Harry as well as being him primary caregiver (at least on paper), is it any wonder that he's the main suspect?

    The adults are just going to have to figure this out on their own. Is that why Severus has been absent? It's a good thing that Severus is being asked to submit to questioning voluntarily. The school is taking Harry's abuse seriously and not hand waving it away.

    Poor Harry. His depression is so heartbreaking. What an awful start to a school experience that should be a positive right of passage. Hermione is still an annoying, arrogant borderline bully though. *sigh* forgive me. I just can't stand her personality or character. I just don't respond well to that - to put it nicely - bossy type of personality that expresses itself by making others feel inferior. She should learn how to be bossy by lifting people up, not showing them up.

    I'm glad that you included Harry's - most valid and accurate - opinion that the state of his relationship with Severus is Severus's fault entirely. He is cruel and depending on who's classifying it, abusive. Kids do try to be someone their adults can be proud of. They forgive and try and forgive and try over and over again before they finally give up. More than any adult would. I think I just about gagged when Severus claimed Harry as his 'son'. I felt like I needed to gargle with Listerine. Though I know why they were play acting, I just wanted Harry to negate that statement with his entire being. Severus doesn't deserve to claim Harry as his son.

    As always, I can't wait for more. My mind is going off on a dozen different speculative tangents, wondering what will happen next.
Title: The Mystery Of A Man 25 Nov 2016 6:45 am
Reviewer: Slytherin_Serpent (Signed) [Report This]
    I love it! I keep having anxiety issues with every word thinking 'Oh this will be the part they will find out Snape didn't do it or that Harry will finally say something. I mean if he wants his Stepfather to listen to him he can always show him now that he knows he can do that so he then would have to believe Harry. Good work I wish for more soon lol can't wait!

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